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I’m dusty and thirsty as I stroll on into town on my fine stallion Ned.  I have my interview with Sammy and Harry from Cowgirls & Vampires at the Black Water Gap Saloon today. I just have to find it. I’m so glad I wore my chaps ( hehe, this is my fantasy so I am wearing chaps and my leather cowboy hat and looking mighty fine....just go with it people.) 

Ned comes to a stop. Leaning forward in the saddle, I raise my gloved hand to my hat tipping it back a touch , surveying the town with a cool gaze. I really do need to get off Ned, my ass is killing me. Ned huffs and shakes his head. I think Ned is looking forward to a nice cool drink.

   “Come on Ned, let’s find the Saloon, I should have packed a step ladder, dismounting is going to hurt, matey.”

There is a short, sharp whistle and I look around to see Harry Turner standing in the open saloon doors. Sammy was right – he is scruffy looking. His sandy coloured hair looks like it needs a good comb, his faded blue denim shirt and jeans are dusty looking. He looks as if he hasn’t shaved for a week. Ooo yeah, he is a looker.  His gun belt is criss-crossed about his waist and two gleaming revolvers are tied to his thighs. I didn't have to mention the thighs, but they are rather nice looking thighs. Go Team Harry.

Ned trots over to Harry at the sound of his whistle. I look from Harry to the ground that is waaayyyy down there. I resign myself to the fact I can't sit here all day, time to dismount and not grunt from the pain. Groaning I rise in the saddle, oh man, I hope I can walk. 

I catch Harry smirking, he can see that I’m having trouble getting the leg over, it may be the unlady like noises I am making,  suddenly I feel two strong hands on my ass. Eeeppp! Harry has taken it upon himself to speed up the process, helping me out of my saddle and depositing me on the saloon wooden steps.

“Err, thanks, I think I can manage now,”  I tell him, 
bending and stretching . “Sammy was right; you are an ass man.” 

“Don’t get too excited, doll,” he grumbles and heads back towards the swinging saloon doors. Sadly, he doesn’t look back. 

"Oh well, bit late for that," I mumble behind him.

I follow him walking like a bow legged cowboy, I always wanted to walk through swinging double saloon doors. No, they don't hit you in the ass if you do it right. I can see Sammy leaning against the bar. Her wide brimmed hat is pushed back and she has a cigarette jutting from the corner of her mouth. She truly is beautiful. 

"Hi Sammy, I am Michelle from Novels On The Run and I am here to ...."

“Drink?” Harry asks me, his grey eyes sharp. 

"Yes, I'll have a ....."

“Don’t have the whiskey,” Sammy smiles at me. “It’s great for paint stripping, but not for drinking. Not the beer either, as warm as bath water. ” 

"Errr.....a coke?"

"What?", said Harry who was staring at me.

"Errr, water, anything I'm a bit dusty."

Harry orders me a water, then thrusting the glass into my hand, he looks at me and says, “Shall we just get this interview over with?” Then he’s off, striding across the saloon towards a table. 

He fits a pair of jeans well.

Sammy and I follow him, she sits, I choose to stand and take a big drink, I think once I am down, I am not getting up again. Harry eyes me for a few seconds before he sits opposite me. 

Michelle: Sammy, what 10 words would you use to describe Harry? Be honest, pretend Harry isn’t sitting here.

Harry: You know she isn’t gonna have anything nice to say.

Michelle: Now don’t be like that Harry, you get a turn too.

Sammy: Ten words huh? (She smiles to herself) I can think of a lot more! Harry is moody, sullen, arrogant, a chauvinist, and a tease. But he is a loyal friend to the Preacher, Louise and Zoe. Harry is brave – or stupid – I’m not sure which, and good to have around in a fight.

Harry: I’m no tease (grumbles and takes a sip of his whiskey)

Sammy: Yeah you are. You’re always grabbing my arse.

Harry: It’s called an ass! 

Michelle: Um, well you do grab her ass a bit......
* clears throat* Harry, shoot from the hip, what 10 words would you use to best describe the first time you saw Sammy? *leans over nudges Harry*, she’s gorgeous isn’t she?

Sammy: Hey, thanks Michelle.

Harry: Is she? I hadn’t really noticed. (He takes another shot of whiskey and I can’t help but notice the way he eyes Sammy over the rim of his glass. It was brief, but it was there). I thought she was dumb, if I’m being honest. She couldn’t hold her liquor. But in fairness to the girl – she’s pretty quick on the draw. Sammy’s okay to have hanging around – and yeah she does have a cute ass I guess.

Sammy: I knew it (smiles to herself and takes a sip of her milk). 

Oh yeah, these two are going to be fun.

Michelle: I think the Preacher is a great guy. I love his handle bar moustache, very stylish. The Preacher has got himself a lady to keep him warm at night, I imagine she likes the moustache too. Although I think it would tickle.
Harry, how long have you and the Preacher been blazing the wild west trails together?

Harry: We do have a rather interesting history but I know our story will be told in later books, so I can’t really answer that at the moment. I can tell you that meeting the preacher was quite an adventure and would fill a book or two.

Michelle: Sammy, you like to have a smoke, any other vices that you can’t go without?

Sammy: I thought smoking was my only vice but I experienced certain things on the Scorpion Steam one night – so I’d quite like to try some of those again (Sammy winks at me). 

I waggle my eyebrows at her.

Harry: What is that you two are doing? 

Michelle and Sammy : What?

Harry: *mumbles* Women. *shakes his head*

Michelle: I notice you don’t smoke , Harry. What are your vices?

Harry: Women who talk too much.

Michelle: The vampires in Cowgirls & Vampires are not the pretty , sparkly variety. They are a bit of the fugly squad, but with a keen fashion sense. The use of the red bandana is fashionable yet necessary or they would be catching bugs with those frightening mouths. You are a fit guy. What advice would you give Sammy when it comes to killing the vamps?

Harry: Keep her mind on her shooting and not on c&*k…

Michelle: *blushing*…..Can you give the followers of my blog an exclusive hint as to what might happen in book two?

Sammy: The story starts in the same place as book one. I get another visit and away I go! Sally might make an appearance – if she can behave herself (giggles). 

Michelle: Hehe! Sally, she is a goer.

Harry: Who is Sally?

Michelle and Sammy:  Nobody, you have met.

Harry: * grunts * Women!
All I’m gonna say is that I not sure if the whole Marley Cooper thing is resolved. I’ve got a feeling that whole thing might come back to bite me on the ass. 

Michelle: * finishes drink * I'll be looking forward to seeing your ass get bit. Hehe!

Harry: *stares at Michelle*

Michelle: *cough* I think that may conclude my interview. I shall now take my leave and get back on Ned and ride out of this here town. Umm, anybody got a ladder? Oh stick around for the giveaway. 


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( Tim organised this with Suzi, I only just found out they were doing it, so thanks guys!)

I had so much fun putting this interview together with Sammy and be a fictional character..... such fun:)


  1. Awesome interview!! Ur to damn funny =)

  2. I love the interview.I love hearing more from Harry:)

  3. Funny indeed! I better get on this soon!

  4. Very funny. Love it. Thanks for sharing :)

  5. the interview so funny, I like that ;)

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  7. Epic interview. Loved it !!
    Yee Haa !! lol
    (Suzi Midnight)

  8. i love the Ten word *lol

    nice interview :)

  9. I love how the interview answered some of my questions & posed others.

  10. the interview was very funny and I am looking forward to reading this book it sounds great

  11. Hi everyone,

    Thanks!! Harry is a bit moody isn't he, ha!

    I'll draw winners tomorrow. Looks like good odds for winning a signed print by Tim.


  12. Congratulations to the winners I can spot at least one Tim O'Rourke fan page FB winner and one Aussie.

    I have emailed you all please reply and I will let Tim know your addresses:D

    Thanks everybody who took the time to read my interview and enter, much appreciated:D



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