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Day 25 continues with my review of Buying Thyme by TJ Hamilton. Check this one out! I'll be reviewing Making Thyme in the near future.

By: TJ Hamilton
Published By: TJ Hamilton
Released : Available Now
Details: Digital read for honest review, 279 Pages


Blurb : Goodreads

Miranda is a high-class escort at the most prestigious escort agency in Sydney, Australia. Her Madam, Miss Stephanie commands the highest standard from her working girls and has taught Miranda the very best in the art of seducing men. Although it was never the life Miranda imagined for herself, she makes more than a decent living from it and always seems to be in demand from the Agency’s top clients.

American-born Joe Tench is one of Sydney’s most prominent businessman, owning the majority of the nightlife in Sydney, and across the country, but there is a dark side to Joe Tench. He is a regular client of Miranda's, he is also demanding, dominating and hard to handle. Miranda finds herself falling for Joe Tench’s unfamiliar, yet enticing charm. Until she meets Tom Smythe, heir to a wealthy mining company and among the top ten wealthiest families in Australia. The two develop a strong friendship after a chance meeting.

Miranda is caught between her feelings for these two very different men until a personal tragedy sees Miranda embark on a journey of discovery... and into a world she finds difficult to escape from.

BOOK REVIEW by Michelle:

I got to say I am very excited to read Making Thyme, Thyme Trilogy # 2 because of how TJ spent the last third of this book.

I really enjoyed TJ’s debut novel , Buying Thyme. I am going to be honest and say it was coming along nicely, but the latter third of the book turned up several notches.

I wanted to keep reading.

I was like, noooOOOOOoooo it can't end now!!!

I have not read a book where the main character is a high-class escort, a prostitute, before. I thought it was a different read for me and the world of being a high-class escort.

We shall call our main female lead, Miranda. TJ lets us into her world of pleasuring her John’s and I learnt a thing or two. 

* waggles eyebrows *

Joe Tench is an interesting character.

A dangerous character.

Can we trust him?

Tom Smythe is a character I really like. He wants companionship and I enjoyed spending time with Miranda and him. Tom will have you wondering. You will be curious. He buys her for a night but wants nothing from her but dinner and the real Miranda, not the escort.

Or as much of herself as she is willing to reveal.

Joe and Tom are almost complete opposites in personality. Where one is demanding, dangerous and obsessive, the other is laid back and wants nothing but companionship.

The smexi is steamy but it is different reading it when you know it is a job being performed and paid for. It put a different spin on it in my mind.

Miranda was there to perform for her client. I enjoyed listening to her inner monologue as she reminded us that she was there to do a job and do it well.

But when does performing start to get mixed up with emotions and feelings?

When does a platonic friendship begin to feel like you want more?

My body struggles to maintain a moderate temperature. “Please. Understand. Once again ... I don’t want anything from you. I need to take this slow. I enjoy you. More than I should admit right now... but I do. So let’s just enjoy some wine and each other’s company for the rest of the night hey?” Tom’s voice is like velvet and tugs at my lower regions.

I loved being introduced to another member of Miranda’s family and I’m not talking about Flossy the cat.

Charlie is a fun character. He is like the side kick to Miranda. He is her gay man.

I liked Toni, Joe's security man. I felt like he really cared about the man. It wasn't just a well paid job. He had a humorous side and he seemed to be able to talk freely in front of Joe. Have an opinion.

Mrs Oktar is one of those characters that you find in books like Fifty Shades of Grey. There is a connection between them and the male lead that you are always wondering how a lady like that got a job in a place like she did, working for a man like Joe Tench. They are these warm , caring women, almost motherly.

The more you read the more the story starts taking a direction of danger and murder and mystery. From how this book started, to how it finished was quite different.

There are a couple of nice twists that I didn’t see coming which I enjoyed as I love being blindsided. 

I totally dig the cover art. Not sure if it is me seeing this in the cover, but the crossed legs look like an arty version of the Opera House. Like the sails...or not. 

I am rather bouncy to read Making Thyme because of what went on in the latter part of this book.

Shiz just got real intriguing.

* raises one eyebrow *


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