Monday, April 11, 2011


By : Lili St. Crow
Published By: Razor Bill, Penguin
Released : April 19th 2011
Details : Paperback , 259 Pages


Book Blurb : Taken From Goodreads

The heart-stopping fourth novel in New York Times bestselling author Lili St. Crow's Strange Angels series.
Now that sixteen-year-old Dru's worst fears have come true and Sergej has kidnapped her best friend Graves, she'll have to go on a suicidal rescue mission to bring him back in one piece.

That is, if she can put all of Christophe's training to good use, defeat her mother's traitor, Anna, once and for all, and manage to survive another day . .


I was so excited to get my copy of Defiance, I unashamedly did a happy dance. It is a shorter book than the others in the Strange Angels series, which I have to admit concerned!! Is it my favourite, no, but I loved it all the same. I found it very, very fast paced. I had to come up for air a couple times and regroup.

I keep being intrigued with Ash’s character, it’s like I am waiting for something. Together with Dru’s patience and care, Ash will be able to get through being Broken, that’s inevitable, but, I feel like there is more for us to know about his character.

I kinda missed Sergej in this book, sure he has his action packed scenes and delivers them well, all creepy evil, but his evil minions always seem to do his bidding. I want him to do some of his dirty work, be more in the melee have a dust up with Christophe now we know they are related. I was hoping to see some of that Father and Son connection and how it got severed ,in Defiance . I feel like that nut hasn’t properly been cracked open.

I liked Nathalie and Shanks’s just the tip of the iceberg interest. I wanted a bit more of that in this book. It was just this tease , this sniff of what could become.

I truly missed Graves in this book. I really felt that not much effort was going into finding the poor guy. I love Christophe , but, I felt he wasn’t trying which I didn’t like and he wasn’t honest with Dru. He loves Dru, but, he knows she has a love for Graves. Graves is loyal, bottom line trustworthy in their friendship, something Christophe has trouble with.

I didn’t understand with Graves being Alpha, Shanks is now acting Alpha, but none of the wulfen were going out of their way to find Graves, he’s their ALPHA!! They went for one of their runs and had pizza and beers, but I felt like if their Alpha was missing they would have been doing everything they could to locate him. In the past books they all banded together and looked after Dru, escaped from whatever danger they needed to be away from. Dru was priority , Svetocha. Graves is their Alpha, but it was Dru who eventually said ‘stuff this, I’ll sort it myself'.

Graves is truly the only person that Dru can rely on, which is kinda sad. I didn’t get that pack feel that I got from the other books. I wanted Shanks to step up and defy Christophe and go find their Alpha. Graves would move heaven and earth for Dru, to keep her safe.

There was a very funny scene with Dibs, I got the giggles just imagining him standing there....

There is a very funny quote between Nathalie and Shanks but it’s got the f bomb in it so I can’t repeat it, lol!!

I simply can’t wait for Reckoning , final book in the series, I hope it is bad ass thick and I can sort out Graves from Christophe more clearly. Graves , buddy you need to step up to the plate to win Dru, Christophe has his smooth moves and those hot tamale kisses. I’m rooting for you but you gotta make some moves. I think I lost some love, just a small piece for Christophe in this book. If he loves Dru, then no more crappy secrets and not being truthful.

Lili St. Crow delivers another book worthy of the big screen with demonic creatures hoping to get a piece of Dru. I can’t wait to read how it all finally plays out.

When Dru decides she is going to do something, nothing will stop her....not even Christophe.


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