Thursday, October 31, 2013


Novels On The Run is hosting its very first EVER bad ass month long event. I like to call it the Aussie Author Road Trip. I will be traveling all over Australia via cyberspace in my little V dub Kombi van. It is a magic van. 

Each author participating gets a feature spotlight. There will be interviews, giveaways, quick things about each author, guest posts, reviews, excerpts to wet your whistles... invite you to read more. 

It's all happening over here , every day of November.

I have met via cyberspace some wonderful aussie authors who admittedly I didn't know some of them existed. But that is the whole point of my road trip. To get y'all out there in reader land who may not of heard of them or their books, to get them on your reader radar.

One authors hubby is a model, and has worked with David Gandy. Oh , yes I speaks the truth, people. I can hear some girls squeeeing.

But you won't know who that is unless you come back each day and have a read of the postings and enter the giveaways. They are all international, so we have everybody covered.

I will be having some pre-scheduled off topic Book Blitz's etc mashed in throughout the month as well, with giveaways etc. 

I have been banging away on the keyboard for the past two weeks getting the postings drafted and looking purrtty. 

I would like to thank all the authors involved , there are around 40, maybe more. I still have a couple to chat to. I need me some more manly blood on the road trip so I am hunting down M.J. Hearle, shortly.

So, this is going to be one mother of a busy month on the blog. I am going to now go climb Mount Coolum as one must keep their fitness up for this cyberspace extravaganza. 

Kickoff is early 1st November with Amy Andrews followed later in the day by my review of Carmen Jenner's awesome debut contemporary romance, Welcome To Sugartown. I loved it!

I want to thank Miss Suzi Midnight, my very talented friend for her awesome banner she made for me. She is da bomb when it comes to photoshop and an artist to boot. Yes, she has done cover work.

Her social media links are :



See y'all tomorrow!



  1. Exciting and very innovative event! Curious to see the peeps and books you'll be featuring!!

    1. OO Matey , you must come on by and visit and enter. Lots happening. I may need a holiday after the event, lol!

  2. Oh! FANTASTIC!! This sounds so exciting and fun. Very looking forward to it. I grabbed you button/picture to feature on my blog--hope tones of people join in the fun Mich!

    1. Thank You Rach :) I hope lots come along too. I have lots of room in the combi van !! Thanks for featuring the button, much appreciated!! xx

    2. Fingers crossed. Don't forget to save me a seat ;)


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