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I would like to welcome Rhiannon Paille who is a psychic, seer, channeler , healer and author to Novels On The Run and thank her for taking the time to answer some questions.
This is part of the Flame of Surrender Blog Tour I will have the book review up shortly.

Michelle:  Where were you, and what were you doing when the idea for Flame of Surrender started to take shape in your mind?

Rhiannon: I was in a closet, there was a gargoyle statue on the wall, a lamp in the corner with a red light bulb, a circular carpet and some throw pillows. I was experimenting with the art of Immramma, a Celtic form of meditation, and in the meditation I travelled through the mists to an island. Over time I got to know the place, and the characters better. One day I decided to write about the stories my mentors had told me about that place and those beings.

Michelle:  Your characters have very interesting names. How did you come up with the names of Kaliel, Krishani, Desaunius, Pux, the Valtanyana to name some?

Rhiannon: Those names came directly from the characters themselves.

Michelle:  I found the whole idea of a Flame and Ferryman, very original. I didn’t catch on at first that a Ferryman was a grim reaper type character. Having your abilities, do you think they influenced the grim reaper character?

Rhiannon: That’s an interesting question! Actually the idea of a being taking souls to the other side exists in many cultures. The Norse called them Valkyries, others have associated them with Davy Jones and in pop culture today they are associated with grim reapers. The Ferryman distinction actually came from Greek, but there are many different versions of Ferryman in mythology and legend.

Michelle:  I liked how you included merfolk in your story. How did you come to think of using them. Merfolk aren’t character’s you read a lot in books.

Rhiannon: The Merfolk were just there. They were something I discovered through Immramma. I included them in the story because of their freedom and connection to the lake which is a central theme to the books.

Michelle:  If you could choose one of your characters that you were most like, who would it be and why?

Rhiannon:  I used to be like Kaliel when I was a kid. Now I'm nothing like her and more like one of the witches.

Michelle:  What genre would you list your book under?

Rhiannon: YA Fantasy with elements of Paranormal Romance, but everyone is calling it epic so it's like Scott Pilgrim, it's EPIC.

Michelle: Could you please give me 5 words that would describe Flame Of Surrender .

Rhiannon: Beautiful. Tragic. Deadly. Sweet. Unexpected.

Michelle:  What 5 words describe : Kaliel, Krishani, Pux.


Kaliel - uninhibited, enchanting, passionate, intuitive, strange

Krishani - withdrawn, tortured, enigmatic, protective, honorable

Pux - carefree, daring, flamboyant, spirited, secretive

Thank you for stopping by Novels On The Run and we wish you all the best with your book.


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