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They may have some pretty, new digital covers, but the Men Of Ocean Beach are the same addictive men you will meet and love.
Once you start this series, you simply can't stop.
Three books already available.

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Hope Is Lost # 2

Joy Is Found # 3


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Start With A Little Faith

6 Star Review 
Wow ! Wow ! Wow! A Little Faith by Emma James was astonishing! This book came as a complete surprise and kept me glued to the pages. The characters jumped out of the pages and pulled me into their world. 
-Smut Book Junk Book Reviews 

The way the author binds these guys together and makes them and their lives completely realistic is a stroke of genius. 
- Books Laid Bare 

A stunningly beautiful story. 
Emma James has written such a beautiful powerful story that will keep you engrossed from the first to the very last word. It is a story that revolves around five close friends and how they are dealing with a tragedy that touched them all six years earlier. Throw into the mix a young woman, who is also dealing with the consequences of the event. 
These five men will share a bond that will never tear them apart. Fall in love with Harley, Retro, Levi, Keanu and Text(Jase). They are the Men Of Ocean Beach. 
- Maria Alexander 

I started a Little Faith and couldn't put it down - It will make you feel, love and cry. 
- Selena 

It took me a little while to jump on the Emma James train but I am glad I did. This book has it all. Emotions will run wild but it is worth the read big time, I love her writing style she also knows how to catch you and draw you in so you don't want to put the books down. 

I came across this book on a search to find some reading material that was different and I am so glad I found this author. 
- Saunders


The Men Of Ocean Beach is a second chance series full of emotion and laugh out loud moments.

Five best friends graduating from college and a summer vacation filled with surfing and girls.

What could go wrong?

Six years ago five young men went to the island and only four came back alive.

Life was forever changed for these men with a brotherhood stronger than blood formed from the ashes. There is nothing they won’t do for each other.


Retro Cooper lost his memory and found solace in running his own cafe. He just doesn’t know he lost the love of his life along the way. Jase Madden stopped talking, the burden too great and opened up his own gym. Against the odds, Levi Donovan became a model and Keanu Lee hid behind his humor using it to build a business. Harley Madden, alpha security empire owner watches over them all. His guilt for trading places with his brother his own burden to carry.

There is one person who has stopped these men from moving forward emotionally with their lives and she’s about to walk through the door.

Faith Reed lost so much when she was fifteen years old. She hid from life and now she is determined to give back and to move forward.

Five tattooed men are waiting for Faith and her brother Chance to arrive in Ocean Beach so that they can say their goodbyes.

What happens when Faith reunites with these men and is confronted by their own secrets they have kept hidden from her?

I won’t lie, you might cry and you might also laugh out loud.

What happens when Retro has an epiphany and his memories come flooding back?

I guess you will have to read to find out.

A Little Faith is full of emotion, surprises and twists and some pretty gorgeous men and a cast of sub characters you will adore. I personally have a thing for Slade Malone. What can I say, the man behind the bar at Joe’s gives me a lady boner.

Take a chance on this adult contemporary romance, because sometimes all you need is a little faith.

Reader Note: This is a mature aged new adult/adult contemporary romance which contains strong sexual content for the 18+ reader.

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