Friday, March 9, 2012


Miss Suzi who makes our giveaways surprised me with this lovely metal bookmark.
Kiera Hudson series by Tim O'Rourke inspired bookmark
I love Murphy's cross and Kiera's face it is about 6" long

I ordered these bookmarks for a giveaway soon

This is the back of them

I picked my fave quotes from the books
and Suzi put them on the back with her little extra touches.
Wolf House just has a little thing that is being fixed on bookmark , if anyone can see what the boo boo is and gets it right I will send 1st 3 people to get the boo boo correct in comments below win,
 1 signed bookplate by Tim each.

 There are 6 showing in image
3 up for grabs

Here's a closer image of the boo boo!

Hint you have to have read Wolf House - Novella
 to pic up boo boo or have it and skim read it if you haven't started it & I need what the correct thingy should be!

Leave answer in comments with your email

Now don't copy what somebody has answered as they may be wrong and I pick first 3 correct, when I am ready.

Or just pop by and say hello in comments.

I'll leave this open until 21st March 2012
unless 3 clever peeps give me the correct answer
 before closing date


Gotta be in it to win it!!



  1. Can I just say: that top book mark? It's both terrifying and AWESOME :O

  2. Hey Sarah,

    Yes it could be a weapon, Suzi and I did note this. I just love the way she captured Murphy's cross. If you look at the Dead Flesh book cover, she got real close:D

    I do actually have one for a giveaway...AWESOME I know but I will wait a bit and put it on a giveaway hop as it is pretty darn awesome this designer stuff Suzi makes .


  3. I checked your review on Goodreads and the quote is exactly the same there. So if it's not that, I'm guessing wrong number of scratches on his chest?

    1. YEs the quote words are correct, but who says each quote, now that is my BIG HINT!!! I gave Suzi the quotes I wanted but she thought she would add who said is in where the boo boo lies:D


    2. Ok, thanks for the hint. I'm just going to take a couple of guesses and hope one of them is right:
      Sean and Kiera
      Murphy and Kiera
      Luke and Kiera
      Sean and Potter
      Luke and Potter
      Murphy and Potter

    3. Hint : Wolf House if my memory serves me correct, or it's just a darn huge hint, Kiera isn't in the book as in chatting to's his book:D

      Keep at it Kalasyn....I love your enthusiasm you have one person correct but you have to get in the correct order of who says what. Now if you read the quote in your head and it's Potter's book, you maybe able to work out his part of the quote...not that I am saying Potter is one of them..or did I?

    4. p.s. Sean = Potter same person...his name is Sean Potter:D

  4. The first line is actually said by Detective Sergeant Harker. The second line is by Potter. :D


  5. Obviously I don't know anything! lol
    Could it be... the first line is Detective Sargeant Harker and the second line is Potter?
    I don't know where I got this idea from, it just came to me! I absolutely didn't just copy Teresa's answer. haha

    1. Evil Laugh.....I shall let you stew on that answer and we will see if somebody else enters as I have 3 !!! to giveaway only!!!!


  6. Kalasyn and Theresa, you have each won a signed bookplate and Sarah just for leaving a comment:D

    3 winners!!

    I shall notify you now.


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