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Welcome to our stop of the SHADOWED blog tour for Sarah Alderson.  Today, Sarah is sharing with us her playlist for Shadowed and a few thoughts to go along with each.  Huge thank you to Sarah for sharing this with us :)


The playlist I put together for this book still has the power to make me cry whenever I listen to it. It’s my all time favourite playlist.

As soon as I hear the opening bars to Angus and Julia Stone’s ‘All of Me’ my gut wrenches. It’s the most perfect song to start the book, which picks up about eight weeks after the end of Severed and it’s all from Evie’s point of view. She’s heartbroken and in pieces. This song and the ones that follow, like ‘Under your Spell’ by Desire, perfectly evoke what she is going through.

‘Will I make it through another day?... I survive on the memory of you.’

La Roux appeared on the Hunting Lila soundtrack and I had to include ‘In for the Kill’ for the first major fight scene between Evie, Risper and Ash and the new army of unhumans taking over LA. Evie is really working out some of her ‘issues’ in these fight scenes. Like the tagline of the book suggests, the way through might be closed but that doesn’t mean she’s got closure.

SPOILER! The fight ends with a really big twist and the return of a major character. “Wizbot” by Sea of Bees is the song that I felt summed up this particular character’s feelings about Evie and his state of mind at that point in time.

“Disappearing World” by Fair is all about the world as they know it disappearing which it is. Unhumans are running rampage throughout LA killing people and things are escalating out of control. The Rogue Hunters are struggling to control the deluge and mount any kind of defense against The Originals.

Lykke Li is an amazing vocalist. Her song “Tonight” is the song that plays in the attic above the bookstore after Evie flees the hospital. It’s my favourite scene in the whole entire book. I really lived that scene, every tiny emotion between all the characters, what every single word and movement meant to each of them. It was so hard because I felt so much for all of them and I really hurt for each of them too. That was a hard scene to write. But this song could be listened to from each of their perspectives.

Ellie Goulding’s “Guns & Horses” is the song I imagine playing at the end of the final fight scene, when Evie sees something she really doesn’t expect to see. And she wishes she could erase the pain she’s caused and take it all away but it’s too late.

“No Rest” by Dry the River, one of my favourite bands. This track for me sums up perfectly the penultimate chapter, especially the lyric ‘I loved you in the best way possible.’ But I’m not going to say who is thinking it about whom as it will give away what happens in the book!

If you want to listen to the songs as you read, then here’s the playlist on Spotify.



  1. I haven't heard of this book before, but most of the songs on the playlist are ones that I really love, so I might just check it out :)

    - Ellie at The Selkie Reads Stories

    1. Hi Ellie - this is book 3 of the Fated Series. Well worth getting, especially seeing as you'll have THREE books to read in a row!! I love when that happens :) xx Marissa

  2. I love like all of these artists! The first song, by Angus an Julia Stone was so pretty but sort of sad. I haven't read this series but I really want to! I didn't realize it was already on book 3!!

    Jesse @ Pretty In Fiction


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