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By : Tim O'Rourke
Published By: Tim O'Rourke
Released : Available Now
Details : 208 Pages, Digital


When eighteen-year-old Winter McCall is offered a chance to leave her life of poverty behind on the streets of London, she moves to a remote part of the South West of England. Here she takes up the job as housekeeper to the young and handsome, yet mysterious, Thaddeus Blake. 

Warned that he has some curious habits, Winter soon realises that not all is as it firsts appears at the remote mansion where she now lives and works.

Blind to the real danger that she is in, Winter finds herself becoming attracted to Thaddeus, and with nowhere and no one to run to, she slowly succumbs to his strange requests. But none of them are as strange as asking Winter to stand each night in the moonlight.

Suzi Midnight designed the cover art and wall paper.

BOOK REVIEW by Michelle : 

Tim O’Rourke decided to pull another book series out of that awesome mind of his and surprise everybody. We have been given the tale of Winter McCall and Thaddeus Blake. 

Winnie’s life hasn’t been easy, she has had to survive on the streets of London, having only one friend, trusting no one. She was spotted by Thad on the steps of the Embankment Tube Station begging for money. Winnie has pride and has never traded favours for money. So when Thad offers her a chance to escape the life she was forced to live, he will pay her, it goes against every rule she had given herself. 

She takes a chance. Thaddeus only asks that she do something for him when he asks. 

Will she regret taking that chance? Can she trust a rich, mysterious, eccentric good looking man? 

What I love about Tim’s two lead characters are, they are very different to the main characters in Kiera Hudson series and Cowgirls & Vampires. Thad is not a Harry or a Potter type. Thad is mysterious and eccentric and he keeps you guessing. He has built a wall around him that keeps his secrets locked away. 

Thad and Winnie are both lonely people, they are a bit like the odd couple under one roof. Thad sleeps during the day, works at night and writes poetry. He became a bit of a hermit after the death of his wife, Frances. 

Winnie is quite a spitfire as she has had to survive and protect herself on the streets of London, she doesn’t suffer fools and she will lay it all out if she thinks she is being duped. At the same time she has a naivety about her that makes the reader connect with her. She is only eighteen years old and has lived a life without love and family. 

This first book in the trilogy has Tim setting the characters and sub characters and villains up for us, the reader. The ‘Tim Factor’ is still ever present with his ability to deceive the reader and sow some seeds along the way for future books, and make you ‘feel’ for his characters . 

There is one little character who I LOVE and I really loved the way Tim has used this character. 

There is of course the gore, Tim likes some gore and I almost expect some heads to be torn from a body in true Tim style when I read a new book. 

The romance is light , if at all as these two characters are struggling to let each other in, break down the walls they have put up for themselves and learn to trust and be trusted. The villains are very villainous, I scored a bit of a bad to the bone character, no sexy cowgirl for me * cough Louise * ( Cowgirls & Vampires series ) . I also earned the title of Beta Reader from Tim as I have been apparently Thankyou Tim J
Thaddeus the mysterious eccentric will keep you wondering and hoping and wondering. Winter you will want to hug and keep safe. I can’t wait to find out where Tim is going to take us, and if Winter will get a happiness and safety she deserves. 


With tears burning in the corners of her eyes and feeling useless, she looked at Thaddeus and said, “When you’re freezing cold, tired, and starving hungry, you would eat anything. I guess you wouldn’t have the faintest idea how that would feel. I know people back in London who would sell themselves for a meal like that tonight.” 

“Why do you have to be” she trailed off, unable to think of the word she wanted. 

“Good looking?” And now his smile turned to a grin, hidden by the paper. 

“Weird, was the word I was actually thinking of,” she said slamming the book shut. 



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