Friday, May 22, 2015


By: Kirsty Dallas
Published By : Kirsty Dallas
Released : Available Now
Details: Digital copy for honest review, 222 Pages


Blurb: Goodreads

Annie Lonergan had lived through hell, she survived, now it was back and this time it wanted her son. After spending far too long cowering in fear Annie is no longer the timid little flower she once was and will do whatever it takes to protect what is hers.

Dillon Montgomery knows what it takes to kill another human being, he knows the taint it leaves on your soul. But to protect those he loves Dillon is prepared to do whatever necessary, even if it means more blood on his hands.

How far would you go to protect your child?

Mother's Love can be read as a standalone, however you will gain a more enjoyable reading experience if you read the complete series, as there are characters in previous books that make appearances in each novel. 

BOOK REVIEW by Michelle:

“Don’t borrow tomorrow’s fears, honey, 
you’ve got enough to handle today.”

I do get all grabby, grabby hands when it comes to a Kirsty Dallas book. She writes emotion beautifully.

Mother’s Love, just the title makes you aware of what this book is going to be about without reading the blurb.

Annie has had it tough in life. The father of her child has mental issues that have lead to her running for the safety of her life and her son's.

Enter Dillon... humma! humma!

I have read the series in order so we do meet Annie and Dillon in the previous book in the series, so it’s no surprises that Dillon has the hots for Annie.

I loved Annie, she is a great character and Dillon is naturally this sexy male that we get all excited over as the reader. He knows how to get shiz done!

My heart started thumping when Bomber popped up as I get a lady boner for him and can’t wait to read more about him and Gabrielle. I liken these two to Maya Banks’, PJ and Cole from KGI series. They have that similar chemistry of two military people working alongside each other and the sexual tension that bounces off them.

I’m very bouncy to see if we get a Gabbie and Bomber book, sooner than later.


Gabrielle Mendoza, the only female on our team so far, sat with ex-Navy SEAL, Larz O’Donnell. Gabbie was a former officer of the NYPD Emergency Services Unit until her husband of six months was killed in a drunk driving accident. At that point , she quit and began working for independent companies, like ours. She was a gorgeous Spanish woman who was strong enough to fit into a male dominated career. Daniel ‘Bomber’ Jones sat to her other side, a toothpick hanging from his smiling lips. Bomber, to some extent, reminded me of my friend, Charlie Cole. With his easygoing humor and never-ending banter, you had but only two options with the man, hit him or laugh, and the fact he was one of the best bomb experts I had ever met, I went with the latter.

I really enjoyed KD not sending us down a predictable avenue, she gave us some awesome curveballs.

*glove clap*

I highly recommend Mercy’s Angels series and I loved that the other characters popped up in this instalment because I do miss them when they aren’t about.

I will say Tortured Soul # 3 is my favourite in this series to date, but I am looking forward to more in this series in the near future. 

*whispers* Especially if there is a Bomber and Gabbie book. 

But for now we get Lola's story coming on down in the future.


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