Wednesday, April 24, 2013



I know!!!

Exciting isn't it!!

I am a MASSIVE contemporary fan. I don't have enough heads to devour it, so I am getting through at a one head pace. 

So anybody who follows the blog knows I LOVVEEE Colleen Hoover, Jamie Maguire and I have been reading some Abbi Glines. I really enjoyed The Vincent Boys and I just got in The Vincent Brothers from the library. 

Yes, Beau.

Dang, that boy is.... *sigh * 

Dang, dang, dang.

I have put in my request for the Sea Breeze series from the lovely Simon & Schuster. * whispers * fingers crossed.

I have also requested an interview with the lovely Ms Glines, so we will see what happens there.

Anyhoo, all you lucky Sydney...ites and Melbourne...ites get to help to throw out some ideas for the signings, where they may be conducted. I am shouting QUEENSLAND, but apparently that isn't a go.

Bugger bum, I say! 

So read on and check the info below.


SEA BREEZE # 1 - #4
The Vincent Boys 

Too Far Series

Existence Trilogy

Perfection # 1

Simon & Schuster Australia and Hot Key Books have announced that Abbi Glines, the bestselling author of 12 books in the emerging new adult fiction genre will be touring Australia June 4 – 12.

Glines, who dominated the self-publishing bestseller lists has sold over one million ebooks worldwide and her sales in Australia are in excess of 100,000 copies.

“I never imagined that I would have such a wonderful fan base for my books in Australia,” said Glines.

“My fans there are amazing and so passionate. I’m looking forward to having the chance to meet them.”

The meteoric rise of the new adult genre has seen authors like Glines, Jamie McGuire and Colleen Hoover make the successful leap from self-published ebooks to global bestsellers, in both e and p format, in a very short period of time. The genre, designed to bridge the gap between young adult and adult fiction has a contemporary romance feel and features a cast of characters aged between 18-25 years trying to find their feet in life and love.

“It’s an exciting time to be in publishing,” said Anabel Pandiella, Head of Marketing and Publicity at Simon and Schuster Australia.

“Our international colleagues are acquiring great titles which the entire global business is turning around very quickly. The demand for these titles is huge and our aim is to get them out to our readers as quickly as possible, faster than we’ve ever been able to before!”

Glines, one of the bestselling ebook author’s in Australia has written 12 books and has three more coming later in the year, with two already scheduled for early 2014, including a book in The Seabreeze series and another in The Vincent Boys series.

“Abbi’s Australian fans have embraced The Vincent Boys and its hot sequel,” said Sandra Edmunds, Hot Key Books Australian Marketing and Publicity Coordinator.

“Abbi has a huge following on social media, and Hot Key Books is thrilled that these fans will now have the chance to meet her.”

Glines will be touring Sydney and Melbourne and will be asking her Australian fans to help her decide where she should hold signings. Details will be available on on April 30


  1. OMG, that is so exciting. Bummer about Queensland though, maybe a trip to Melbourne is in order. I love her books, especially The Vincent Boys, ah!

    Katie ~ Turner’s Antics

    1. I'll swap Melbourne and Sydney for Jamie and Colleen in QLD...hehe!! I would love to see Abbi, but no QLD. I flew to Melbourne for Cassandra Clare and Sydney for Harlequins Blogger Summit I think I may have used up my $$$ hehe!


  2. Michelle - You need to read the Too Far series ASAP. You will absolutely MELT! Ugh! Abbi writes some of the best young contemporary heroes. They are all to die for!! You need to get to know Rush and Woods and Cage. *fans self*

    1. Hey there Deb, I do have book 1 on digital . I shall ASAP it..hehe! I am waiting to get into Sea Breeze too. I have heard Abbi's writing is delightful to read along with her humma humma boys :)

      Next up is The Vincent Brothers before the timer goes off at the library :)


      yes I heard Woods is rather .... SPESH!


  3. I just requested a copy of The Vincent Boys for review. Only just getting into contemporary romance thanks to the brilliant writing of Simone Elkeles, Katie McGarry, Jamie McGuire and Morgan Matherson. Looking for some new awesomeness!!

    1. OO yes I am a Contemporary nut now!! I have been rolling about in it for a while now and loving it:)



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