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Today on Novels On The Run I have a Book Blitz for author Liz Newmann and her book , The New Orleans Way. You can read her synopsis, and an excerpt, plus she has a giveaway for you to enter. I have added the book trailer too.


 The New Orleans Way
Genre: Historical Romance 
Publisher: Secret Cravings Publishing.

The New Orleans Way has made Our USA Magazine's Summer Must Read List!


Everything comes at a price. Love. Security. Even happiness.

On the day of her debutante ball, Rosemarie Kuhn is heralded at "The Next Great Lady of New Orleans." Despite her love for the lowborn private detective Michael Hennessy, she is betrothed by her mother to marry General George C. Boas. Spurned by the general and a false marriage certificate, she guns him down in front of his favorite tavern at St. Anthony Street. With her family's income in jeopardy, her home is turned into a casino for high class patrons funded by the first families who brought The Mafia to the United States. As her love for detective Michael Hennessy grows, she is torn from her desire for him and the promise she made to her dying mother.


"Mr. Hennessy. Wait." The bourbon and champagne emboldened Rosemarie, and relaxed her at the same time. The moist humidity of the air, the sensual fragrances of jasmine and honeysuckle from the gardens, and the flush of Michael's lips caused her to throw care to the wind. She gazed into his eyes, swallowing the lump in her throat. "Perhaps we can call upon each other as good friends. I take my tea in the afternoons and would enjoy your company." Her mouth parted slightly, even as she tried to smile.

"Yet there still leaves the enormous possibility that your mother will say no and that we shall never be alone like this again. If that indeed comes to pass then I suppose I will never get the chance to tell you that this morning I wanted to climb the walls of your home when I saw you looking down at me and..."

"Yes," Rosemarie prompted. "Do go on."

"For a slap?" Michael teased. "Or a kiss."

"That all depends, Mr. Hennessy, on what you are about to say."

"Times like these I wish I had mastered my Shakespeare. I would have climbed the wall and asked you for your hand in marriage, at which point your governess might have shut the window and I'd have fallen to the ground, limped into the party, and danced the same as always. Only you would have run into the house screaming as soon as I jumped over the wall with my tattered flowers. I suppose we're much better in meeting this way for a few fleeting moments, alone. Dare I ask you, Lady Rosemarie, have you ever been kissed?"

"I had my portrait drawn yesterday and the artist was very much like you," she giggled. "He asked me to think of the most daring thing I would ever do and I thought of a kiss. I am as the old saying goes, 'Never been kissed.'"

"And did you meet anyone at the ball today that you would like to kiss? I'm only asking because I'm extremely curious about the new friend I will hopefully be taking tea with soon. It appears I have been placed in an awkward position. Should I leave and never be allowed to see you again, I have absolutely nothing to offer you in memory of me. Unless you should allow me a memory. Will you, Lady Rosemarie?"

"Perhaps your dancing is memory enough," Rosemarie giggled. She drew back her shoulders and gazed at him challengingly. "What other memory did you have in mind? Do remember, I am a lady."

"The lady. The only lady I shall ever see behind my eyes," he said. Her heart swam with joy at the utterance of the words from his lips. "Am I too forward in asking if you'd like to be kissed?" he said as he drew closer and caressed her cheek with his fingers.

"Most definitely, Mr. Hennessy," she murmured. "Far too forward." Her eyes were soft and doe-like as she gazed into his and sighed. He set his hat down by his side with one hand and brought her closer with the other pressed between her shoulders. She drank in the nearness of him, of his enticing smell of spring rain and fresh linens. She leaned towards him with her eyes half-closed, and the moment his lips touched hers, she landed in a place so glorious only one word popped to her mind. Heavenly.


Liz Newman holds an MA in Clinical Psychology, and a BA in Mass Communications with a concentration in Broadcast Journalism. Liz Newman worked as an intern at KTVU Broadcasting Station in Oakland, California. Liz has also worked as a crisis counselor, a community health counselor, and a staff psychologist at a local elementary school. Liz also contributes anonymously to several texts published to assist children and teens struggling with social and domestic issues.

Several novels and novellas by Liz Newman have been contracted for publication by Breathless Press, Lycaon Press, Devine Destinies, an imprint of Xstasy Books, and Secret Cravings Publishing.

Connect with Liz 

Facebook: LizRNewmanAuthor

My Space: lizrnewman

Twitter: Liz_RNewman

Goodreads: lizrnewman


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Winners will be announced on November 15th.


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