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By: Imogen Rose
Published By: Imogen Rose
Released : Available Now
Details: Paperback , 412 Pages


Book Blurb:

Welcome to Bonfire Academy. Set in the foothills of the alpine mountains in St.Moritz, this exclusive private school caters to a special kind of student. Enter at your own risk... but if you are human, you may not want to enter at all.

Warning: This YA story is set in a school for paranormals who are very different from normal human teens. This, the language and some scenes might not be appropriate from younger YA readers.
Recommended for those sixteen and above.

This is part one of the prequel series (Bonfire Academy) in the Bonfire Chronicles. Book two, INTEGRATION, will be released summer 2012.

‘Initiation’ was a nice easy read and I enjoyed it. The story starts off almost like we should already know Cordelia and Jagger. That is the feel I got. Which isn’t a bad thing, it just felt different.
Initiation follows Cordelia a Demon Princess who is mentoring Faustine, a nearly 13 year old half human, half demon at Bonfire Academy. Location, St. Moritz , Switzerland. Talk about WOW! location.
I love Academy books.  I actively search them out to read. I enjoy all the sub characters that help make Academy books fun and interesting.
Initiation was a read that was a little different when it came to its lead characters. Cordelia has a boyfriend named Quinn, but she unashamedly bonks Jagger a rather dishy faery, when she has the opportunity.  Cordelia finds out early in book that she is synched with Jagger.
I must admit I don’t quite understand this part of the story. Jagger is a great guy but he in turn appears to have a girlfriend and Octavia also has her wicked way with him too. This one wasn’t technically his fault. So , it’s a little different this aspect of your YA book where sometimes there are love triangles, this is a bit of free love with Quinn being the only one in the dark. I’m not sure why she didn’t end it with Quinn. I think it’s just acceptable by these paranormal characters or is it the Demon in her?
There is a rule at the academy, to not trust even those you think you can trust.
I really like Quinn and I felt quite annoyed every time Cordelia did the dirty on him, it was not a good trait in her character. Quinn is such a likeable guy, loyal and caring. Cordelia actually calls him her boyfriend who is also her bff, but gets jealous if Jagger is with somebody else. The little Demon wants her cake and to eat it too.
For the plot, some shifters at the academy have got it in for Cordelia and all sorts of ghastly things happen to her....Jagger to the rescue. Then we have Faustine who is learning about herself and her powers. Being half human, she has got the vampire initiates at the academy in a frenzy licking their lips and wanting a little taste, which is not a good thing. Somebody always has to be looking after Faustine and Quinn gets landed the sitting job more than not. Quinn appears a great guy, selfless.
Enter Jagger’s brother Ryker , a fifteen year old hottie who has this thing about the now thirteen year old Faustine. There is a little mystery there which I really enjoyed. I think it was my fave part of the book.
The book weaves a few storylines together. The academy has these rules that don’t help Cordelia in anyway. You are not allowed to ask personal questions. The information has to be freely given, which kind of hinders you when you are trying to find out who killed you.
30TH APRIL 2012
All in all, I enjoyed this read, getting to know Jagger, and the other characters as much as the rules of the academy would allow. I love the names of the characters in this book. They are all really great names. I’m hoping Quinn doesn’t get his feelings too hurt in the next book as Cordelia doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to break off her relationship with either of these boys.
The ending leaves the reader feeling quite intrigued to read the next book, ‘Integration’. Faustine also gets her own spin off titled, ‘Faustine’ and it is Bonfire Chronicles # 1. I am looking forward to reading both these books, to see where Imogen’s writing takes me.
I am crushing on the book covers they are all lovely, especially ‘Integration’.
If you like academy books, with hot guys, paranormal characters, beautiful Swiss snow mountains, a mystery or two, then this is the book for you.  

INITIATION ( Cordelia and Jagger)

“Well, Cordelia, are you glad to be back?”
“Yes. Why did you ask for me?”
“Ah, straight to the point.” His eyes narrowed into slits. “Very plucky. Most would have the sense to be more fearful and not ask questions,” he growled softly.
I held my breath, controlling my instincts. A snarl was always a signal for me to transform. But, I held back, on full alert.
“I was told that about you. And that’s one of the reasons you’re here. You’ve been appointed as a mentor.”
It was my turn to smirk. I got to my feet. “I can’t be appointed anything. Thanks for thinking of me, though. I guess it’s some kind of honor. But, no thanks.” I made my way to the door.
And crashed right into Jagger’s chest. I should have anticipated his move; lightning-fast location transfer was something covered in the first semester. I clumsily stepped back, then met his darkened gaze.
He lowered his head, brushing his nose along my neckline, breathing me in. I stood dead still, letting my fingers fuse. I shivered as his lips found my right ear, his every breath forming icicles against my skin. Then, he touched my fused fingers.
“Easy, demon princess. Relax.”
I boiled over with anger. Who the fuck did he think I was? Some silly human girl who’d melt under his pathetic attempt at intimidation? Not so.
“Step back, and I will.” My words were supposed to come out in a firm demonic growl, but instead, they slithered out in an unfortunate raspy whisper.
He chuckled under his breath and took a half step back. He needed to be taught not to mess with demons. Slapping the smirk off his face would be too much of a cliché. My mischievous demon instincts took over.
As the corners of his lips curled into a leer, I jerked up my arm and swiftly wrapped my fingers around the back of his neck, pulling his face down to mine. His eyes widened in surprise, but he made no move to resist as I stood on tiptoes and roughly parted his lips with mine. I kept my eyes wide open, gazing into his, as I explored his mouth, drinking him in. He yielded under my touch. The kiss became more and more fervent, until a surge of hot and cold, of terror and excitement, zapped through me–and him, by the surprise on his face–leaving us shocked and unable to move. Our eyes remained locked together as we stood suspended in time.
Jagger looked as dazed as I felt. His eyes searched mine, but I had nothing to offer, no explanation. Then, it hit me. Dad had mentioned the extremely rare phenomenon. I raked through my mind, trying to remember what he had said.
Listen for his heartbeat, synch with it.

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About the author: Imogen Rose is the author of the bestselling YA series, the Portal Chronicles. She was born in a small town in Sweden and moved to London in her twenties. After obtaining a PhD in immunology from Imperial College, she moved with her family to New Jersey, where she’s been based for the past ten years.

For as long as she can remember, Imogen has dreamt stories. Stories that continued from night to night, from dream to dream. So, even as a child, going to bed was never an issue, just an anticipation of the story to come.

PORTAL, Imogen’s first novel, would have remained in her imagination, to be shared only with her daughter, Lauren, had her eight-year-old not insisted that she write it down. In the course of a month, Imogen typed while Lauren waited eagerly by the printer for the pages to appear, and a novel took shape.

The warm reception PORTAL received encouraged her to continue with the story and the Portal Chronicles. The Bonfire Chronicles is Imogen’s new YA paranormal series.

Imogen is a self-confessed Hermès addict who enjoys shopping, traveling, watching movies and playing with her dog, Tallulah.



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