Monday, April 1, 2013


I am rather excited about this cover reveal as I have been following Elisabeth's - Chronicles of Yavn and I do love Lee. He is gorgeous. So, yay, this is Lee's book...woot! Hunter By Night. Throw this onto your TBR pile.

“Hunter by Night” (Chronicles of Yavn #3) 

By Elisabeth Staab 

Due for Release
7th January 2014 

Lee protects his vampire race, and hates humans as much as the wizard enemies he kills. Just as he’s assessing new recruits to join the vampire king’s army, all hell breaks loose. The estate’s security system fails, wizards are heading their way, and human-hating Lee is stuck protecting Alexia, the queen’s human best friend. But as dangerous obstacles force Alexia and Lee closer, an undeniable attraction is revealed, and the two must find a way to compromise. 


Alexia ignored the tremor that traveled from the place where their hands touched, along her arm and down her body, landing a quiver of want deep in her core. Any time now, it would be fan-fricking-tastic if her body could stop reacting to him like he’d been double-dipped in her favorite brand of pheromones.

She reached for her blue Jansport backpack, just next to the bedroom door. He made no move to let go or get out of her way, and she was forced to squeeze past his tree-trunk thigh in the process. She failed horribly at ignoring how frigging huge those legs of his were. How the V of her thighs brushed his leg when she passed, and how her body temperature climbed. Stop staring at his ass. “Right. Got everything ready to go, right here.” She cleared her throat.

“Great. I’ll drive,” he grumbled.

Did he realize, as he tugged her down the hall, that his fingers were still wrapped around her hand?

EEeeEEEeeee, I want to keep reading........ Lee is just a gorgeous guy and hunky spunky too. So if that doesn't get you all teased up, check out my reviews for King Of Darkness and Prince Of Power

Giddy Up!

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