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Well Sarah did make them sound rather delicious, I haven't read Hunting Lila so I don't know how bad they are yet...and that's my excuse..hehe!

The Unit are closing in and Demos needs one of his team to go deep cover.

Enter Suki.

Fashion obsessed, boy-crazy and more than a little kooky, Suki is a mind reader with a special talent for buying shoes and for listening in on private conversations.

Tasked with infiltrating the enemy (namely Jack and Alex) Suki rises to the challenge, leaving a trail of chaos, destruction (and a large room service bill) in her wake.

A prequel to the events of Hunting Lila and including many of the characters from the book, this short story told through Suki’s eyes, will have you laughing out loud and gripping the edge of your seat.
I had a lot of fun reading this short story ( less than 20 pages) , prequel for Hunting Lila. Now I haven't read Hunting Lila yet and after reading this prequel I am cracking Hunting Lila open tonight.
Sarah has such fun with her writing. I love Suki, she is absolutely gorgeous and lets things slip out of that pretty mouth of hers which gets her into trouble.
Nate is hilarious. I love that I got to know each of the 'psys' and their powers in this short story. It was a great teaser for me to want to read more. Demos intrigues me. A short story that packed a punch.
   "Need we remind you that the Unit is the enemy?" she says. "Not some boy band for you to dribble over." 
   "I'm not dribbling! Nate protests.

Ha! I have to admit I was liking the way Sarah describes Jack and Alex, I was saying to myself, "they are the baddies", repeatedly, even though they sounded like they had the goods to me.

   "...let me tell you, this boy's ego is writing cheques his body can most definitely cash."

“The Unit might be out to get us but that doesn’t change the fact
that they’re also very buff and two of them in particular are beyond buff – indeed they occupy a whole new federation of hotness. They are almost as hot as me. Only in a man way.”

Yup, they are the baddies, they are the baddies....if I say it enough times I shall believe it...hehe!

Well done Sarah, you had me laughing at your witty writing. I am left very intrigued to know more.

Now if you want a read of this short story, then pop over to either Goodreads and follow your nose Here and click on link to facebook - GirlTank and fill form out. Once you have chosen your woman the short story will be revealed.

Or go to Sarah's page Here click on right side bar Catching Suki. It will take you to GirlTank facebook page, 10,000 womens names in 100 days. Quite inspirational. Made me have a bit of a think about what I am contributing to the world. I looked at several young women who are doing it their way and making a difference.



  1. 'Catching Suki' sounds like a pretty good book! I think I may have to add this to my TBR pile. Mhmmm. Have you ever noticed that your TBR pile seems to get bigger and bigger?

  2. Hehe! Carole Rae my TBR pile is insane, but that's the fun of it:D

    This little story is less than 20 pages, so an uber quik read.


  3. Ha! It's kinda funny that you read this first. Because I spent most of Hunting Lila thinking that Suki and Demos and their gang were the baddies. And that Jack and Alex were the good guys. All a matter of perspective I guess :)

    Pretty In Fiction

  4. Hi Jesse:D I saw the opportunity to read Catching Suki, being prequel, short story, so I read it. I think Sarah introduced me the new comer to the series to her story showing this bunch of characters and what they thought of these two guys in the UNIT. So that was my first impression, even though deep down you are thinking ..these 2 guys with these bods, how bad could they be..hehe!

    Thanks for dropping by.



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