Thursday, November 3, 2011


By: Richelle Mead
Published By : Bantam Books
Released : Available Now
Details: Paperback from library , 281 Pages

RATING : 4.5 Hell Hath No Fury Like Jerome Scorned Stars!

Book Blurb : Taken From Goodreads

Georgina Kincaid has formidable powers. Immortality, seduction, shape-shifting into any human form she desires, walking in heels that would cripple mere mortals child's play to a succubus like her.

Helping to plan her ex-boyfriend s wedding is a different story. Georgina isn't sure which is worse that he's marrying another woman or that she's having to run around trying on bridesmaid dresses. Still, there are distractions. Thanks to her roommate, her apartment's crackling with sexual tension plus there's Simone, the new succubus in town who seems intent on corrupting Georgina's soon-to-be-wed ex.

But the real danger lies in the mysterious force that's taken to visiting Georgina's thoughts. It s trying to draw her into a dark, frightening, otherworldly realm and there's going to come a point when she won't be able to resist. And when that happens, she's going to discover who she can trust, who she can't and that there are far worse places than Hell in which to spend eternity...

Oh, the torment that Richelle puts Seth and Georgina through. Richelle has the writing capacity to make you forget that Georgina bats for Hell. You just want Seth, who has really manned up in the smexi department, but is hiding behind Maddie, to get that happy ending he so craves but knows is just out of his grasp.

You want that dream so badly to come true for Georgina. Carter is holding out on her , cause , he has to be neutral...blaa...blaa.... I love Carter, but I so want him to be a dibby dobber on Hell when it comes to Georgina finding that loop hole she so desperately needs.

Cody is in love. I was waiting for Richelle to give Georgina’s buddy’s a bit more character freedom. They are always there for Georgina when she needs them, but they are just the cheer squad on the side lines. Hugh always seems like he has a story that needs to be told.

Poor Georgina has some bad Jedi Mind tricks played on her in this book, and surprisingly, or not so surprisingly, Jerome does pull out all the stops. I was impressed by Jerome showing us a little bit more how he does care , if that’s the right word , for Georgina. I love it when he calls her Georgie, it shows the reader a sneak peek of a different Jerome.....only a slither.

I am really liking Roman now. I almost feel sorry for him. He is trying so hard, but no cigar. I’m interested to see what Richelle does with him in Succubus Revealed.

Richelle gave us that Bam ! ending we had been waiting for, but we all know that can’t be the norm, not the way the playing cards stand.

I highly recommend this series. I think they get better and better as the books delve deeper and deeper into Seth and Georgina’s relationship.

All I do know is , Hell have no fury like Jerome scorned.



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