Wednesday, August 23, 2017


By: Karina Halle
Published By: Simon & Schuster, Atria
Released: Available Now
Details: Paperback from library, 321 Pages


Goodreads: Blurb

It’s time for twenty-four-year-old Amber MacLean to face the music. After a frivolous six months of backpacking through New Zealand, Australia, and Southeast Asia, she finds herself broke on the Mediterranean without enough money for a plane ticket home to California. There are worse places to be stuck than the gorgeous coastline of southern Italy, but the only job she manages to secure involves teaching English to two of the brattiest children she’s ever met.

It doesn’t help that the children are under the care of their brooding older brother, Italian ex-motorcycle racer Desiderio Larosa. Darkly handsome and oh-so-mysterious, Derio tests Amber’s patience and will at every turn—not to mention her hormones.

But when her position as teacher turns into one as full-time nanny at the crumbling old villa, Amber finds herself growing closer to the enigmatic recluse and soon has to choose between the safety of her life back in the States and the uncertainty of Derio’s closely guarded heart.


This is my first Karina Halle read. I have quite a lot on my Kindle, but haven’t cracked them open yet.

I really enjoyed Racing the Sun as my first KH read. I felt like I was in Capri and walking around the streets.

Desiderio Larosa or Derio shortened, which is less of a mouthful, is a captivating character in the early stages of the book. He has lost so much and he drinks, and broods, he locks himself away and behaves in all those ways that make us want to know more and get below the surface.

Amber and Derio… My-oh-my do they have some toe curling sexual encounters in the most beautiful scenic places.

I absolutely loved Derio’s character…da …da…da…daaaaaa—until…

It was like a whiplash to my heart. Interesting change in direction KH went with his character. It felt kinda odd.

It didn’t stop me enjoying the story. It just felt a bit sudden and not in line with his previous behaviour, considering Amber’s situation and job title and his relationship to the children. I get what she was doing, but at the same time…

A wonderful start to my KH reading journey. I am looking forward to cracking open some more of her works.

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