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By: Kady Cross
Published By : Harlequin Teen
Released : 28th May
Details : Digital ARC, Netgalley,  384 Pages 


Blurb: Goodreads

In 1897 London, something not quite human is about to awaken.

When mechanical genius Emily is kidnapped by rogue automatons, Finley Jayne and her fellow misfits fear the worst. What's left of their archenemy, The Machinist, hungers to be resurrected, and Emily must transplant his consciousness into one of his automatons—or forfeit her friends' lives.

With Griffin being mysteriously tormented by the Aether, the young duke's sanity is close to the breaking point. Seeking help, Finley turns to Jack Dandy, but trusting the master criminal is as dangerous as controlling her dark side. When Jack kisses her, Finley must finally confront her true feelings for him...and for Griffin.

Meanwhile, Sam is searching everywhere for Emily, from Whitechapel's desolate alleyways to Mayfair's elegant mansions. He would walk into hell for her, but the choice she must make will test them more than they could imagine.

To save those she cares about, Emily must confront The Machinist's ultimate creation—an automaton more human than machine. And if she's to have any chance at triumphing, she must summon a strength even she doesn't know she has....

BOOK REVIEW by Michelle :

Kady Cross always entertains me with her motley crew of characters in this YA series.

The story leapt off the page with a fantastic first chapter. LOL! Not in a million years will you guess what happens, very random, exciting and creative. I could just see Kady sitting at her computer thinking how am I going to start book 3, light bulb moment, oh this will be fun!

I got quotes a plenty and ......*sigh* lots of our loveable Jack Dandy and Griffin the Duke of Greythorne. 

Finley and Jack have a connection. 

The door opened. On the other side of it was Jack, clad in a black silk dressing gown. It was open at the neck, giving her an eyeful of his naked, muscular chest. She couldn't help stare. No girl alive would be able to resist that temptation.
"Are you done objectifyin' me, Treasure?" he asked drily. "I don't mind , o'course, but I don't fancy 'aving all of Whitechapel taking a gander at me ankles. A bloke 'as to 'ave some secrets, right?'

"I won't keep you from your beauty rest for long, Jack," Finley shot back as she strode into the drawing room. She loved that room with its dark wood and deep red fabrics. It looked more like something from a high-class bordello than someone's home - not that she had much experience with bordellos.
"I should 'ope not, luv. It takes a lot of rest to be this gorgeous." 

Just because I adore you don't mean you get all my secrets, Treasure......"

Finley and Griffin have a connection.

Was he going to kiss her? Because she would like that, very much, even if she did have the faint whiff of chamber pot about her from the river. 

Kady is certainly making my mind up for me when it comes to my lads. I still love them both dearly, but she has drawn a line in the sand. 

*waggles eyebrows* 

What a choice!

The velocycles are ready to ride and you may be surprised who is riding pillion with whom.

Emily has got herself into a bit of a pickle in this installment , but she is a tough nut to crack and she is always thinking about her next step. For a little thing she sure has a tough intelligent exterior. Emily has some skeletons in her own closet that she may tell you about.

Sam has actually decided to smile and things may be afoot with Emily and Sam. Sam also makes for some bad timing when he barges into a certain room....ALL THE TIME!!!

The thought of losing you....” Sam’s gaze locked with hers. “I can’t live in a world without you in it.”

Oh. Oh . A few pretty words and her heart melted. Her resolve, however, didn’t waiver. “You’re going to have to accept it, boyo, because I can’t wait here for you to return, wondering if I’ll be able to put you back together again. You’re not going without me.”

“Stubborn wench.”

“Thick-skulled jackanapes.”

“Gadzooks. You like it when he’s all scowly and thumping his chest.”

She took his big hands in each of hers, lifting them to kiss his slightly scarred knuckles. When she lifted her gaze to his, she caught him looking at her as though she’d hung the stars and the moon. 

Griffin is keeping secrets and Finley wants in on them. 

Griffin was the first bloke - the only - that had ever made her contemplate doing something rash, scandalous. 

Sam and Finley are having some fun moments.

“Dandy?” Sam was full-on scowling now. “What the hell does that scoundrel want?”

Finley returned his dark expression with one of her own. “You shouldn’t use words you can’t spell, mutton head.” 

Jack my gorgeous Criminal Underworld Lord, you come out with the best lines in this book. Why do I still not fear you? I know you are the dark one, but when you use those endearing nicknames I just want to snuggle up to you. I want to get myself an endearing nickname that you call me.

“You’ll be waitin’a long time if you fink she’ll give in first, mate,” came a familiar voice from the door.

Finley didn’t have to look. She’d only ever met one person who spoke so atrociously and eloquently at the same time. “Jack!”

“Jack manipulates with charm and power. He doesn’t lie so much as wrap the truth in temptation.”

He gave her a squeeze before setting her back on her feet. “A right lovely sight are you as well, Treasure. Glad so see your sojourn to the colonies done you no lasting ‘arm.” His dark eyes surveyed the room . “Where’s ‘is pompousness? I’ve come to speak with ‘im.”

“Don’t get your drawers all knotted up, Goliath. If I wants to court trouble I never ‘ave to leave Whitechapel. I’ve come into possession of some information the likes of which I believe would interest Monsieur le duc.” 

“Talk first. Eat later, Jack.” 

His gaze narrowed , but there was a twinkle in his eye. “You’ve become cruel, Treasure. An ‘eartless minx what delights in denyin’a man ‘is proper tea. A little suspense is good for the digestion.” 

I love when Jack lets his guard down and he loses his Cockney. 

“My mistake ,” Jack conceded, his voice soft. “Tea would be lovely, thankyou.” It wasn’t the first time he’d dropped that awful affectation of his in front of her. 

I really want to see Jack when he is bad and dark. I am wondering due to errr the possibilities from this here storyline that we could have the potential of seeing that??? I may be waaay ahead of myself here. I do like where Kady may be leading us. It kind of puts my mind to bed with my lads. I do so adore both of them.

Their host took a sip of his whiskey. "Right. 'Ad that 'appen a few times meself. Some blokes you got to hit with something a bit 'arder than a roof."

This book went all mad scientist and in a very Frankenstein steampunk way.

It’s aliiiivvveee!!!!

Me thinks a certain somebody may be ...errrr....well, I can’t say!

The group must work together including bringing Jack into the fold to find ‘the little ginger’ and set things right.

The villain is in a manner quite gross and quite the master mind of his plot to pull out all stops to ensure his evil plan will not be foiled.

But will it?

Jasper has found his Wildcat...or she found him and he has his own intrigue which I am rather intrigued about. I was most pleased to see Wildcat make an appearance ...well, before the intrigue J

Now I know we are all assuming that it is Emily on the front cover....but is it really??? When you read this book you will understand my hesitation to assume. Mei was on book # 2.

With one of their own in danger and Sam on a mission , Griffin getting all hot under the collar and Finley quite possibly also getting hot under the corset, plans are in flight for ‘the little ginger’ to be rescued and the evil villain and his errr....minions put on the scrap heap. 

That was one long sentence.

I am hoping there is another book in this entertaining series , I get the feeling there will be as well Jasper has his own intrigue. I am sure he will want to tell us about it....

...... I am intrigued J

The Discovery of Jack Dandy #2.5
Release Date: 1st July
Publisher : Harlequin Teen

A teaser ebook novella will give you a glimpse into events before The Girl with the Iron Touch from the perspective of everyone’s favorite underworld criminal, Jack Dandy. The story will conclude in The Girl with the Iron Touch.

Yay, this makes me happy to see Jack getting a novella. 



  1. Awesome review Michelle. I haven't started this series yet, but it's definitely on my wishlist now. Love the quotes and Kady's writing style seems like fun. Thank you

    Katie ~ Turner’s Antics

    1. Katie, thanks :) You have a novella, and 3 books you can read, so binge away :D


  2. Jack and Griffin!!!! I really want to see Gimlets evolution. In TGITCC I felt she turned dark a bit.

  3. Ah! I have this to read and I really can't wait to get to it! I just love Sam and Emily, so I'm glad there's more about them in this one. I wasn't a huge fan of Jack in book 1 so I can't wait to see if he'll win me over in this one!

    Jesse @ Pretty In Fiction

    1. Yes! Jesse! I love all the characters and their little traits. Kady has fun. She has lots of fun with Jack. I do love Jack :)


  4. This series has always sounded so unique but I've never been inclined to read it, perhaps I should!

    1. Come on Mandee, give it a go!! I am a steampunk lover, so I dive into steampunk when I can :)

      I love the fun Kady has.




  5. I read this book from cover to cover and have been following the series avidly. But I am very puzzled, coz did I miss a chapter in this book? I didn't come across the part where Jack Dandy kissed Finley but that is what the book summary says. Anyone who has read the book care to enlighten? Pretty intrigued to know where this occured in the book and how I could have missed it.

  6. I read the book and was very eager for jack and finleys kiss -which was mentioned on the flap- but it never happened. Did I miss something?


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