Friday, October 8, 2010


By: Karen Marie Moning
Published By: Dell Books
Released : Available Now
Details: Paperback , 375 Pages


Book Blurb : Taken From Goodreads
Beautiful and intelligent, Adrienne de Simone is the quintessential '90s woman. She's also the perfect pawn for a fairy with a vengeful scheme. Determined to humble an arrogant 16th-century Scottish rogue, the fairy sweeps Adrienne into a century not her own, and into the arms of Hawk, a sinfully attractive conqueror of female hearts. As Adrienne resists her ardent challenger, Hawk's sweet, timeless seduction plays havoc with her resolve.


I read the 4 Fever series books that Karen has written , first . They were my introduction to Karen's writing. I loved them and am awaiting the 5th book Shadowfever with total impatience, I admit it!! I decided to order her Highlander series and give them a read.

Karen has definantly a way with words when it comes to writing a smexual read. If I was to be totally honest I would say that the 'Fever' series,  after reading this first book in the Highlander series,  is much better , personally speaking only.

'Beyond the Highland Mist' is worth a read if you enjoy Karen's writing, but not as challenging as the Fever series.

Sidheach James Lyon Douglas aka 'Hawk' the gorgeous kilt attired  , extremely masculine and sexual man  has a way with the women but it's an empty onesided deal. The year 1513. Scotland.

For 15 long years King James has controlled Hawk like a puppet.

Queen Aoibheal of the Fairy has stirred her pot and made King Finnbheara jealous, he enlists the court 'fool' in a plan to bring revenge upon 'Hawk' .

Enter Adrienne of the '90's , through no fault of her own she winds up in a wedding ceremony and a era she slides into remarkably well .

Grimm , Hawks best bud is there for Hawk when he needs it most. The 'smithy' tries to help himself until Hawk decides to claim his sentence. Let the games begin......

Gypsys. Faeries, time travel, enemies, lust, jealousy ,love, understanding, rebelling, character destruction , danger , all make up this book.

Hawk must learn his feelings. Adrienne must discover her feelings and let go of her past.

All in all , I enjoyed the book and will read the series , but do not compare it with Fever series as they are different, yet Queen Aoibheal pops up in both series but it is still too early to make a definant comment of this Highlander series. If you like a bit of naughty smexi, well this book definantly has it:D


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