Thursday, June 7, 2012


(The Telling #1)
Publisher: Penguin Australia
Pages: 360 pagers,  paperback
Acquired:  Copy from Penguin Australia for Review

Goodreads Description:

A psychopath . . . an empath . . . a genius.
Three siblings who will save the world – or destroy it. They know nothing of each other. They know nothing of the Telling. But they'll need to learn fast if they're going to survive . . .
A gripping new series about a collision of worlds, the power of destiny, and the darkness in us all . . .


 A changeover from crime fiction novels, Leah Giarratano has delved in to the YA world of paranormal and fantasy. 

Leah has given us Disharmony - book 1 in The Telling Series.  A series based around three siblings born to save the world. Only they don't know who they are or that the others exist. 

First they have to "believe" what others are telling them is their destiny... and to do that they have to believe that which should only be written in fairy tales.

Luke Black is a hacker extraordinaire remanded at Dwight Juvenile Correction Centre, Sydney Australia.  Oddly enough there is no "chip on his shoulder" about being detained.  He's just on a mission to get out of there.  When Zac Nguyen, the new detainee, steps in to help out Luke during one of his disciplinary sessions - a partnership of sorts is formed to help each other get out of Dwight and on the road to freedom.

Samantha White has lived her life with a caravan of Roma witches.  shunned by other Roma's for not being blood and shunned by the Gaje for being a witch - it has been long and bumpy life for Sam.  A hard life - but the only one she has ever known.  She now finds her self on the verge of connecting with her life time crush Tamas.....whilst learning she is a powerful witch and being hunted by the Roma King and the Japanese Mafia - what has she done to attract such attention?

The blurb hinted at a new series that would have me gripping the book with anticipation and throwing myself head first into a fast paced story....and though it was great in parts - it was also lacking in others.

Disharmony is written in most as two parts - alternating chapters between Luke Black and Samantha White...powerful twins living on opposite sides of the world who don't know that the other exists.  Alternating chapters with these two characters works in the sense that they are twins (the psychopath and the empath) and as with a lot of twins, "things" happen simultaneously to them no matter where they are.  In saying that it wasn't till 3/4 through the book that this style of writing worked for me. I would have much rather read all about Luke or Samantha in more continual detail than stop/starting.

Sporadically there is a page from Intellicide whose purpose as a narrator of sorts may show worth in the next book.  These pages seem fairly disposable in the whole scheme of the book.

The thrill and the excitement picked up during the last 1/4 of the book and as such I would definitely be looking for Book 2 when it is released.  It has intrigued me enough now to want to know more!!



  1. Aw, this sounds a bit dissapointing... I was so excited for this one, but it sounds like it's kind of lacking... I read another review that kind of seemed like it was only part of a book... the rest will play out over the rest of the series? Still, sounds interesting, and I'm really looking forward to seeing where it goes!

  2. Thanks for your review! I'm sorry it was hard to get into...sounds like something I might have to pass on, or at least check out in the future. The summary is kind of interesting though. Mainly the psychopath part, because psychological things are always intriguing to me.



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