Friday, September 30, 2016


By: Victoria Danann
Published By: Victoria Danann
Released : Available Now for free on Amazon at date of review.


Blurb: Goodreads

In a matter of minutes Elora Laiken lost everything familiar. She escaped assassination by being forced into an experimental device that left her broken, physically and emotionally, in another world. She woke up to find modern day knights, elves, vampires, werewolves, witches, demons and fae. This is the story of how they became her allies, friends, and family.


I went out on a limb and went for a total blind read. It was almost like eeny, meeny, miney, mo.

I’ve got so many books waiting for me to read on my Kindle that I needed to pick a read with no prior anything on the author on my book radar. I just wanted to brush some cob webs off a few of my older purchases.

So glad I did.

It also happens to be free right now.

My Familiar Stranger has over 900 reviews on Amazon US and has been around since 2012. I don’t care how old a book is as long as I’m entertained.

I think by now followers of my blog know I don’t have to read the latest and greatest to find a gem of a read.

This first instalment has me giddy for more.

Guess what? Book 5 – Gathering Storm and book #7.5 ( full length ) – Prince of Demons are currently free. I just nabbed them a few seconds ago.

Okay so the run-down of this first instalment is, we have three yummy knights who have lost their fourth knight in battle. They hunt vampires.

Enter Elora Laiken, who got herself turned pretty much into Spam, that’s a canned meat here, folks. It's not good for much, but camping tucker.

Storm, one of said hunky spunky knights, was the only one to stand up for the mess that had Terminator/Highlander style landed on the floor in front of them all out of nowhere.

Ram and Kay were all for killing the mess of meat. Sounds gory, I know. But underneath all that gross flesh was Elora.

Now we come to Ram getting his sexual interest on, even though he just saw basically a gooey can of spam on the floor, but he still wanted to kill the thing in front of him.

Bad Ram!

Anyhoo, we spend a book being introduced to everybody and training and all that other stuff I won’t tell you about to fill the pages and we also meet a Vampire named Baka who plays a mean bass guitar.

I would have LOVED more of this very intriguing vamp in this instalment because of... Well, I can’t say. He is written very well.

This quote made me laugh out loud. Ram is a great character.

“Great Paddy Shits in the Mornin’, Elora! He’s a vampire! No’ a stray dog!”

There is some sexual tension between Storm and Elora and Ram and Elora.

Who will win Elora?

The man who wanted to save her and stayed by her side, or the one who wanted to end her and was off doing his own thing for a bit?

I couldn’t rate this one a five star because I felt we might have spent a lot longer in areas where we didn’t need to. This isn’t a small book.

All said and done I am excited to read more. I think there are like nine or ten books including the full length #7.5 that got squeezed in for me to binge on at leisure.

I loved all the knights and I really liked Elora and the furry character. Sol is the cantankerous Sovereign to the knights and I really liked having him pop up.

Grab it while it’s 0.00 and crack it open.

I'll leave you with this book trailer which will have you swinging your hips to the song attached. 

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