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By: Claire Contreras
Published By : Claire Contreras
Released : Available Now
Details : Digital, 195 Pages


Blurb : Goodreads

Blake Brennan had a difficult introduction to life. She lives in a constant state of paranoia, believing that she is the reason those around her get hurt. Her feelings are tested when her past comes back to haunt her and she must choose whether she wants to continue to live in fear or let her heart love freely.

This is part one of a series.

Note: Book contains sexual content and explicit language.

BOOK REVIEW by Michelle:

I sat on my review for a few days after reading this book.

The reason.

I wasn’t slapping a five star on it like so many on Goodreads.

I am not gushing about Cole being my new book boyfriend, like so many others.

Why is that?

Why am I not seeing what so many are seeing?

I read contemporary, I love contemporary, I love mystery books and suspense. I love loads of books. I love book boyfriends. I have many.

Why am I not screaming with sheer ecstasy and shouting words of excitement for Cole?

I enjoyed Claire’s story. I wanted so badly to be shouting from the roof top about this book. So I am going to say, that this is just my one personal opinion.

Let me start from the start about how I felt. The mystery and plot I personally found a little loose and a part I saw through. I guessed right, is what I am saying. Now, I don't care I guessed right as I felt certain words were used that led me to suspect early on. But that is ok. I am being cryptic, deliberately.

Blake’s parents are murdered in her home on her birthday, she is turning four.

Years later, she is now twenty five and I personally would have been digging into my parent’s murders a lot sooner. I didn’t understand how children can just turn up in a place and no questions asked by Police. As the reader we just have to accept that this is what happened. If I had been given the explanation of it being a safe house, then cool, I get that. Under protection, I get that.

We are left with so many unanswered questions, which is ok, but frustrating as I felt this story really should have had more detail on the mystery of what was slowly weaving together.

I felt that the past to present got to be more about Cole and Blake or about Cole and his sex with Sasha or Erin. I mean Sasha!! I couldn’t stand her! Cole loves Blake sooooo much, yet he has his tongue down Sasha’s throat, he is in the ‘back room’, he lets her play with his chest in front of Blake. I had a wt! moment there as I know Cole loves Blake. Blake lets him go so he can have a college life, so she won’t be jealous, she is giving him full rein, because she doesn’t think their relationship can last long distance. She wants Cole to enjoy his college experience. To me, if Cole loved her so much, then show Blake, don’t start being a lad a short time after College starts and with the girl that Blake hates. I just did not get that. Erin was atleast a more removed , choice.

Unbelievable. "You were going to punch my boyfriend for letting a girl touch him while they were talking? Are you hearing yourself? Doesn't it remind you of someone?"
"That was different, damn it. When are you going to let that go?" Cole pleaded angrily.
"Maybe when I forget how you rocked her world when she visited you a couple of weeks after we broke up. Maybe when I get the image of you two together at that fucking party out of my head. Maybe when I stop seeing her tongue down your throat months AFTER THAT," I snapped.

I loved Cole when he was being the Cole that needed and wanted Blake. College Cole was a jerk. Every time Blake caught him out he would apologize and profess his love, but how can you love somebody deeply and be doing that? I know you got the green light, but with Sasha and so soon!! I wanted Cole to lay off Sasha. Did you have to use that green light?

Who answers a phone in the middle of sex knowing who is on the other end? 

"Hello?"  he answers on the second ring. He sounds like he's out of breath.
"Hey were you working out?" I ask.
"Uh ... no, what's up?" he replies clearing his throat. I hear a woman say something to him in the background that I can't make out. "Hold on a sec," he says to me and puts the phone down. I hear his muffled voice, talking to who I assume is Erin. He sounds like he's trying to calm her down. Then I hear her scream, "You picked up the phone in the middle of F&*$ing me!

See, I have jerk Cole and I have Cole that everybody is swooning over. I wanted to swoon more. 

I did swoon, more than not.

He sighs noisily into the phone. "No , I can't. I didn't want to not live with you for seven years. I was dying a slow, agonizing death without you. You just didn't know it."

Mark frustrated me as he has answers and Blake is after all twenty five years old, everybody knows she is in danger, yet it is kind of blase’ Blake's reaction. I know she holds herself back from people to keep them safe, but I was missing something. I know Blake has Bruce, and awful things have happened, yet it didn’t feel real the danger for the most part. Mark was keeping her in danger by keeping the lid on so much. He came clean about some stuff but it just wasn’t enough.

I wasn’t feeling it as the reader. 

They have a phone number of the caller, yet, nobody thinks to track this dude down...why?

I loved Aubry. I really connected with his character.

I know I will get answers in the next book and the mystery will unfold more, but this instalment just left too much open. I will certainly read the next book, I am intrigued.

I do feel sad that I didn’t connect with this story like I wanted to, like I felt I should after reading others reviews. I enjoyed it and want to know more. So I am just saying how I honestly felt. Not saying I am right J


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