Friday, May 6, 2011


With the July release of Andrea Cremer's 
WOLFSBANE fast approaching, Atom Books decided to give both WOLFSBANE and NIGHTSHADE a new look !!!  
I think they look great ! What do you reckon?  
Now remember.....the really pretty vine swirls will be in silver to really make the covers look gorgeous.



  1. Oh lord, how many more times are they going to change the covers? I liked the first set, with the girls faces, the second ( paperback I guess), left a lot to be desired, but these are actually pretty awesome! I like the vine swirls and how they tie both books together:)

  2. I'm glad you like them Melissa, I have to say I don't like them at all. But that's me. I have always loved the original covers as they were beautiful. But each to their own. I could be the only one not liking them:D But I love the story within the pages. LOOOVVEE!! the story!!!


  3. Does anybody know why the covers got changed originally. Is there a story behind that?


  4. I have no idea. I heard, or rather read somewhere that the girl on the original covers didn't convey Calla...or something like that, but who really knows? :)

    To be honest, I absolutely do not like any of the newer covers. I want the old/original covers back so bad. I really want to know why they changed them in the first place?! Like really?! The originals are drop-dead gorgeous. I don't get it but okay.

    I'll definitely still read the books, I mean obviously but...argh! LOL

  5. I'm not too impressed either. I only have a German reading copy of the first book (purple with a girl's face and calla lilies) and I like that one okay.
    The new ones don't move me in any way, wouldn't pick them up in a store...

    Nickey @ The Book Shop Assistant

  6. Take these two characters and add the dynamic of the Searchers and you have such a whirlwind story giving Calla and Shay a whole new side to the conflict. We get to hear things from the Searchers perspective which in turn gives Calla and Shay a whole new outlook on what they were brought up to know and believe. We also learn a little more about Ren's mother and her roll in the past Guardian revolt. I am so afraid to say too much because I so don't want to ruin this fantastic story for anyone. Just know this is a MUST READ sequel. On a scale from 1-10 I give Wolfsbane a 20. Of the scale I know but Andrea's storytelling is beyond AMAZING


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