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By: Terry Bolryder
Published By: Terry Bolryder
Released: Available Now
Details: Kindle Box Set purchased, 306 Pages


Blurb: Goodreads

Cage McCann and Carrie Miller go way back. As kids, they meant everything to each other. But Cage left town years ago to escape his future as leader of the local motorcycle gang, the Aces, and though he promised to come back, Carrie has given up on seeing him again. Until he shows up at her bar and pulls her into a sensuous, soul-shaking kiss and back into his life, which is currently full of danger and secrets beyond what Carrie can imagine.

Cage has never forgotten Carrie. After serving in the special forces and then starting up a private security company, he has just been waiting for the right time to go back, claim her as his…and tell her that the man she has always loved can actually shift into a bear. But when Carrie is in danger from the very biker gang he tried to escape, Cage drops everything to protect her. The only problem? In order to make sure she is never in danger again, he has to go undercover as an Ace.

Making Carrie fall in love with him while wearing Ace leather isn’t going to be easy, but if Cage blows his cover, he risks losing his chance to rid the town of the Aces once and for all. Now Cage will just have to prove that the Aces may be bad to the bone, but Cage is bear to the bone, and no one messes with what a bear holds dear.


This is my first Terry Bolryder read.  I really love shifter stories, and this one was a little light on depth of lead characters and plot for me, but I did enjoy it enough to keep reading.

Cage McCann and Carrie Miller first met when he was a bear and she found him caught in a trap when she was eleven-years-old.

I liked the introduction and the innocence of both characters.

Fast forward seventeen years and throw in a sprinkle of back story and we are caught up. I would have really loved Cage to have had a stronger reason for coming back to the town of Winter Falls. I say this only because when you feel you have found your mate—waaaay early and then you leave—eh…that doesn’t really hold onto me for a true mate in the world of shifters. I can understand if he was in prison and no way to get back to her…but…

Even though there are 300 plus pages to this story, and I do classify it as an okay read, I felt the pages could have been used better to give me some depth. The reasons for things in this first instalment are just on the surface, rather than giving me—more.

This is of course my personal opinion, as I have read a lot of shifter stories, and I can see there are a lot of five star satisfied readers for this one, and that is marvelous.

I didn’t mind they were both virgins at twenty eight…ish, but again, a guy like Cage being a virgin…eh. I did scratch my head at the plausibility of it. Nothing wrong with a hunky, spunky guy being a virgin, but…something wasn’t right with it in this story. Maybe also the lack of emotion surrounding the cherry popping as well.

If he had been in jail, it adds more strength to the why of him leaving, entering the military and then going to New York and starting up a security business with his other hunky spunky friends. Aannnd then decide to come back to Winter Falls to do some unfinished business and claim the chick behind the bar, who didn’t happen to date a soul while he was gone.

I am just having a little trouble with the plot strength in this story.

But that is on me as so many readers loved it and that is cool!

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