Thursday, April 11, 2013


By: Jennifer L Armentrout
Published By: Spencer Hill Press
Released: Available Now
Details : Digital, 80 Pages


Blurb : Goodreads

Aiden St. Delphi will do anything to save Alex.
Even if it means doing the one thing he will never forgive himself for.
Even if it means making war against the gods.

BOOK REVIEW by Michelle: 

They were too young for this...for this shit. 

So was Alex. 

So was I. 


Another YA touchdown for Jennifer L Armentrout. She just keeps bringing the YA party to the table.

I thought Deity was bloody brilliant. Elixir, although a novella in size, it packs as much punch watching Alex through Aiden’s eyes and the emotion pouring off Aiden.

His desperation to make things right.

Whatever you do, do not omit this novella. 

Read it!

Do not read it before Deity. It is #3.5 for a reason. 

Aiden St. Delphi is one of the best YA book boyfriends around. He truly is a Saint. I have often wondered at the St. part of his name. 

Is there a hidden meaning?

Alex is putting Aiden through emotional hell in this novella. She is what I like to refer to as possessed by Seth and she is acting all exorcist with the horrible things she is trying to verbally slay Aiden down with.

I feel like breaking out the evil laugh here as Alex is acting very different.

Knock! Knock! Anybody home?

Alex’s eyes were warm and brown like good whiskey. I’d memorized those eyes the first time I saw them in that warehouse in Atlanta. This was a different creature entirely.

“If you don’t let me out of here, I’m going to rip your brother’s ribs out and wear them as a crown.”

She sneered as she tried to pull her arm free. “Didn’t know you were such a pervert.”

Oh. Dear. Gods. Here we go again. Shaking my head, I scrubbed my hand over my eyes. “Alex...”

Aiden’s love is so strong for Alex. 

So pure.

Sure he couldn’t keep his promise to her, but he can try to fix what has happened. And he will not let anybody harm Alex.

Apollo is even giving up, looking at worst case scenario. He holds all the cards.


Deacon is still the fun brother even in times of distress for Aiden he still manages to put his foot in his mouth.

Deacon arched a brow. “Now , that’s odd...”

“Deacon,” I warned.

Alex smiled up at me, holding a bishop in her hand. “Checkmate?”

He chortled. “Good gods, she’s like Rain Man.”

.... Taking a step toward my idiot brother, I exploded. “Get the hell out of here before I strangle you within an inch of your life.”

I love how Jennifer is bringing in all these Gods with these crazy godly names, popping in and popping out with words of cryptic wisdom. Makes me want to google and read more about them.

“See, there’s the pickle.” Hearing the word “pickle” come out of Dionysus’ mouth just seemed wrong.

Sometimes I think the chick Gods are making more sense in helping Aiden.

Aiden has to find the way by himself to bring Alex back.

And I love you too much to allow what’s about to happen, but you’re leaving me no choice.”

“It’s love-- the real kind you make sacrifices for. The kind where you scream ‘screw it’ to everyone else. That’s envy-worthy.”

I love this cover the most out of the series. It makes me think of liquid and it really brings the title Elixir and its meaning to my mind when I look at it. It looks kind of drinkable.

Bring on Apollyon.

“There’s a war brewing.” 

“Good night , agapi.”



  1. LOVED this novella and getting into Aidan's head.

    1. Hi Brandi,

      It was pretty awesome wasn't it :)


  2. Bingeing on Armentrout I see!

    Matey, I sent your swag yesterday, I hope it reaches you fine :D.

    1. OOO Hello Matey!!! THANKYOU!!! xxxxx Looking forward to it. Very nice of you to think of me down here in my neck of the woods. xxxx

      Yup! JLA Binge Time :) Rather enjoying myself too. I waited until I had a bit to read in each as I don't like waiting...hehe!!




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