Thursday, September 12, 2013


By: Lora Leigh
Published By : St. Martin's Press
Released : Available Now
Details: Paperback from Library, 356 Pages


Blurb: Goodreads

The Secret Service can’t control him. The British government can’t silence him. But renegade agent Travis Caine is one loose cannon you don’t want to mess with, so his commanders cut him a break—and cut him loose. His new HQ is America’s top intelligence force, Elite Ops. His new code name is “Black Jack.” And his new assignment is to die for.

She’s smart, sexy, scintillating—and one of Elite Ops’ savviest agents. Lillian Belle’s code name is “Night Hawk,” and Travis certainly wouldn’t mind flying a few midnight maneuvers with her. But when their mission turns into a red-hot game of danger, deceit, and double-crossed signals, Travis begins to wonder: Can he trust her? Can he resist her?

BOOK REVIEW by Michelle:

I am a fan of Lora Leigh, she writes awesome male leads and gives me an entertaining escapism from the safety of my home. She brings danger and Alpha men and kickass ladies and shows us a broken side to her characters too.

I really am enjoying her Elite Ops series. Maverick aka Micha, is my fave character and book so far.

I am going to be honest and say that I didn’t really connect very well with Travis and Lilly. I didn’t feel like this story line grabbed me. I felt like there were a lot of flaws in the story line that I questioned and felt could have been done better with the other lads being close by and why on earth did Travis go and leave the book near the end. Any of the other lads could have done what he went to do.

I felt like it was more constructed or forced to enable the baddies to get to Lilly who is an agent through and through even if she has no memory and is relying on instinct.

“What would you have me do?”

“A hell of a lot different than this,” Travis growled back.

I didn’t really believe the whole predicament Lilly found herself in. I mean the woman is twenty six years old and could have left at anytime and got herself an apartment or hotel room. I mean, who would stay at home with a dragon of a mum like that when you were twenty six years old? I am sure she had a pay check and bank account from her agency days, plus didn’t she get her trust fund when she turned twenty six. Wasn’t she twenty six in this book? I may have my wires crossed?

What I did like was it is the first book in the series I haven't worked out the killer. Yeah, I know! The obvious, was well actually the obvious. LOL! So, boooyahh!

For me personally, I was still entertained, there was a bit of repetitive in the smexi department with description and frequency. I did enjoy the book , but I felt it wasn’t Lora’s best book.

My one opinion only.

Travis and Lilly had their moments where I believed them and was hoping for more.

What the hell was he doing? No doubt thinking with his dick rather than his brain. But at the moment , his dick was holding sway and there wasn’t a damned thing Travis could do about it.

“You were my first, weren’t you?” She knew it, sensed it.

“I was your only,” he growled, possessiveness raging in his tone and fulfilling some need she hadn’t known existed within her.

She was as wild as the wind, the sexy, sensual creature he had known existed inside her.

I shall keep on reading Lora’s works as I do enjoy the escapism they give me. Others of course will undoubtedly love this installment. It is just a personal opinion of mine. I definitely think # 2 and # 1 are the best for me so far.

Next I shall reserve Renegade # 4 from my local library and check out Nik’s book.



  1. I like romantic suspense, sorry to hear this didn't work out really well for you. That's the thing with series, its usually hit or miss.


    1. I know Lora Leigh can write, that's a no brainer but I felt like this one needed some TLC before going out into the big wide world. I'm not meaning to be rude, but as I said, I know she can WRITE! Lora is ever popular and for that reason I personally thought this one could have had more critical eyes over it before leaving the publisher.


  2. Where did her father come from in the end. It makes absolutely no sense that he could be alive. When they rescued Lily from the car, they didn't check to see of her father was dead????? I also just read Heat Seeker and there was also inconsistencies at the end. It ruins the book. Pay an editor!


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