Tuesday, August 23, 2016


By: Kalayna Price
Published By : ROC
Released : Available Now
Details: Paperback from library, 331 Pages


Blurb: Goodreads

Grave Visions by Kalayna Price is the much-anticipated fourth installment in the kick-ass urban fantasy series about Alex Craft, a grave witch who can communicate with the dead. 

If you want to hear voices from the dead in Nekros City, you call Alex Craft. She's a Grave Witch with reasonable rates and extraordinary powers, who specializes in revealing the secrets of the dead. But now she's the one fighting to keep her own secret. She's not human—and her newly discovered heritage is causing havoc for her both in the human realm and in Faerie. But her status as an unaffiliated fae also makes her an ideal candidate to investigate a new street drug that has surfaced in several of the spaces between the human and fae worlds.

This glamour-infused drug causes hallucinations that turn real—at least for a while and often with deadly consequences. Searching for the source of this drug—and its purpose—lands Alex front and center in the conflict brewing in Faerie and she must find answers before she's dragged so deep she loses her freedom.


It was a long time between drinks, but this instalment was worth waiting for. I do enjoy Kalayna’s writing. 

We may have been getting a bit dry and dusty waiting FOUR years for the fourth book, but I’ve always got enough in my TBR pile to keep me busy.

Alex Craft is one of my fave urban fantasy gals. I kinda want to be her.

She’s got herself in a bit of a fae pickle with starting to fade away unless she chooses a court and there are some shenanigans going on with a drug that is killing the user in the most brutal ways.

Winter Queenie is having her own problems and Falin, being her Knight, is all tied up with her shenanigans.

I’m still trying to work out what the heck is going on with Alex and Falin or Alex and Death.

Now I know there are issues with that whole star crossed lovers thing going on with Death and Alex, but I would like to read more of him in each instalment. He’s just yummy to read.

Falin is Falin. He told Alex he loved her and then not to trust him and even though she is getting some from Death, ( not that you get any detail, I mean where has all this fade to black come from?) it’s all kinda up in the air all over the place.

No real headway at all with any of the dudes in this book, but it was a really great read.

Not so long to wait between drinks for book 5.

Giddy up!


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