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Today I take part in the 4 stop blog tour for Sarah Alderson's latest inclusion in the Lila Series - Tormenting Lila.  I'll share with you a couple of questions from a chat I recently had with none other than Lila!  PLUS link you to the best ever giveaway for fans of the Lila Series and of course....Alex !

The Lila Series has been one that I have thoroughly enjoyed from the beginning and with each book and novella, fall in love with the characters further.

Tormenting Lila is the latest Novella in the Lila Series and is set a short while after Losing Lila ended.  The drama of the Unit's take down is now behind them and it's time for closure and moving forward.........

When Lila and Alex sneak off for a romantic weekend away, Lila's hoping she'll finally have a chance to work on Alex's resolve.
But just as things start heating up news reaches them of a serial killer at loose on the island and it isn't long before their intimate weekend away is interrupted.
A mind reader, a projector, a protective older brother and a serial killer. Which one is going to find Lila first?
Set 8 weeks after the end of Losing Lila, this story will delight fans of Hunting Lila while introducing them to the characters and stunning location from Sarah's next book The Sound (published August 1st, 2013).

Without further ado....my chat with Lila..... :)

So, Lila…..what happens now? Surely some serious downtime is needed – I mean, whoah, you’ve had THE most intense few months imaginable!! 

Yes, it's been intense, in good ways and bad. The summer has been lots of fun though, getting to hang out with my mum and catch up on the last few years and being with Alex every day. Now I think we're going to start looking at places to live in San Francisco. At least, Jack is planning on living there and Alex is going to go to college there so I know that's where I'll be moving too. I have one year left of High School. I don't yet know what my mum and dad's plans are but there's no way I'm going back to London. I'm hoping life gets a little more 'normal' from now on. 

You took down some seriously bad dudes from the Unit – single handedly!  It almost cost you your life.  Thanks to Jack and his amazing healing ability, we still have you here with us today.  What was it like? Dead one minute – alive the next!

I know! Don't tell Jack but I'm quite jealous of him for getting that ability. I don't remember much about it other than hearing Alex talking to me but sounding really far away. It was strange, like a part of me was desperate to stay, but another part of me was also happy to leave as though it wasn't the end. I'm not scared of dying anymore because I know there's something more. But I also know that I want to live every single day as though it's my last (and hopefully it won't be because Jack would be around to save me again if anything bad happened).

And just how much “I literally saved your life” is Jack bringing up when he wants to trump you?!
Oh it's all the time. He doesn't seem to think that me rescuing him from the base counts at all because he says he wound up rescuing me, which was so not the case. He's not mentioning quite so often now after I showed him how good my knife throwing and twirling skills were getting.

Now Suki and Nate are just two of the most awesome friends to acquire – but obviously with their talents….you’ve got to be careful around them, not so easy keeping secrets!  Have you had a chat with them about, you know…..staying out of all things “Alex and Lila” ?!

Of course! But do you think they listen? No. My only hope is that they both find their own boyfriends soon, to which end I've signed them up to match.com 

And speaking of all things “Alex & Lila”!!  How’s Jack handling it?!

 Well, if you've read Tormenting Lila you'll have an idea of how Jack is handling my relationship with Alex. Not. Very. Well. He seems to be slowly (and I mean SLOWLY) coming around to it but not without a lot of grumbling. Luckily he seems to be getting distracted with Amber. And there's also the fact that I think he is only just now realising that it isn't just a short-term relationship, that we're both in it for the long term. And I think he'd rather know Alex was going to be his brother-in-law one day, than a complete stranger.... there are benefits. 

Thanks Lila for the quick chat.  I now have to let everyone know of THE most awesome giveaway that your creator Sarah Alderson is holding.  As it was set before you came along....well,......you might not like what the winner gets!!!!  And you need to get prepared for eaves dropping on Jack's interview tomorrow with Book Passion For Life - who knows what beans he might spill on you and Alex!

Marissa xxx

Now that Lila's heading off to find Alex (and prep for what Jack might say tomorrow!), let me fill you all in on Sarah's AWESOME giveaway........

Ever dream of being Alex's GIRLFRIEND????  That's right....it could come true! Follow the link below to Sarah Alderson's Facebook page and complete the requirements on the Rafflecopter.  So what is it exactly that you could win???

1. A personally annotated, signed copy of The Sound
2. A sneak peak at the steamy Alex & Lila scene due out in January 2014
3. Your chance to be Alex's girlfriend.....See your name in print beside Alex's in a prequel story to be released this October

WOOOOOT HOOOO!!!  What a prize :)  What are you waiting for??....... CLICK HERE to head over to Sarah's Facebook page and enter....come on.....chop chop....get to it!!  

Tormenting Lila is a great novella. As with all things Lila - I enjoyed it :)  My review will be posted later today.

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In the meantime, thanks for dropping by......go order your copy of Tormenting Lila at Amazon and go enter that comp!


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