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By: Lora Leigh
Published By: St. Martin's Press
Released : Available now
Details : Paperback from library, 334 pages


Blurb: Goodreads

John Vincent has always led a life of danger, and now he has every reason to want to remain as dead as the obituary in the Australian papers had proclaimed him to be. He’d left nothing behind in the life he had once led—except for one woman, and one night of unforgettable passion. Now, both will return to haunt him…

Bailey Serborne is still tormented by a past she can’t change and a man she hasn’t been able to forget. A man who was supposed to be dead. But now, a stroke of fate has revealed that sometimes, a woman is given a second chance to heal her heart—and exact the sweetest revenge.

BOOK REVIEW by Michelle:

I am rather addicted to the Elite Ops series and already have Black Jack lined up at the library.

Wow, these lads all have like three names. Their dead name, the acquired name and the code name. But then I had a WT moment. Now I am obviously not the first person to notice this, but I did laugh and then think maybe I had had my morning Weeties spiked when Mary’s name became, Jules, close to the end of the book.


Did I miss something?

I went back and read over those parts and I am still a bit like, who spiked my Weeties? Maybe it was an editing issue. Maybe Mary really wanted to be Jules... ha!

Anyhoo, these books are just a whole pile of magnificent Alpha lads gluttony for me. Throw in the smexi and I am having a good time.

It isn’t my fave so far in the series, but in saying that I thought Lora stuck more to the whole mystery of who Warbuck’s was and the unfolding of all that and Bailey really earned her stripes with me.

I did kinda pick the villain two thirds in, because I have this recipe I have learnt from some authors, if you want to fool me, throw this person about a lot more. I thought I was on the wrong sniffer trail for a bit, but then I was like, nah, I got you.

I have probably by now heard enough rehashing of dead man walking and yadda yadda ya about the lad not being able to have the girl ...of course Lora will let you have the girl. We get reminded how these dead men can’t get the gal until their years of contract are up, but...pleeeaaassseee. Seriously.

“Who the fuck says I have to walk away again? No one makes that decision this time but me.”

“What the fuck do the lot of you think this unit is?” Jordan broke in furiously as he came in behind Noah. “A damned matchmaking opportunity? I don’t send you on these missions to lose your damned hearts and create more risks than we need at this point. We have a job to do, Heat Seeker, try to remember that.”

“Fuck you!” John snarled. “You don’t own my fucking soul, you just bought it for a while.”

“And you damned well better remember that your time isn’t up yet.” Jordan flattened his hands against the table as he glared back at John. “Seven more years, that’s what you owe this unit and the men who gave you a fucking life back. Getting married and living happily-fucking-ever-after wasn’t part of the deal.”

Now Trent aka John Vincent, aka Heat Seeker, is the Aussie Alpha who has Bailey on his mind. I really like Bailey as she is a tough, chick. She knows the game, she is on her own mission and she isn’t afraid to put the years of work in to getting the result she craves.

She has lost too much.

She also isn’t a dope. She can see through these dead men walking and not much gets past her.

Even, Trent aka John.

“Don’t you think you can dominate me, Bailey,” he warned her carefully. “Don’t think you can dress me, or tell me how to conduct my part of this little operation. I’ve been handling my own tailors as well as my own jewelers for years.” His head lowered as he spoke until his lips were only a breath from hers.

Damn her. She was strong, resilient, but she hadn’t yet learned that he was stronger and a hell of a sight more stubborn.

When it came to the ultimate villain of this story, although I picked the villain, I didn’t pick something associated with the villain. I like it very much when I can still be surprised.

I did think Lora kept tossing about the usual suspects in front of our eyes to get us questioning who Warbucks was. But again, I have found the recipe that a lot of authors stick to and it makes me steer away from everybody being shuffled about in front of my face, because it is often the decoy. I look to see who has more or less for no real particular reason been brought into the story line and I go....hmmm, I see you! Also there was a lot of talk about Warbucks and the tests this person / people liked to do to see who is loyal and trustworthy.

All in all, I do enjoy this series and who cares if Mary is Jules and if I get a further reminder in Black Jack that these dead men walking can’t have the gal, even though they will get the gal in the end. This is just a wonderful smexi escapism for me with some kickass fighting and team work along the way. A dangerous escapism in the safety of my home.

Bring. on. Travis’s story next J


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