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14TH AUGUST 2012



  1. Hi Michelle, hopefully I'll remember everything I want to say, my brain is a fizz at the moment lol! (kids still off summer hols) I haven't read Throne of Glass but I flicked through my copy, and, yeah.. Celaena, I want to say that like cell-e-ner or the other way cell-a-ner.. so if you find out, please tell me lol! The guys name, Chaol, I want to say that like Cole?

    Alice in Zombieland, I am just gonna LOVE this one, we get it October 5th, I think that will be my Halloween read.

    I do have The Hunt, I haven't read it yet, I'm waiting for book 2. I do the same with some books, you know you're going to love it, and you won't make the year waiting for the sequel so you wait til book 2 is out, I do that quite a bit. I haven't started with Delirium, I've heard the cliffhangers are enought to drive you up the wall so I'm waiting for the trilogy to end before I start.

    I have God Save the Queen, still unread but you know when you see a book and you love the cover, the way the book feels in your hand, like the weight and size of it, it just feels right..that's what I got when I picked up God Save the Queen, and I knew nothing about that book til you mentioned it a few vlogs back.

    I was going to get Beautiful Disaster on Kindle app, but the book cover looks so lovely, so I'll wait for your review and maybe get the paperback as a keeper if you love it. I've been following the girls at Talk Supe, the last couple of weeks, I LOVE finding new favourite blogs, so I'm glad you mentioned them.

    I'm off to read your awesome Jay Kristoff interview with a lovely cup of tea (gawd, how English am I lol) Sorry for the mass comment, but when people take the time to do these vlogs I like to answer properly :-)

    1. Hi TBZ,

      Thanks for dropping by:)

      My girlfriends today said Cole too, so that puts me totally up the river with how I was saying it, oh well. I might twitter author and ask her or go to her blog page:D

      YOU ARE GONNA LOVE Alice and Cole, oo yeah!

      I would suggest buying paperback of Beautiful Disaster, something to hold onto. I am rally enjoying it to the point I can't cope with having to stop reading it. But, I have to organise kids etc. Slammed is another one, I was starting to say it on vlog and then I tangented, Slammed by Colleen Hoover. Cimmaron at Talk Supe has rad this too and loved it and it's now picked up by Simon & Schuster. I checked with my publicist and she confirmed Aussie Simon & Schuster nabbed Colleen too, so that = Uk Simon & Schuster?? Another self published , now published, so that is awesome!

      Chat away, it's nice to see somebody commenting, lol!!

      Talk Supe are great girls and they are a bit like me, we read all over the place, which is always nice. I just have to be careful what I post review wise on here, sometimes I will just put on Goodreads due to content. I loved Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy, Bared To You , but I am still deciding if I will review on here due to content.

      Alrighty I had better go for a half hour drive and get my hubby from work:D

      Thanks again for being interested:)



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