Tuesday, July 17, 2012



When I talk for a millisecond  about Saving June by Hannah Harrington, I don't mean the book is just about suicide. Anyhoo, I got a bit flustered at that bit:D And , I meant to say Xpresso Reads for Giselle, and I said Xpress Reads, cause I am a numnut. I also slowly disappear to the left of the screen, not sure why I was disappearing...I think I kept moving sideways * rolls eyes* 



  1. Michelle, you know I LOVE your vlogs, so I do hope you make them a regular feature. You always come across so well, and I really appreciate your love of books.

    I agree about the cover for The Forsaken and it's even better seeing it up close, so I think I chose well with the UK pre order.

    I think you mentioned God Save the Queen in a few videos back, I immediately went straight to Amazon and bought that, once I've read that I will try her writing as Kady Cross...I must admit I have been a little put of by the reviews on Goodreads.

    You've totally convinced me to pick up The Demons Lexion series... heading to the library now :-)

    1. Hi TBZ,

      Thankyou, I do just bumble my way through, but you never know somebody might find a book they like to read and enjoy it:D

      Yes, there have been some rough reviews on Goodreads for TGITSC but I loved book # 1 by Kady. Griffin and Jack are gorgeous. I did admittedly work out the villain, but I loved the characters etc. I think you have to like steampunk. I do. I think it is a very creative genre:D

      I hope you enjoy The Demon's Lexicon. It dies get great reviews too:D

      Thanks for dropping by:D


  2. I started Pushing The Limits last night and this week is like doomsday for me coz I am syill high with The Siren & PTL is following suit. Come weekend I'll be a mess.

    Love listening to you as always. TTYL Matey xoxo

    P.S. I love your blouse, it looks so airy & comfy

    1. Hi Matey,

      The way I explained to the publisher is, Pushing The Limits isn't exhausting or depressing reading. It's a wonderful story about these characters. Sure they have it hard and bad things have happened to them and they have to work their way around it all, but it doesn't suck the life out of you like some books that are emotional and leave you exhausted. It's the characters that will make you cry because of their ways of handling the things thrown at them etc. I hope you enjoy it:D:D



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