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Novels On The Run would like to welcome Australian author Kylie Scott to the blog for a Q & A with me and you can also read my review for Deep, the fourth and final installment in the Stage Dive series.

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By: Kylie Scott
Published By: Pan Macmillan
Released: Available June 30th 2015
Details: Paperback from publisher for honest review, 258 Pages


Blurb: Goodreads

Don't miss a beat 
with the fourth and final novel in theUSA Today bestselling Stage Dive series from Kylie Scott.

Positive. With two little lines on a pregnancy test, everything in Lizzy Rollins' ordinary life is about to change forever. And all because of one big mistake in Vegas with Ben Nicholson, the irresistibly sexy bass player for Stage Dive. So what if Ben's the only man she's ever met who can make her feel completely safe, cherished, and out of control with desire at the same time? Lizzy knows the gorgeous rock star isn't looking for anything more permanent than a good time, no matter how much she wishes differently.

Ben knows Lizzy is off limits. Completely and utterly. She's his best friend's little sister now, and no matter how hot the chemistry is between them, no matter how sweet and sexy she is, he's not going to go there. But when Ben is forced to keep the one girl he's always had a weakness for out of trouble in Sin City, he quickly learns that what happens in Vegas, doesn't always stay there. Now he and Lizzie are connected in the deepest way possible... but will it lead to a connection of the heart?

BOOK REVIEW by Michelle:

It seemed like only the other day I was reading Lick on Netgalley with the original cover ( which caught my attention) forward and book four is done and dusted.

I will say my fave character is Mal because he's so much fun and hilarity abounds. He has his way of looking at his Anne and expressing himself.

Ben is a character I felt was more realistic to a real band member in a real band. Sure he was a bit of a jackass, but he was driven, he had his music and lifestyle and let’s face it a lot of band members in bands around the world get tempted by the lifestyle presented to them for their enjoyment every day whether they have a girlfriend or wife, or not.

Music means so much to them, it’s almost the air they breathe.

Lizzy was pregnant.

Ben is the father.

Shit got real.

I enjoyed Lizzy’s banter regarding her ever blossoming belly and what comes with carrying a bub in the caboose.

When Ben had his smexy on...oooweee, he is delicious, but when Ben is being totally dedicated to his music...then this was a problem for Lizzy.

I loved she didn’t expect the world from him, she just wanted to be important enough.

All the other band members had found their lady and didn’t fight it like Ben did and that’s what I liked about Deep.

Ben was deeper into his music because the other lads, although they were in love, they were still making time for everything because balance is needed to keep a relationship sustained.

Mal still has his music but he has Killer and Anne. Jimmy has Lena and things are changing for them too and David has his Ev but they are still a band.

Oh and now let’s talk about Vaughn. I think I am in love already.

Welcome Vaughn. J


Michelle: What 5 words describe Kylie Scott, author?

Kylie: Family. Words. Music. Coffee. Sleep.

Michelle: What is the average day like for Kylie Scott?

Kylie: Get the kids up and off to school then settle down to work until they come home at 3:30pm.

Michelle: The Stage Dive series has taken the reading world by storm. What surprised you the most about your readers when it came to your series?

Kylie: The love for the series. That the books had tapped into something and gave readers a positive experience. It’s humbling.

Michelle: David started it all for you in Lick. What is a little known fact about David that you could share with us?

Kylie: Hmm, I don’t know. He’s an introvert who’s learnt to be comfortable in a crowd. I don’t think he likes chocolate.

Michelle:  Mal is one of your most loved characters. I have three questions for Mal if he is available.

Michelle: Hey Mal, what song would you choose for Anne that symbolises your love for her and why?

Mal: Anything by Liberace. Man, when that dude sang stuff, he meant it.

Michelle: What dessert do you think best describes Anne and why?

Mal: Bombe Alaska. So creamy and exciting. Except she said I’m not allowed to play with matches any more.

If you could profess your love for Anne in the most creative way, what would you say and how would you show her?

Mal: I like to write my name in whipped cream on her belly. She made me stop doing it on her forehead when she got some in her eye once.

Michelle: If you had to describe the Stage Dive series in a nutshell to a person on the street, how would you explain it to them?

Kylie: Rich, famous musicians seek women who are not impressed by them. 

Michelle:  You’ve introduced Vaughn into the mix of characters. What five words describe Vaughn the best?

Kylie: Ginger. Tattoos. Music. Lost. Family.

Michelle: Are you a people watcher when you are out and about? Have you ever found somebody that was interesting enough to write into your books?

Kylie: I do like people watching. I can’t recall an actual instance of someone who made it onto the pages, but I’m sure it’s happened subconsciously. Mostly, I just like soaking up the atmosphere of a place.

Michelle:  Have you written any of yourself into any of your characters and who?

Kylie: I think it’s impossible not to write parts of yourself into your characters. They’re reflections of your human experience to a certain degree.

Michelle: Is there anything exclusive you can drop for us today? A quote from your next book or tell us a bit about your next project?

Kylie:  It’s about the other end of the music business when everything goes bust and you have to go home and re-define your life. Deal with the family and friends you’ve put on hold for the last eight years while you chased your dream.

Michelle: What words of wisdom do you have for budding writers based on what you have learned?

Kylie: Get over your fear of criticism. Feedback is how you learn. 

Michelle: Whether we are readers or writers we all have authors that rock our casbah. Which author rocks yours and why?

Kylie: Kristen Ashley is my soul food. Her books just do it for me. 

Michelle: This is a fun question to finish off with. Ask a family member what song they think would best describe you?

Kylie: Son says “Everything is AWESOME”. Of course, he’s a Lego fanatic.

Michelle: Thank you Kylie and Mal for answering my Q & A’s.

Kylie: Thank you!

‘The Stage Dive series is published by Pan Macmillan and the final book in the series, Deep will be available from June 30th. 

for more information’.


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