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Today on NOVELS ON THE RUN I have a lovely interview with Colleen Hoover, author of Slammed and Point Of Retreat, two of my absolute fave reads this year! 

Get the Kleenex!
These books are a 'snot fest', but so beautifully written .
So worth every tear you will spill.

Without further ado, here is my interview:)


Michelle:  Hello Colleen , I first heard of your book Slammed from my fellow bloggers, Talk Supe Slammed Review who are an awesome USA book blog. I also heard of Beautiful Disaster Review - Talk Supe from them too. Those girls can sniff out a great self published book from a mile away. 

I have done my usual ‘nerd alert’ research before I write my interview Q’s and I found out some interesting things about you via other interviews you have given. I am in awe that you were writing as a hobby to pass time whilst your son attended theatre rehearsals. I have double thumbs up aimed at you. Thank goodness for your son’s theatre rehearsals. ‘Slammed’ was born.

You have a most awesome and inspirational The Avett Brothers quote.

‘Decide what to be, and go be it.” 

A simple quote, but effective.

You have worked in investigations for Child Protective Services and saw a lot of weird, scary and sad stuff. I probably can’t even imagine.

Slam poetry came to your notice through Brave New Voices and you watched it on youtube. I had not heard of it before. I mean I saw Mike Myers movie, ‘So I Married an Axe Murderer’, very funny by the way, and saw the poetry his character read in the cafe. That’s about as close as I have gotten to knowledge of this art. I shall be watching me some Slam on youtube now.

Michelle:   Novels On The Run is an Australian book blog. We are loving Simon & Schuster have published you and Jamie McGuire, both previously self published authors doing it for themselves. I understand you have shelved the third book in Slammed series until you are comfortable with your ‘mojo’. I LOVE that you are not about the money, it’s about ‘feeling’ your book and ‘needing’ it to be right. How are you going with that now?

Colleen:  I have actually finished a book, but am not happy with it. So yes, that ‘feeling’ over ‘money’ is still there, otherwise I would have released it already. I want to be proud of what I put out. I’m working on a book right now that I’m absolutely in love with, so hopefully that feeling will remain throughout the book and I’ll get one out soon that I’m in love with.

Michelle:  I personally would rather wait for as long as it takes for you to be comfortable with Slammed # 3.

Michelle:  I LOVE this :

“If you find yourself asking, ‘Am I REALLY a writer? Am I REALLY an artist?’ Chances are, YOU ARE. The counterfeit innovator is wildly self confident. The real one is SCARED. TO. DEATH.” 

I saw this on one of your interviews. How did you feel the moment you pressed submit or publish, whatever the scary button is when publishing a digital book for people to read and what was it like waiting for that first review to come through the pipeline?

Colleen:  I was really excited. Only because I never expected things to get as crazy as they have. If I would have had any clue how many people would be reading the books, I would have been A LOT more nervous. Probably so nervous that I would have second guessed myself out of hitting that submit button. I have to remind myself every day of that quote, because it really does keep me going. Self-doubt is natural and, in many ways, very helpful.

Michelle:  I understand from my ‘nerd alert’ research, you have said you are an unemotional person. You don’t cry. We have ALL been doing buckets of that for you. I think Slammed and Point Of Retreat should both come with a travel pack of tissues. Pushing the Limits by Katie McGarry , was my first sad contemporary. Then I read Beautiful Disaster..Travis, Travis, Travis!! Both stories very different from each other, then I read Slammed .... let’s just bulk buy the tissue boxes. Your fave part was “Because of You” slam poetry Will did in Point of Retreat. What is your fave Slam you wrote from Slammed? Mine was ‘Pink Balloon’, very powerful.

Colleen:  I think Pink Balloon was definitely one of my faves. I remember the day I wrote that. I was at work and my boss had just finished reading the scene that led up to the poem, but I had yet to write the poem for it. I had an hour for lunch, so I spent my lunch break finishing the poem and the scene and she read it when she got back and it made her cry. I knew it was a keeper!

I also really love “The Lake,” but mostly because we actually have that one performed on video. 

Michelle:  The Slam poetry in your books, have you been asked to read one out at a signing? I personally don’t think I could read any of them without turning into a watery mess. I looked forward to every single one of your Slam poems you wrote.

Colleen:  I haven’t, and I hope I don’t get asked. Lol. I’m pretty shy and could NEVER do something like that in public.

Michelle:  Your stand alone book, Fall Together, which may or may not end up being titled this about 17 yr old Sky. I feel it may be worth me investing in more tissues. Would I be right? Is there anything that your publisher will let you quote from this story?

Colleen:  I’m still working on this one, but I’m thinking it may require tissues as well. It’s still such a new project, that I’m afraid if I shared anything it would end up changing. ;)

Michelle:  I know you have a mad love for The Avett Brothers. I had not heard of them until your books, so that is wonderful finding new music and I especially loved the way you quoted their lyrics at the start of your chapters. Your books just screamed originality to me.

If you could choose a song that was not necessarily from The Avett Brothers that would describe Will , what would it be?

Colleen:  Oh, I definitely think Jason Mraz’s song, I won’t give up, describes his entire situation in Point of Retreat. I listened to that song on repeat when I wrote that book. 

Such a beautiful choice!!!
I may need the kleenex!

Michelle:  All your characters in this series get under the readers skin, deeply. That vase of stars! My lordy!! What an inspirational thing to have in a house. What made you think of that vase? I swear every time one of those stars got opened, a tissue got blown into.

Colleen:  It was actually a gift my niece made for my sister a couple of years ago for Christmas. I thought it was such a thoughtful, unique gift that I wanted to include it in a book somehow. Having it be from Julia was perfect for Point of Retreat, because she gave such great advice in SLAMMED.

Michelle:  I was on a girls night many years ago when The Notebook was playing at the cinema. I was the one bawling my eyes out into my denim jacket and blowing my nose at the most inopportune moment ( deadly silence) . Your books have been optioned for movies. I saw your bit on facebook the other day. I understand a bit about this process as I have a friend author whose book has got a similar thing. Could you please explain it to us all?

Colleen:  Once a book is optioned, it’s still quite a long way before or if it ever becomes a movie. It’s the first of many steps. They still have to procure a studio, complete a screenplay, hire a director, actors, etc. Lots of times one or all of these follow-up steps fall through. But we’re going to stay positive.

Michelle:  Layken aka Lake what a wonderful name. How did you come up with her name as it was used so beautifully in the Slam poem that Will slammed as a sacrifice. Does that poem have a name. I just rechecked my paperback and he was on the stage but I can’t find its name. It may not have one?

Colleen:  I refer to it as “The Lake.” I actually read that name in the newspaper years ago when I was pregnant with my first child. I told my husband if it was a girl we were naming her Lake. Well that child, as well as the two following him, all turned out to be boys. I never got to name a girl, so I just named my character Lake, instead.

I totally understand where you are coming from there, I have a similar thing with a name with something.

Michelle:  Was there anything you did for yourself, special, when your books got published and they landed on a book store shelf? I loved the story of your mum in another aisle saying her daughter’s book was on the shelf. Love that! Proud mum!!

Colleen:  Not really. We went to the bookstore that day and that was about it. I’ve seen them in airports and such since then, but I get really embarrassed if whoever I’m with tries to point it out. I’m sort of an introvert and don’t really like attention.

Michelle:   I loved how you wrote Kel and Caulder. I have two boys and a girl and you wrote them so loveable, then adding Kiersten later. This may be a big ask, but, is it possible to get a small Slam from Kel about Caulder? This is just a bonus Q I have added as I just couldn’t help thinking what these two could do with a Slam.

Colleen:  I’d love to, but I might be saving a few for the third book in the Slammed series. ;)

Michelle:  Thankyou SOOOO much for answering these Q & A’s. I would so love to see you Down Under on a book tour one day. Hint , Hint Simon & Schuster.....just sayin’.

Colleen:  (I completely agree with this hint!) 

Michelle:  Best wishes with your writing. You have such an awesome gift I am so glad your career took a different directionJ

Colleen:  Thank you so much, Michelle!

Now if you haven't started this series yet, I can HIGHLY a MILLION percent recommend it. I have recommended to a lot of friends and they LOVED it, read it in one sitting each book, and cried their eyes out....well, I did warn them.
 I wasn't joking. 
This series is a beautiful cry.
This series is one of the most heartfelt series I have read.

WHEN these become movies as how could they not?
I will be there with a bag of tissues .
I just love authors who can rock our world.

Well, more like Slammed!



  1. Thanks for the shout out! I haven't read this yt because the plot is so close to my personal life I think I'm not yet ready to bawl my eyes out

    Lovely interview Matey!

  2. I know Matey, I was thinking of you when I was reading them, and I only know a minute bit of your personal life:)

    Thanks for dropping by:D


  3. What a lovely review. Colleen is such an awesome person and I'm so glad that more people are able to read this story.At such a young age, Will and Lake are some of the strongest (book) characters I have ever had the pleasure of reading about. This whole ses is just so butterflying beautiful.

    Thanks for the shout outs! So glad my review was convinding enough to make you want to read these books. So happy about all the success Colleen and Jamie have achieved this past year and I look forward to their future work.

    1. Hey Cimm,

      When you put the Rhianna vid in for Beautiful Disaster, that is when I went, I got to read that book! Then I skimmed Slammed review as I knew from a couple things you wrote in it, I HAD to read that too! I knew it was going to be sad, I knew you loved it, You had BEST BOOK in there. Plus I trust you and Miss B's reviews. When you Supe something up!! It's worth Supeing!! It's not really until you read the books that it hits you as we all get something out of it for various reasons. I understand why Miss B can't read it at moment. It's very raw and very real what does happen in peoples lives. I am so glad I read contemporary now as I was missing out on a lot:D



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