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By: TJ Hamilton
Published By: TJ Hamilton
Released : Available Now
Details: Kindle for honest review, 152 Pages


Blurb: Goodreads

I was born to dance. I may have even become the best ballerina this country has ever seen. But when you have no one to guide you as a young person, you become very lost. I craved love and attention, and I found it in men.

I’ve always had a certain allure that draws men to me. I worked that out at a very young age. At first it was fun teasing them, then a thrill … then it was just easy. Men were just too easy.

I loved the way they looked at me when I danced for them, the way they stared at my body. I danced for men who paid to watch. Then he found me. I was the next desperate girl, ripe for the picking. If only I knew what I was being picked for.

This is my story. This is how I lost the girl I once was. Now, you can call me Miranda.

BOOK REVIEW by Michelle:

You Can Call Me Miranda is a poignant look at how a young girl with hopes and dreams can have those dreams shattered in a heart beat and be left with a totally different career path.

It will lead her to a dangerous future and the men she will meet along the way in Thyme Trilogy.

I really enjoyed seeing what moments, no matter how shattering, in Mia the ballerina’s life, that started the process of changing her into Miranda the chick we know from Buying Thyme and Making Thyme.

Mia is a teenager who needs support, like any teenager. The people who should have been there for Mia... weren’t.

I cry for my father who left me. I cry for the mother, who chose to leave me, and I cry for having nothing of me left.

I really liked George. He showed me a kind man who cared.

“Aye, aye ... What’s ‘is all about, then?” He kneels down in front of me.

“My whole life is in ruins. I have nowhere to go. I have no family, and I have no money. I don’t know what to do.”I put my head back into my knees again and sob.

“Ere, come on now. Let’s get you inside, then. It’s not all that bad. We’ll sort you out, okay?”

This companion novella isn’t about sex and the dangerous world of Miranda in Thyme Trilogy. This is a short book showing us how Mia’s dreams, like so many in this world can be broken and sometimes there is only one option that looks good at the time to pursue.

It changes people.

I smile and bat my lashes. “You can call me Miranda.”

Innocence is lost.

“You’re very innocent Miranda,” he whispers.

“Sorry,” I answer slowly.

“Don’t be. I like it,” he says, as he runs his thumb along my bottom lip.

He grips tight onto my hand and leads me toward the sparkling hotel entrance.

I totally recommend reading the Thyme Trilogy and this companion novella. I did wonder why Miranda chose the path she did and when you meet Mia, your heart can break for the brilliance her ballet career could have been, but was taken away from her.


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