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By: Tim O'Rourke
Published By : Tim O'Rourke
Released : 28th April 2012
Details : Digital, 314 Pages


Book Blurb : Taken From Goodreads

When Kiera and her friends return from the dead, they soon realise that the world is not the same – it has been pushed. Returning to Hallowed Manor, Kiera soon learns that it’s not only the world that has changed, she is changing, too.
Asked to help solve the murder of missing school teacher, Emily Clarke, Kiera and her friends soon discover that they are now living in a world where humans and wolves live together, sharing a fragile peace.
But during her investigations, Kiera soon discovers that the world is now a much darker and dangerous place than the one she left behind.

“Dead Flesh” is Book One in The Kiera Hudson Series Two.
This is a Young Adult novel, recommended for ages sixteen years and up.

“Kiera Hudson - Dead Angels” Book Two, coming soon!

BOOK REVIEW by Michelle:

What can I say but Tim has done it again. I am left reeling from his latest instalment in the Kiera Hudson series. I get a total brain gymnastics workout when I read his books. He just pulls these crazy curveballs on the reader. I am trying to think ahead and work out where he is taking me. The specialty of this book that I am stumped on is the statues. Oh yes, I have this list of possibilities of WT? he is doing with them. He is so clever with all his original ideas he weaves through his storyline.  

I love the direction Tim is taking this second series in. It’s fresh, and to be truthful, who knows really where he is going with it as he just keeps deceiving the reader, hence the brain gymnastics. But I know enough to know that ......... ( well if I told you, it would spoil) and that.............. and then...............!

The gang are back at Hallowed Manor and they are all a bit out of sorts from where Vampire Hollows left them.

Tim has such wonderful imagination and what he does with his world building, such an original , creative idea. I loved all the ‘things’ that changed. Some had me laughing at the cleverness of the name. I am being a bit cryptic here, but I want you to read it fresh like I did.

You will get a little *sniff* ,pass the tissue, with the hollow feeling that is left with Murphy gone. Betrayal has left Potter showing how lost he is. His two friends.....gone. The love he felt for Luke has been stripped away from him, his heart shredded.

A little difference with this book is , Kiera and Kayla are sharing this book. The story splits off and we are watching both of them do their thing. 

Kayla has become this little dynamo, taking on the danger and getting a bit potty mouthed like Potter. Well, she has a good teacher..hehe!!

Isidor...I like to call him Isi ( sounds cute) , he is just so darn loveable , there are some BOL! moments with the banter between Potter and Isi. They are just hilarious when they get going at each other. I did have a fave scene that had me giggling. I’ll give you a hint....”I’ll be back.” 

There is a rather delicious description of Isi. I sooo want a piece of wallpaper with a visual of Isi. I think he could win a few fans, just on that description. Piercings, tatts, the hair, the muscles and for some a motorbike goes a long way to smexi value, Isi has his crossbow, not to mention the wings. He is a little naive, but that is what makes him a fun and loveable character to read. He is a fighter and loyal and he is starting to give some lip back to Potter..ha!

Now to Potter, my cranky pants that I love, well, he is a bit quieter in the first third of the book. He is a bit sad and not sure what to do with himself. Potter needs a fight, it’s his thing battling, instead he is raking leaves and feeling a bit sad....poor lovey. But then * waggles eyebrows* we all know what the Summer House does to Potter.

Tim has created a different world for him to play in with his characters. He has even brought in some new young blood. I LOVE Sam, he has this innocence, but at the same time he is a cluey lad. 

Tim as always has such fun with his action / fight scenes. Bit of music playing in background, quite a good musical number to be flinging bodies about to.

So much is happening in this instalment, never a dull, quiet moment. Murder, mayhem, LOL moments, sadness, blood ( there will always be messy times) , curveballs, mystery, odd things are happening , rat houses, Ravenwood School, creepy hooded people, sizzle sticks ( ah yes, there will be some zapping) dreams/visions, smexi ( gotta love a bit of Potter smexi) and that is all I will tell me there is more.......... and the ending ???

I highly recommend as always Tim’s books. You get to have a crazy good time reading them, with little you will see coming.

FAVE QUOTES: ( I could have put so many in here but I wanted to not give too much away)

Before Potter had a chance to say anything else, Isidor came down the stairs and stepped into the living room. He wore his long, black coat with jeans and boots. His collar was turned up, his eyes were hidden by a pair of sunglasses, and in his hand he held his crossbow.
“Jesus, Isidor, you scared the shit out of me,” Potter sniped. “For a moment, I thought you were the Terminator!”
“Very funny,” Isidor said. “How do I look, Kiera?”
“Erm, like the Terminator,” I smiled at him.

"So you don’t think the locals are going to notice one of the Men In Black strutting his stuff through town?”

“What’s happened, Isidor?” I asked him. “Are you okay?”
“Yeah, I’m fine,” he said.
“Are you sure?” Potter smirked. “Because if any of those school kids picked on you I’ll go and speak to their teacher.”



  1. I'll come back after I'm done reading this. I've dedicated next weekend to tim and finish off VBreed, this one and the BHF books. Glad to know TIM HAS DONE IT AGAIN!

    1. Hey Miss B,

      I was up until 4.19am getting this review right amongst other things....very hard not to say what you want to say. Plus I had to hold back on quotes as this early in the game gives too much away. When Potter opens his mouth..hehe!!! Lots of crazy stuff going on and seeds planted we have to pay attention to!!

      Have fun with your Tim weekend:D:D


  2. What a creep cover! And I've never heard of Tim but I can tell you're a big fan of his books, so I'll check them out!

    1. Hey Vegan YA Nerds,

      I LOVE Tim's writing....very deceiving!!!

      I am popping over to see your cats...yes these girls do reviews with their cute!!

      Michelle aka Fuzzy to Suzi

  3. I've been so deperate to read this and have started it :)

    1. Hulllloooo Miss Suzi!! * waves *

      Oo yes!!! * waggles eyebrows*


  4. To be honest I haven't herd of his books but after reading your review and how much you love them, this is def on my to read list and soon!! BTW yes the cover is creepy but, I love it!!!! Lol

    1. Hi Kris,

      I have a lot of fun reading the first series and now the second:D

      You have to read first series then follow on with this second series to understand cover:D


  5. This book looks really good to read. Also i love the cover.

  6. I have to get this cover is so intriguing

  7. Totally creepy cover, love it! I'm definitely going to have to look into this series! Sounds great!


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