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By: Pepper Winters
Published By: Pepper Winters
Released : Available Now
Details: Digital copy for honest review, 320 pages


Blurb: Goodreads

“You say I’ll never own you. If I win—you willingly give me that right. You sign not only the debt agreement, but another—one that makes me your master until your last breath is taken. You do that, and I’ll give you this.”

Nila Weaver’s family is indebted. Stolen, taken, and bound not by monsters but by an agreement written over six hundred years ago, she has no way out.

She belongs to Jethro as much as she denies it.

Jethro Hawk’s patience is running out. His inheritance gift tests, challenges, and surprises him—and not in good ways. He hasn’t leashed her but he thinks he might’ve found a way to bind her forever.

Debts are mounting. Payment waiting.

BOOK REVIEW by Michelle:

Why hadn’t I seen it sooner? Why hadn’t I seen past what he projected and looked deeper into his golden eyes?He was so tangled up in what he thought he was, he had no clue what he might be.

The Indebted serial is a full length set of books which will eventually reveal all of the dark and twisted tale and we will get the full picture of what Miss Pepper has wanted us to see. With each release we will discover more and more about what is going on with the characters who we can’t seem to look away from.

What I liked about this instalment is Pepper really gave us a healthy dose of understanding. What I mean is, we have been given enough of certain characters to be satisfied and urgently wanting more in this twisted tale of complicated characters.

Nila has Jethro Hawk really in a twist. He is a complicated character to understand. He is dangerous, he is on a mission to see the debt through, but he is getting all twisted up in Nila.

Jethro muttered, “Smugness is not becoming on you, Ms. Weaver.”

I shot back, “No, but vulnerability is such a fetching result on you, Mr. Hawk.”

Nila is proving to be a worthy opponent in this game that is being played out. She takes what is dished out to her but she doesn’t give in.

She won’t.

If I was to be truly honest, I am still having a little trouble with the actual debt and the reasoning, which we find out more about, and how it has stood for 600 years, but, eh, it is fiction.

The characters involved in this debt are starting to really take control of my mind and my addiction to this serial is rather consuming.

I am quite bamboozled at this stage how I am going to feel about Jethro by the end. This guy played out the First Debt and he did it with fierceness, but then he went and played with my mind... again.

I think Nila is about the straightest shooter in this series so far.

Kes is playing with my mind. Good cop, bad cop...??? He is kinda blase’ or acclimatized to how things happen in his world.

The moment I entered, Kes’s golden eyes lit up. He bounced from his chair and came to offer his hand, tugging me closer to the bikers. “Nila. What a pleasant surprise.”

... " Ouch. I’d heard he hadn’t held back." 

Kes, you really are somebody I am watching. * raises one eyebrow* I don't like raising one eyebrow it gives me a wrinkle.

Kes cupped my cheek. “ to me. You okay? He didn’t hurt you again, did he? I know the First Debt needed to be paid, so I can’t get angry about that payment, but anything else outside what is owed is completely uncalled for.”

Kes, you are a mind f*&^ck for me.

I paid careful attention to things in Debt Inheritance and I was correct with what I discovered in First Debt about something. Keep your eyes peeled because Pepper is dropping these little tiny seeds and if you aren’t paying attention you will miss them. I listen when Jethro is talking, I listen carefully to all the characters. In a way Miss Pepper is playing a game with us readers too.

I listened to something regarding one character that has left me quite intrigued.

Nothing Pepper will do will be straight forward, there will always be a twist. It’s what she does. There are still a handful of debts to play out. 

One can only imagine, after the first debt being the easiest.


Well done Miss Pepper, yet again.





  1. Nailed it Mich! So true about her little seeds. I am going to reread them both so I can see what I can pick up on but I would love to know your theories!

  2. Gah! I want to know what y'all are talking about and I do enjoy a well edited and paced serial.


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