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Title: Hope Is Lost
Series: Ocean Beach #2
Author: Emma James

Release Date: February 20th, 2015

Cover Designer : Jemina Venter


“When the power of love overcomes the love of power, 
the world will know peace.”

-Jimi Hendrix
Keanu Lee, the funny man, finds himself on the sticky end of a night out with his best friend Levi.

Keanu's life is about to take another unexpected, sharp turn. New friends will be found under the most unique circumstances.

Hope Walker is a lost soul, and Ajax, the street performer, is her unspoken protector. Together, they survive the streets of Ocean Beach.

Life has a way of righting wrongs when you least expect it.

Come join this sexy crew as they show you that, even though life may take from you, it can also give back when you least anticipate it.

The Ocean Beach series continues with the brotherhood, passion, and laughter you have grown to love, and through the eyes of these survivors, you will realize love can truly heal.

The past will never be forgotten, but there is hope if you just allow yourself to have a little faith.


Because I am a little biased when it comes to the Ocean Beach series, I won't be writing a review. I will instead be showing you what others have said about the second book, Hope Is Lost.


Grab this series! These characters will have you drooling for more. I thought book 1 was INCREDIBLE, book 2 is simply AMAZING! Emma James, I CAN'T WAIT to see where the story leads to next!!! So ready for Joy Is Found!!!
~ Mommy’s Naughty Playground, Missy

Once again Emma James has managed to create a story that touches the heart. The boys are back in another book about brotherhood and love. This story revolves around Keanu but there is no shortage of other voices in this book. I was happy about the introductions of Hope, Slade, Phoenix, Holland, & Ajax. Everyone in this book gives their heart and emotions leap of the pages everywhere. Still facing the demons of their past the boys move to push forward in their lives even bringing women into their tight bonds. I love the relationships that I see blossoming and it gives me hope about my own sad love life. Lol.

It’s great to watch the boys grow and heal from what has happened to them in the past. 

As always I looked for the chance Text would take his first words but I can live with his silence. Now I'm also falling in love with the big guy Slade as well!

I love this series even with it ending in a cliffhanger. It's just a part of the series. I can’t wait for the next book and it's why I'm give this book 5 Big Star!!! Amazing job Emma!!!!

~ B.Y.O.B Club, Nickea

Omg Emma has done it again!!! I was pulled into the world of Harley, Faith, Keanu, Levi, Retro and Sexy Text! With a side of Phoenix, Birdy, Slade, Ajax, and Lovable Holland! This second book is just as amazing and awesome as the first! It gives you more of each of their lives, characters and personalities! I just can't get enough of this series and can't wait for more! It just blows your mind and gives you a totally different perspective than any other author! If you don't grab this series you are totally missing out! No spoilers here but just let me say you will fall in love, cry and want so much more of each character that it's not funny! Amazing job Emma! 10++ stars
~ Book Boyfriend Hangover, Maria

Again another highly emotional read. We laughed. We cried. We were simply moved. Every word, every sentence, every page turned, you are taken on a journey of emotion.

From beginning to end you feel. The pain. The struggles. The hurt. The fear. The lust. The love. It’s all there. It’s raw. It’s about facing life head on. It’s about never giving up. It’s about life.

Again we cannot thank Emma James enough for giving us the opportunity to read Hope Is Lost.
It’s an absolute must read.

A definite 5 star read.

~ Bloggers From Down Under, Gayle

OH....MY.....GOD. Hotter than Hot Guys that you want to be your own; And, Beautiful, loving, kind, women that fill your heart with joy.

DAMN Emma James has me craving the next book like no other. It was like having ants and my pants or something at the end. I couldn't sit still. You will NEVER guess the ending. My mind wants MORE MORE MORE and NOW NOW NOW. This series is seriously ADDICTIVE.

Emma deserves every bit of credit and more for this one. Just like book one. She has most certainly found what she excels at in life.

WOW.... Just... WOW. The only thing this book left me wanting, was the rest of the series. Other than that. It has is ALL and More.

Love it. Love this writer. Love the artists work on the covers. 'Hope Is Lost' is truly all round 'EPIC'.

~ Kasey Crees

Emma, job done extraordinary well ;) I couldn't put it down, even if I wanted to. I finished it in one read and now I'm my least favorite person in the world because I read it too fast and now I'm hangover ;) This is a must read for 2015, but start with ALF!! it!!
~Jolene Hendricks - Netherlands

Each and every character brings light into the darkness - they all share such heavy hearts and burdens. It's heart warming yet heartbreaking. The love and affection this group of friends share has me lost for words . It's so surreal of how real the situation could certainly be.

Hope Is Lost is another exceptional journey into this series and with such a strong storyline and well delivered plot be prepared to be swept along with these remarkable characters and story that Emma has so vividly penned.

~ Page Flipperz, Katrina

Each individual character has their own POV that flows brilliantly throughout the story, which can be both daunting and hard to manage as a writer from a reader point of view. However Emma James has made it awesomely possible in this story. Absolutely loved it.....can’t wait for...or hoping there is an equally awesome conclusion!!!!
~ Louisa Gray

LOVE LOVE LOVED IT! !! I fell in love with the gang in a little faith and the love stayed stayed strong in HIL! cannot wait for the next installment. I takes an extraordinary book to really loose yourself in it and Emma has created such a story. amazing!
~Jessica Cullen

Skilfully weaving together threads from all over Ocean Beach, Ms James has created a tapestry of complex characters whose lives and stories intertwine so intricately that you'd swear a prophetic kitten had been playing with her loom.
~ Demelza Carlton

You'll have moments of joy, you'll laugh, you'll cry, your heart will flutter and you may even make some life long friends. But believe me when I say you'll take something away with you when you leave. And you'll always end up coming back!

My head is still reeling from what I just read, I'm at that stage where I just want to start over again. I can't praise this book enough, utterly brilliant!!

This series is A MUST READ!!

~ Sassy Book Lovers, Stacey Clifford

Wow what can I say about Hope Is Lost except WOW. I loved this book even better than ‘A Little Faith’. I have waited months for this book and the wait was worth it.

Just like in A Little Faith I laughed, I cried, I screamed and yelled. I also fell more in love with Keanu and think I may now have a real soft spot for him.

I'm really looking forward to Joy is Found but not to the wait but if it is as good as the first two (which I know it will be) the wait will be worth it. Please go and give this new Australian author some love and enjoy her series but remember to start with A Little Faith first.

~ Two Peas In A Pod, Donna Miller

What a fantastic read! I read it in one night and didn’t put it down until I had finished. For a sophomore effort, the author has kept the same writing style and stayed true to the characters I fell in love with in her first book. I love all the guys and am looking forward to reading each of their stories (especially Text). This is another book that I highly recommend, just amazing!! *****5 stars
~ Book Boyfriends Rock, Karen Lee

This is not your typical fairy tale, boy meets girl and they live happily ever after. There is more involvement into it. Emma does real great job into working each character up. No detail was left out or over thought. I highly look forward to more books in the future.
~ Kat’s Book Promotions, Jenni Crawford

I look forward to reading more about this family and seeing what antics they can come up with next.
Emma James is a very talented author who knows how to bring characters to life.

~ Jaime Lynn

James has done it again. Flawlessly transitioning between characters to give the reader a rich and exciting reading experience. Hope is Lost adds to another story that has you aching for more of the guys and gals of Ocean Beach.

~ SydneyGen Reads, Genevieve



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EXCERPT - Keanu Pov

“Do you want to come join us, Keanu? I just realized you were sitting over here by yourself.”

I look over at Slade and then back over at Phoenix. “So, kids, what’s up with you two?” OKAY, so I’m starting to slur a little.

“Sounds like you’ve had enough alcohol for the night,” Phoenix says.

Slade grunts and pretends he’s busy, wiping the bar down, even though he has wiped the same place in front of Phoenix several times. Phoenix turns her back on Slade and aims her boobies in my face, which I think is funny, so I start getting that drunk man-giggle going. Wanting to annoy Slade, she pretends I’m not being a little school boy, but she’s doing it with the wrong person. I am not getting in between those two.

Slade clears his throat. “Is there an order you’d like to put in for you and your friends?” The friends bit is said not so friendly.

“Oh, hey, Slade. I didn’t see you there,” she quips over her shoulder at him.

How could she not see him? He’s huge. I think I’m seeing two of him, which makes me chuckle.

“I’ll be right with you. Keanu and I are talking.”

Ooooh, she did not just use me to make Slade wait. On that note, I decide I shall move on home and slam my hand down a little too hard on the bar.

“Okay, guys, sorry to be a pooper, but I’m heading on home, and I will leave you two to whatever this is you two are doing.” I lean over and give Phoenix a kiss on the cheek and catch the possessive glare being directed at me from Slade. “I think I will call a cab.”

“I’ll do it for you. You go wait out front, and there will be one with you shortly,” Slade growls out to me.

Somebody is a bit grouchy.

“Thanks, bro. Enjoy the rest of your night, and same to you, too, Phoenix.” I shake Slade’s hand and head off to take a piss before I leave.

I’m wearing the doppelganger tonight, so I’m a bit slower with taking a leak. After what happened with Levi today, something inside me just wanted to make me feel a bit more normal tonight, so I chose to wear the doppelganger prosthetic under my loose fitting long sleeved t-shirt. I should have fought the insecurities which had decided to rear their ugly head and just worn the ‘big gun.’ Sometimes, I let them creep up on me and take over then wonder if I’m whole enough for somebody to love me.

I zip my pants up and think, Fuck it! I’m quite a catch. Then I have another chuckle to myself.

I head on out, yelling goodbye to Slade as I leave and waving to Phoenix.

Slade raises one arm in the air to wave at me yet doesn’t take his eyes off Phoenix, whom he seems to be having a heated discussion with. Those two kids need to just give into each other.

Almost as soon as I walk outside, a cab pulls up, and he calls out to me through his open window. “Are you Keanu?”

I move towards the back passenger door. “The one and only.”



Emma James lives in Queensland, Australia with her smexy husband, three children and a big black Labrador. Life is busy and most entertaining in the James household.

Writing has been a part of her life for many years. Life was getting on and it was time to put her fears aside and do what she does best. It was time to show readers what she was made of, take that leap off the diving board and see where it takes her.

Emma is a creative person at heart. She loves to read as much as write, devouring books into the wee hours of the morning.

Who needs sleep, right?

Photography is another great passion of hers.

A Little Faith is the first book released in the Ocean Beach series and proved to be quite the surprise read of 2014 for contemporary romance lovers with Hope Is Lost following closely on.

Emma James is one determined snowflake who is here to make her imprint in the writing world.



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A Little Faith - Ocean Beach # 1

Released - 9th October 2014

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