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Day 18 continues with my review of , Saving Ella by Kirsty Dallas. You will meet a great line up of sub characters and a lad that will make you swoon. I am very much looking forward to reading more of Kirsty's works.

By: Kirsty Dallas
Published By: Self Published
Released : Available Now
Details: Digital, 


Book Blurb : Goodreads

Please Note - this book contains some violence, language that some may find offensive and sexual situations.

The protection every child is owed was lost on Ella Munroe. Her tiny body was beaten, bruised, cut and bloodied. And the thing about pain, it demands to be felt……. While searching for affection, Ella gave away her body and her escape was found in drugs. Self-loathing led to self-destruction and she tried to cut that hate from herself. They say pain makes you stronger, fear makes you braver; Ella had more strength and bravery than most. With her head down, scars covered and heart locked behind a wall of steel Ella ran. On the streets she may have found her freedom but she was still alone, until she found ‘Mercy’s’, until she found Jax.

Born a warrior, Jaxon Carter could intimidate with no more than a glance, but this warrior was not born to destroy, he was born to protect. To Jax, Ella was much more than a tiny beaten girl, Ella was an angel. Ella was Jax’s angel, she was his to protect and cherish. She was his to love and although Ella’s first instinct was to run, Jax made her yearn for things she had long forgotten. In capturing her heart, Jax freed Ella. In embracing her imperfections, Jax owned Ella. Sometimes though, you have to fight for love and sometimes blood is destined to run a river. Sometimes, hate trumps love.
All Jax had to do was keep Ella safe, it all seemed so easy….

“Your scars might remind you of where you’ve been angel, but they don’t have to dictate where you’re going.” ~ Jaxon Carter

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BOOK REVIEW by Michelle:

Ella Munroe has nobody to keep her safe. She has been betrayed by her step father in the most terrifying way and her mother chooses not to notice, she is too busy drinking and shopping.

Ella takes her survival into her own hands and leaves before she can be raped. She finds herself helped by a stranger whose kindness was never forgotten. Rita’s kindness helped keep Ella safe for four years. Rita is an angel in her own right.

Ella winds up in Claymont where she has a possible job and spends a night in a women’s shelter.

A night that will eventually change her life, for the better.

Enter Jaxon Carter. The lad is ex military and has his own construction company. His mother runs Mercy’s Shelter For Abused Women and he works there helping to keep it running smoothly in between his day job. He is admittedly a bit of a lad about town with the ladies.

Ella is twenty two years old and she is coping the best she can with what life has dealt her. Jax knows how to talk to abused women. He knows how to show them he is a safe man to be around. He knows what triggers their panic.

He can’t help have unprofessional feelings for his Angel.

I loved it that Ella felt a sense of proprietary over me because hell, if another man so much as touched her I have no doubt I would roar like a wounded beast in anger.

Nice inner monologue Jax, but then you went and made an ass of yourself.

There are great sub characters in this book. Mercy is one of them. Her kindness and understanding and selflessness are what Angels are made of.

Dave is the therapist who helps the women out emotionally, he also has a thing for Mercy.

Charlie is Jax’s mate and works for him helping run the construction company. He is a big tatted up kickboxer. Sounds yum, doesn’t he. That is not a question but a statement.

Rebecca is the owner of Bouquets a florist shop and employs Ella. Rebecca is an awesome character. She has her own style and not much gets past her. You can get an idea of Rebecca’s style from the cover of Fighting Back. She is an old school fashionista. She also has a way with finding aptly titled plants. Ha!

I loved being in Jax’s head, listening to his inner thoughts and the way he felt about Ella. He knew to tread carefully. Ella had been through a lot. But, at the same time, Jax has some skeletons in his own closet rattling about. Some shiz he needed to work through.

“It’s not forgiveness you need Jax, you just need to let go of your past. Now is what matters,” she whispered on a yawn, her words so low I barely caught them.

This little angel had run long and hard; now it was time for her to settle down and have the future and dreams that every young woman deserved. Damn I was tired, bone tired. Too many years fighting, fighting for my country, fighting for my mom, fighting for strangers, a life filled with too much regret which I knew I shouldn’t feel, because at the end of the day, it brought me to Ella.

Ella was a character that was very believable. She was never over dramatic. Kindness is the only thing that can make her cry. She is a brave and at times fearless character. Her body and mind have been so abused and trained not to show emotion. I loved how she could see a person through their eyes. I totally get that.

This is a story about learning how to let somebody in and new beginnings.

“I want to learn you,” she murmured.

New beginnings come at a price in the name of  Marcus the evil step father ,who does not want to let Ella be.

Dillon is another great character, I really liked him. A loyal and honorable lad. I want to read more about him.

Saving Ella can't help you think about the volunteers and the people who keep abused women safe and look after homeless shelters. They truly are angels.

Looking forward to Charlie and Rebecca’s story next, Fighting Back, Mercy’s Angels # 2.  I can just see the big tatted kickboxer Charlie, with the old school styled, Rebecca. But I can imagine it is gonna be a bumpy ride.

Release date December 1st

Recommended for readers 18yrs +

Rebecca Donovan was missing intimacy, but no matter how much she longed for a man to warm her bed and heart, she would not give Charlie a second chance. Charlie Cole was missing Rebecca Donovan, yet his pride wouldn't allow him to beg. It took one life changing night to bring the two back together and this time neither was prepared to let the other go.


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Tomorrow I will be meeting up with TJ Hamilton and J.B. Thomas.

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