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Yes! I know!!! We are all looking bottom left finger bouncing off the abs!
Go Murph!!

Cover Design: Tom O'Rourke
By: Tim O'Rourke
Published By: Self Published
Released : Available Now
Details: Digital , 211 Pages



Learning the painful secrets of her past, Kiera must understand why the truth had been kept from her. When confronting Murphy, Kiera soon discovers he has been keeping his own terrible secret.

With Kiera’s and her friend’s past lives coming back to haunt them, Jack Seth tells her, she must discover the identity of the hooded photographer if she is to push her life back and save those she loves.

But is the photographer linked to Murphy's past? If so, can they be trusted to help Kiera like Jack says they can?

‘Dead Wolf’ Book 5 in Kiera Hudson Series Two.

‘Dead Water’ Book 6 coming soon!

BOOK REVIEW by Michelle:

Murphy is off to a potty mouthed, ten pin bowling start in his very own book.

I looked away, and using the Skin-walker’s head like a cannon ball, I shot it through the air at one of the Skin-walkers who was still attacking Potter. The decapitated head smacked into the face of the unsuspecting Skin-walker and I heard a sickening thud. He fell backwards onto his arse.


Kayla, bless her, she has this blood thirsty vengeance hiding inside her that peeks out every now and then. Sam is still bobbling about. I keep waiting for Tim to prove Potter right or wrong.

I absolutely LOVE Murphy and Potter. They have this chemistry like no other characters I have come across. I could listen to them going off at each other all day. I have a grin plastered on my face when these two are communicating the only way they know how, with potty mouthed enthusiasm.

“You’d better open your eyes, or I’m going to rip you a new arsehole myself,” I roared down at him.

“I didn’t know you felt like that for me,” Potter suddenly croaked just above a whisper, his eyes closed.

To hear him speak, however juvenile his remark was, made me just want to grip him tight in my arms. Then, looking down at him, I dropped him back into the snow and barked, “Quit laying around in the snow and act your age.”

Potter groaned in pain as he hit the ground. “You took your fucking time.”

“In the future, will you do us all a big favour?”

“What’s that,” Potter winced, still holding his sides.

“If one of these wolves ever tries to sell you a talking parrot, check to see that there isn’t a tape recorder stuffed up its freaking arse!”


Jack and Kiera. I can’t help thinking Jack makes a good argument. Before I had even read Murphy’s back story within this story, I could see how Jack needed his only family member to understand him, even if it meant trapping her to tell his story. I know he has done wrong. I get that. But I also see the little boy who didn’t have a chance.

His path was set.

He had been let down too many times.

Tim has a way of playing with my mind with Jack. I just want to erase his past and rewrite it for him. To give the little boy, who cared, a chance.

Potter, you do get yourself into trouble with the female sex. I did feel sorry for you. I’m sticking up for you, but you don’t make it easy.

“Couldn’t you feel her hairy tongue? After all, she had it shoved far enough down the back of your throat.”

Murphy has a closet of skeletons that are rattling about. His back story just had me crushing on him more.

I LOVED soooo much how Tim incorporated the classic, Wizard of Oz into his story line. It was done beautifully. It was one of my favourite scenes in this book,watching the teenage version of Murphy, James, being young and innocent, and also a little dangerous for the friend who meant so much to him.

These two made you forget the danger and distrust that normally exists between Lycanthrope and Vampyrus, the evil that is associated with Lycanthrope. We instead see a beautiful girl and a young boy showing us a possibility. We want it to work out. But will it?

“Sometimes, Potter, you can’t always help who you fall in love with.”

Such innocence. 

I really like Pen. We see Jack and how his life was destroyed. His innocence crushed. We watch Murphy tell us about the love that could not be with a twist that is very sad that snuck up on me.

Then we come to those ‘slippers’.

Sentimental, Murphy? Much.

I loved getting a bit of a full circle in this book. Ragged Cove is where we met the Sarge and we see Murphy in Police mode again in Dead Wolf. Memories of Vampire Shift came back to me, where it all started, where I met the pipe smoking, slipper wearing Sergeant Murphy.

Boy, has there been some house cleaning since then. Who knew?

I have another fave scene in this book. It is the polar opposite to singing along to the Wizard of Oz and drinking Inferno Berry juice and sweet innocence. I think anybody who has read this book will not be able to forget the totally brilliant scene that played visually all through our heads. We were singing/rapping the words and we all shot off to youtube and brought up ‘Jump Around’. This was a scene that just worked so well.

Like, wicked!

When I call characters or scenes 3D, this was one of those. I even reread the scene with the music pumping through it.

It just worked. The words were threatening and intense. It would look crazy good on the big screen.

Oh, and those statues...........*face plant*

Tim has us in our comfy reading place for most of this book watching Murphy's back story play out, this is another one of his more emotional reads, rather than action packed. The bastard trio flipped my bitch switch, and the mystery of Kayla and Sam is planted. Will Potter be right? I love the seeds that got spread about in this book. Me thinks we are all rather intrigued to find how they grow.


“You can’t be a wolf – you don’t have a hairy tongue!”



  1. I really REALLY need to get caught up on this series! All of your Kiera Hudson reviews are always so fantastic :)

    Jesse @ Pretty in Fiction

  2. I forgot to include the song! Glad to find it here. Jump Around was memorable to me for a different reason but I still love how the song is significant in the story.



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