Monday, January 24, 2011



CLICK ON LINK BELOW TO READ THE ORIGINAL CHAPTER THREE EXCERPT FROM CRESCENDO.....I wish some of this had been used in Crescendo, especially Patch's smart smexi comments. This is the Patch I was hoping to find in the book.
Becca had smexi Patch in this chapter and then he got whisked away...sigh.

It also reads with Patch being more of a Guardian Angel to Nora's character, rather than separating himself from her. I sooo wish this had been in the book.

Sorry , I have a mega crush on Patch..hee..hee. 

Some more information taken from Becca Fitzpatricks blog page:

I'm working really hard to enjoy the holiday season this year, but I'm also doing the whole rear-end-in-chair thing. I did quite a bit of touring this fall, which (for me, anyway!) means no writing. I'm getting close to being halfway done with the rough draft of book 3 in the HUSH, HUSH series, and so much is happening. Patch is opening up on some pretty dark secrets. Scott is turning on the charm. Nora is yelling at Hank Millar. I'm having a little too much fun writing this book.

Speaking of this's no longer going to be called TEMPEST. When I came up with the title, I thought it was original and very fitting. Since that time, a lot has happened, including seeing early images of the book's cover. I'm now going to be retitling the book. I have a few ideas, and once I know anything for certain, I'll be sure to announce. For now, I'll be referring to it as Book 3. Which is really lame, yes, and will encourage me to come up with a new title fast!
Yes you read correctly, Becca is changing book 3 longer Tempest. Ooooo!! Wonder what it will be called. Time will tell:D

Now I know!!  'SILENCE' is the title in the final book in the Hush, Hush series. I do love that title.


  1. Yes that is the Patch we all know and love. The only question I have is when did Nora move into an apartment?

  2. Morning!!

    I think??? it was referencing when her and Patch go to his place or Scotts?? Can't remember but in Crescendo they went to somebodys apartment. Not sure?? But he was being the Patch we kinda all crave !!


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