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I would like to welcome the amazing Mycroft and Watts to Novels On The Run today for my tour stop of the Every Move blog tour.

I have my review up first and then you can read a Q & A with Mycroft and Rachel.

Go forth and enjoy!

By: Ellie Marney
Published By : Allen & Unwin
Released: 1st March 2015
Details: Paperback from publisher for honest review, 338 Pages


Blurb: Goodreads

The sequel to Every Breath and Every Word.After the dramatic events of London, a road trip back to her old home in Five Mile sounds good (in theory) to Rachel Watts, with her brother Mike in the driving seat. But when Mike picks up his old buddy – the wildly unreliable Harris Derwent – things start to go south. Back in Melbourne, Rachel’s ‘partner in crime’, James Mycroft, clashes with Harris, and then a series of murders suggest that the mysterious Mr Wild – Mycroft’s own personal Moriarty – is hot on their tail. When tragedy strikes, Rachel and Mycroft realise they’ll have to recruit Harris and take matters into their own hands…

BOOK REVIEW by Michelle:

I simply adore this series, Mycroft and Watts are a brilliant pairing of characters.

I liked Every Breath, more for Mycroft and Watts  as they totally stole the show, and I was blown away by Every Word with its action and suspense and ...Mycroft.

Seriously the things that Ellie had Mycroft and Watts put up against were crazy exciting and the story I simply couldn’t get enough of.

I wanted more.

Now I have more.

I have Every Move.

Mycroft, how I still love thee. You do have a bit of a smoking problem, but I love thee. You are eccentric and I so love you for it. I would so like to meet you in real life.

Watts has her own demons to deal with and I don’t blame her in this installment.

While Mycroft does his thing, Watts has time on her hands and we get to meet somebody else.

I really liked the idea of bringing Harris into the mix, and he has really grown on me.

I like him!

Damn straight!

I think he grew more on my eyeballs when he lifted his shirt. (I so said that out loud didn’t I) 

Harris Derwent – sun-bleached, Driza-Bone-wearing, dickhead tearaway – takes Mike’s proffered hand and smiles from ear to ear as he pulls Mike into something that could be a hug bit looks more like two bulls bumping chests.

Harris’s back is developed in a way I know only happens when men work hard at a physical task for a long time. I can see the bulges at his trapezius when his shoulder blades flex. His waist is tapered, banded with muscle at the back and down either side of his spine.

I love ALL the Aussie slang littered throughout this installment. I chuckled on more than one occasion.

Now I don’t know if this is the last in the series, but I want MORE.

PUBLISHERS! We need more Mycroft and Watts with a delicious side order of Harris, a BFF serve of Mai and her sweet Gus and a yummy helping of Mike.

There is just something spesh about this full on Aussie series with a dash of British eccentricity thrown in.

It's not often we get to make good use of the word conniption, either.

Back at my place, Mum and Dad will probably be having conniptions, and Harris will be borrowing a dry shirt.

Mycroft got smexy!

The feel of his hands on my bare skin makes me reel. He slides his fingertips under the hem of my slip. Trickles his fingers down my outer thighs to my knee-highs, then all the way back up. My whole body is alive, burning with a kinds of delirium.

Then there was Mycroft and the stars. 

The verandah doors open. I glance over, surprised to see Mycroft. he pulls on his coat, his head tilted up, chin high. His Adam's apple moves as he swallows in the sight of all these stars.

"Is it always like this?"

I breathe out. "Not always. But when it's clear - yeah."

"My god."  He smiles up, like he's three years old. "This is incredible."

"Haven't you seen stars before?"

"Not this way. Not so..." He opens out his hands. "It's so big."


He looks at me. "You're jaded, aren't you? It's all old hat to you."

"No," I say. "No I still feel it." 

We know the how and why, Watts and family made it to the city, but then she reflects on where she came from while she has Harris...

Well, you better have a read and see what all this Harris business is all about.

If I was to complain about anything there wasn’t enough of Harris’s muscles, and Mycroft needs to stub his ciggie out. I do know it is his personality and it is a little rebellious to throw that into his character, but... that’s just me.

I love Pickup, he certainly has his hands full with Mycroft and Watts thinking they can handle situations their way when really there was a much more professional way to handle it. But that is these two crazy kids putting themselves into the craziest, dangerous situations and then calling in the big guns when it looks like they are in too much shite.

A fave scene or two was Mycroft looking rather debonair and somebody doing self defense classes.


The trousers lengthen his legs, hug his slim hips. Thin black braces snap up from his waist. The white shirt and braces accentuate his height and his lean figure- he looks broad-shouldered and classy. His op-shop suit jacket hangs loosely over his shoulder by one finger. There’s a cigarette tucked behind his ear, and his purple –laced Cos add to his outfit’s offbeat allure.

He looks older, somehow, like a boho sophisticate, as though he’s just stepped off the set of Breakfast at Tiffany’s. He looks good – Jesus, he looks so goddamn good I’ve forgotten to breathe. He’s smooth-shaved, and his dark curls are tumbling, and ...and...

I do love this YA series and hope we get some more time with Mycroft and Watts.


In the mean time check out this fun Q & A with this great couple.


Hi Mycroft and Rachel, thank you for joining me today for this Q & A session.

I’ve really enjoyed watching you two in the Every series. I thought Ellie was pretty tough on you both in Every Word.

Holy smokes! You both took a bit of a beating. Good to see you are both doing well.

Michelle: Mycroft, what five words would you use to describe Ellie Marney?

Mycroft: Ellie who?

Michelle: Rachel Watts, if you could choose five words what would they be to describe Mycroft or do you need more? I have to admit I am rather keen to hear what they would be.

When I wrote my review for Every Breath, I came up with this little list : He is quirky, eccentric, a wild card, spontaneous, a contradiction sometimes, observant, sometimes manic, passionate, seventeen, kind hearted, lonely, curious, angry and a genius.

Rachel: Oh, I think I could probably add a few… How about rude –

Mycroft: Rude? I am not rude!

Rachel: You are totally rude. C’mon, Mycroft, you know you’re rude.

Mycroft: (grumbles) Yeah, well I’m not that rude…

Rachel: He’s also –

Mycroft: I like genius. Can we just stick with genius and ditch the rest?

Rachel: Interrupting is rude.

Michelle: I personally love both of your characters. Mycroft, what song would you pick that best describes Watts and why? I was totally bopping to My Sharona by The Knack in Every Breath. 

Mycroft: That is, actually, my go-to song for Rachel. Only she doesn’t think of it that way – (flails) Rachel, would you please stop hitting me, that’s just – ow!

Rachel: I like Riptide, by Vance Joy. 

Mycroft: What she said.

Michelle: Watts, if you could choose any song that would describe your friendship with Mycroft, what would it be and why?

Rachel: (laughs)

Mycroft: Are you not going to answer this question?

Rachel: (wipes away tears) No, no, I am… Right. Ahem. Okay, right, yes, I have the perfect song – Allies by Mutemath. 

Mycroft: That’s not… Actually, y’know that’s not a bad song.

Rachel: I know. That’s why I chose it.

Mycroft: You don’t wanna go for something more punk? I know a few songs by T Rex that are pretty –

Rachel: No. That’s the song.

Mycroft: For the record, I’m going for What I Like About You by the Romantics. 

Rachel: Hey, you already had a go.

Mycroft: (shrugs) It’s a good song. (aside) It’s the best song.

Michelle: Mycroft you are a rule breaker in Every Breath. You beat to your own drum, how do you think you have evolved as a person from being the guy with his lab in his bedroom to the guy who is in Every Move?

Mycroft: I have a girlfriend now.

Rachel: (laughs)

Mycroft: Shut up! (laughs) Seriously, I think I have, y’know.

Rachel: Evolved?

Mycroft: Yes. I’ve evolved. That makes me sound kind of primordial, doesn’t it?

Rachel: You have fewer bad habits, now.

Mycroft: I don’t think evolution is just about reducing your number of bad habits. I think it’s about improving. ‘Adding to’, not just subtracting from. I’ve gotten better at talking.

Rachel: (smiles) Actually, I always thought you were pretty good at talking.

Mycroft: I mean, I’ve gotten better at being honest.

Rachel: Saying what you really feel?

Mycroft: (smiles) You’ve been a good influence on me.

Michelle: If both of you could each cast somebody to play the other persons part in the Every series THE MOVIE, ( thinking big here, people) who would you choose for each other and why? You go first Mycroft and tell me who you would pick for Watt’s character and while you are at it give me Harris too.

Mycroft: Harris could be played by…a mollusc.

Rachel: James! (hits him)

Mycroft: All right, sorry. Ow. Not a mollusc. Rachel could be played by…god, that’s really hard. I can’t think of you being anybody else but Rachel.

Rachel: (smiles) Thank you.

Mycroft: Well, I can’t think of anyone… I don’t really watch telly, y’know, or movies, so I’m not really up with all the actors and so forth…

Rachel: Someone kick-arse.

Mycroft: Definitely someone kick-arse… What about that girl on that show you made me watch, the one that was really scientifically incorrect, about the space station and the kids that were sent to Earth –

Rachel: The 100.

Mycroft: Was that the one?

Rachel: The one that annoyed you, because you said that radiation levels on the ground would have been too high to support –

Mycroft: That’s the one. The girl in that.

Rachel: The lead character? With the blonde hair?

Mycroft: Actually I was thinking of the fierce girl.

Rachel: Lexa? Oh my god…

Mycroft: You’re fierce.

Rachel: (laughs) Okay, fine. I can be Lexa and you can be…

Mycroft: Oh no, not that aggravating guy with the –

Rachel: Bellamy. You can be Bellamy.

Mycroft: He’s tan! He’s not even English!

Rachel: (laughs)

Michelle: Mycroft, we get a new character in Every Move, tell us your personal thoughts on Mike’s friend, Harris and what was going through your head at the dance in that ...err, moment. You know the one. I personally want to add you looked very well put together that night.

Mycroft: Well, thank you, and you’re looking very well-put-together yourself –

Rachel: James.

Mycroft: It’s a compliment! For gods’ sake… (aside) I couldn’t tell you what was going through my head, sorry, as there weren’t a lot of actual thoughts. There were a lot of, um, emotions. I don’t think I was operating at full capacity in that moment, I have to say.

Rachel: You were emotional, at the dance?

Mycroft: It was an emotional moment. And, y’know, I was jet-lagged…

Rachel: (touches his cheek) Silly.

Michelle: Watts, what were your first thoughts when you first laid eyes on Mycroft?

Rachel: Um, I think my first thought was ‘Wow’.

Mycroft: (smug) Ah. Thank you.

Michelle: Mycroft, what was one of the first things that came to mind when you first laid eyes on Rachel?

Mycroft: That she was hitting some strange guy who was standing too close to her, and she looked incredible, because dress, and also she never primps, so she looked really different, and also Strange Guy needed his head punched in, but that wasn’t really a thought so much as… Look, I’m paraphrasing, but yes.

Michelle: Mycroft do you see yourself as a romantic? If you were to take Watts out on a date, what do you think she would expect from a Mycroft style date? I am imagining some danger along the way, even with good intentions of it being a law abiding date.

Mycroft: I am always law-abiding.

Rachel: That is so not true.

Mycroft: Have we ever actually been out on a date?

Rachel: Y’know, I don’t think we have.

Mycroft: That’s a definite oversight. We should go out on a date. Yes – what do you do on dates?

Rachel: Fun stuff that ends in kissing?

Mycroft: That sounds perfectly acceptable. Yes, I’m excited about this idea now. I think I am a romantic.

Rachel: (rolls eyes) When was that not ever a given?

Mycroft: I think…coffee. Or dinner. And then a visit to the most romantic place I know.

Rachel: If you say the Museum, I’m going to –

Mycroft: Carlton Gardens.

Rachel: (laughs)

Mycroft: And then the Museum.

Rachel: (laughs harder)

Mycroft: Come on, the Museum is awesome! How can you not love the Museum!

Michelle: Mycroft, as you seem to be a drop-everything-and-take-an-adventure kind of guy, how do you see your future with Watts? Normal isn’t something that you currently do. Spontaneous is more your cup of tea.

Mycroft: Spontaneous and tea, in one question! I love this question! But for the future…I don’t know. I think we’d probably better study for a bit, which isn’t very spontaneous, but still kind of necessary. And then…travel?

Rachel: I’d actually like to see London as a tourist, instead of a hostage.

Mycroft: That would make a nice change, wouldn’t it? And I promise to show you all the nice parts of it.

Rachel: (smiles) I’m already looking at the nicest part.

Michelle: What quotes would best describe each of you, where you are at in your lives, now?

Mycroft: A quote? Oh god, another hard question…

Rachel: I like the one you already told me.

Mycroft: About covalent bonds?

Rachel: Yep. The covalent bonds. (aside) Covalent bonds are stronger than anything, you know.

Michelle: To finish off, could you each make a four verse poem that lets the other one know what is the thing you like the most about him or her.

Mycroft: Ah. No.

Rachel: (laughs) What he said. Sorry. Oh, but I know a nice piece of poem, by Walter de la Mare, so I could quote that? Okay, here goes:

‘Flee into some forgotten night, and be

Of all dark long, my Moonbright company.

Beyond the rumour even of Paradise, come;

There, out of all remembrance, make our Home.’

Mycroft: I like that.

Rachel: Me too (smiles)

Michelle: Thank you for chatting with me today, guys.

Mycroft: A pleasure!

Rachel: (laughs) It really was. Thanks for having us! (waves)

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