Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I am sOOOoooOOoo excited 'City Of Fallen Angels' book cover has been released. I can now put a face, well 2 faces , Simon and Clary's to the book cover. I think we were all secretly hoping Simon would get a cover. I don't think any of us saw 2 characters being released on the cover. Totally awesome!!  Clary is very pretty , slides in nicely with Lily Collins playing Clary in movie adaptation. I keep trying to peak above the book to see the rest of Simon's face, lol!! He is keeping with the half face look from first three novels. Can't wait to see Jace's hope it looks like Alex Pettyfer. ( couldn't help myself) He does look nice and Jacey in Beastly before he becomes well, beastly:D

Congratulations to Cassandra Clare on yet another awesome cover and the publishing team and books stores who know how to bring it on!!! Seriously I have never wanted to age 6 months so quickly...come on April 2011 !!!

Morgenstern ring..nice touch!!

To read an excerpt from City Of Fallen Angels go to,,20449180,00.html 

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  1. Clary on this book looks nothing like how I pictured her. I just think she looks old and Cassie always said she was young looking for her age. And should have freckles. But other than that I really like the cover!

  2. Hi Aylee,

    How are you? Nice to always get a comment from you:D
    Maybe she has makeup on hiding her freckles. Makeup can always make you look older especially as a girl. Girls always wear makeup. The cover is lovely. Being a Shadowhunter and fighting would toughen you up a bit:D Clary has been through a bit from when she first appeared in City of Bones:D

  3. haha, good point. I guess she has been through quite a bit. The cover is growing on me the more I look at it.

  4. I love the cover:D I think if I was to be any female lead character I would want to be Clary. Not because of Jace ( hee..hee...) But I think Cassandra made her very smart and not helpless. I like that.

  5. P.s. She looks a strong character on the cover. I do love Simons arrows.

  6. Of course you would want to be Clary, and yes it is because of Jace.

    I think the book cover looks awesome. I really like it. At first I wasn't sure it was Simon, thought it might have been Alec. Don't know how I will wait until April.

  7. BOL!!!! Carolyn I am trying to act my age here...not my fictional age...hee...hee ..well it does help that Jace is her boy, like an added bonus:D

  8. P.s. Confirmed Simon from Cassandra's blog:D


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