Tuesday, September 17, 2013


By: Gena Showalter
Published By: Harlequin Teen Aust
Released: 24th September 2013
Details : Paperback from publisher for review, 444 Pages


Blurb: Goodreads

Inspired by the childhood classic Alice in Wonderland, this harrowing and romantic story features teen zombie slayer Alice Bell who has lost so much—family, friends, her home. After a strange new zombie attack, Alice fears she may be losing her mind as well. A terrible darkness blooms inside her, urging her to do wicked things. The whispers of the dead assault her ears and mirrors seem to come frighteningly to life. She’s never needed her team of zombie slayers more—including her boyfriend, Cole—than she does now. But as Cole strangely withdraws and the zombies gain new strength, Ali knows one false step may doom them all.

BOOK REVIEW by Michelle:

I was so excited to get this book in the mail from the publisher that I ripped the pack open like a rabid zombie .

Yes. I . Did.

I am a fan.

I am even more of a fan of Gena’s White Rabbit Chronicles after reading Through The Zombie Glass.

I LURVVEEDDD Alice In Zombieland. 

I could not put down Through The Zombie Glass.

I am giving you fair warning , clear your schedule because when you start this book, you won’t put it down, except for pee pee breaks. Get your drinks, your snacks lined up or summon your butler when you need sustenance. This feels like deja vu for me when I read Alice In Zombieland. 

I planted it and read.


Gena will grab hold of your heart and almost leave you breathless with Cole’s character. I am not joking. What she did to me with Cole. I really needed somebody to talk to while reading this book. I wanted to cry. I was gripping my book and just feeling, FEELING, FEELING.... 

You have to read to understand what I am talking about.

“I will put my boys in the hospital if they come near you. I don’t share my toys.” 

Kat and Frosty, I swear I love these two, even more now. Kat is such a great character.

Kat toyed with the ends of her hair. “I don’t think Frosty will be willing to become a girl for me, and right now I’m totally giving up on dudes.”

“Kitty Kat,” Frosty said.

“Jerk Face,” she retorted , surprising me.

His eyes frosted over in tribute to his name, “What’d I do this time?”

“Nothing. I thought I’d be mad just to be mad and liven things up. We were getting stale.”

Reeve and Bronx. We get a nibble in Alice in Zombieland, we get more in TTZG. Love these two.

Alice and Cole, O.M.G. Gena, you were killing me. I really felt what you did in this book. It hurt me. I was yelling at my book at one stage.


Bottom line is we know Gena can write. We know she is a seasoned author and we really shouldn’t expect anything less than an awesome read from Gena, but this book really out did Alice In Zombieland.

This is not a middle book.

This book will grab you by your heart and wring it out.

It will excite you.

The emotions you will feel are, anger, frustration, sadness, upset, laugh, cry, intense, heart breaking, fear...

This book takes off from the first page and Gena can be quite relentless with her characters. She gives Alice a good working over. I loved Alice in this installment. The girl has balls. She is a tough cookie. I don’t know how, emotionally, she could go through a couple of the things she went through and come out the other end.

Gena was uber tough on her.

There are some new characters brought into the story line. I got to say, somebody needed a stinky dead fish slap from me.

Big time!

I was like grrrrrrrrGGRRRRRgrRRRRR!

Another will grow on you and is quite funny. I got some funny quotes from this person.

“Will you please stop forgetting you’re into brunettes?”

“I realized I can’t see hair color in the dark.” 

Some enemies could possibly become frenemies, when the shoe is on the other foot, the picture is clearer.

I love Emma, she is a life saviour.

If you could see my notes, you would see all the emotions I was feeling at all the different, very cool named chapter titles. I have exclamation marks with LOL!! or NO!!!!!!!! or WT!!!! plus a few I shall not repeat.

This is such a clever idea having zombies in spirit form and teenagers who are all fit and smexi and tattooed who fight for good.

You can honestly forget how young they are.

Though he was only seventeen years old, he seemed far older. He had major experience on the battlefield, had fought in human/zombie war since he could walk. He had experience with girls, too. Maybe too much experience . He knew just what to say ... how to touch... and we melted. I’d never met anyone like him. I doubted I ever would again. 

Gena has this really cool way of bringing in that adult aspect to her writing but keeping it in the YA genre. I said it after reading Alice In Zombieland, she knows how to write guys. Visually this would be quite a cast of eye candy.

Oh and that nipple ring.

The blade-sharp cut of his body always stole my breath, and now was no exception, regardless of the horror of our conversation. I drank him in -- the delightfully wicked nipple ring, the sinewy chest and washboard abs covered with a plethora of tattoos. Every design, every word, meant something to him, from the names of the friends he’d lost in the war to the depiction of the grim reaper’s scythe. Because that was what he was. A zombie killer.

Humma! Humma! 

I love the cover art on this series. It really is stunning. It took my 11 yr old daughter to show me some of the things that are on this cover. Take the time to really look and you will get that ahaaa moment when you are reading. It may not be obvious at first.

I am sooooo bouncy for # 3. It was rather hard to come down from Gena's world of zombies and kickass smexi characters once I had finished. This book just kept me captive until the very last page. Such a rollercoaster of emotions and quite a ride with a few curveballs thrown in along the way.

I highly recommend this YA series for adults too. Gena knows how to be versatile and keep older readers turning the pages. 

The things I haven't told you  because I want you to feel it like I did. This book really had 3D moments for me.

Strap yourselves in.

I will leave you with a quote from Nana.

A few seconds later, her reply came in. WTF an A!

I blinked , sure I was misreading. But no, the letters didn’t change.

ME: Nana, do U know what WTF means??

Her: Of course, silly. It means “well, that’s fantastic.”

I laughed so hard at that bit J



  1. I'm so bummed our library doesn't have this! I better bug them, they always go for YA, hopefully they'll procure a copy.

    1. Hey Matey, it hasn't quite released yet. But I do love this YA series. :D



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