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Welcome one and all to my stop of the Gwen Sparks Blog Tour. Today I have 3 enticing excerpts from 'Deceived',  book 2 in Stephanie Nelson's series plus a giveaway below.
I also have 'CRAVED' book 1 review below, either just click on the highlighted link or scroll down until you get to next posting.
I will have 'Deceived' review up in a few hours.

The vampire drug, brew, nearly ruined Gwen Sparks’ life. Just when things started to get back to normal between her and Aiden, she is summoned by the North American Witches Council to their central city of Moon. A war is imminent between vampires and witches, and Gwen’s experiences with brew are being used to fuel the fire. She is about to discover just how powerful she is with the help of the ruggedly handsome Angel of Death and just how far some people will go to get what they want. Gwen is going to learn exactly what it means to be Deceived.

Unlike a lot of authors, Stephanie Nelson didn't dream of becoming an author. It wasn't until she jumped on the bandwagon and read about the sparkly vampire, that she fell in love with the paranormal genre. Books quickly became her addiction and the bookstore her favorite place to visit. Devouring one book after another, a story began to form in her head. Ignoring the characters that seemed to speak to her didn't work. Eventually she gave in, and began to write. After countless attempts of starting and trashing stories, Stephanie gave up. A year later, she found herself sitting in front of her computer again and made a promise to herself that she would finish a full length book. Seven months later her first book, Craved was published and ended up reaching #1 on Amazon's bestsellers list and #6 on the Barnes & Noble bestsellers list.

While she's not writing about a new adventure, Stephanie enjoys watching movies, spending time with her family and traveling. She resides in the Midwest with her husband and furry children.

Dorian Hade..... and that is all I really need to say.....nah just kidding I can say more. Well, if Dorian didn’t swoop in and steal my heart?
I must have a thing for reapers, I am Team Tod in the Soul Screamers series and I am waving Dorian’s flag like a fan girl. I LOVE the way Stephanie writes this guy. I love the angst and the tense moments. I really enjoy the moments Gwen and Dorian are together as it’s not about bonking, it’s much more. Gwen and Dorian just ‘feel’ suited.
Aiden , I love your uber smexi wham bam moments, I’m not complaining about the bonking , but I am having trouble still, finding some depth with his character. He ticks all the boxes of gorgeous guy, but I want more. I did learn a thing or two about the humble ice cube........yowzer! See who needs to visit the adult shop and buy expensive things? Nobody answer that..ha!
Dorian is deliciously laid out on a silver platter for me, I think all boxes are ticked even though he hasn’t christened/checked that *&^......look I was going to say it,  but that would be a terrible pun to use. 
Oh the back stabbing that goes on...deary me, who can Gwen trust?
Gwen is off to ‘Moon’, no not the moon or to moon somebody....hehe!! I couldn’t help myself, sorry, but to a place called Moon, to train and learn her witchy ways. She is after all,  the person needed to end the war that is brewing ( sorry I couldn’t help myself) between Vampires and Witches, because of ...well some Brew that was brewed. ( sometimes Michelle you can use one too many puns)
I don’t think I personally ‘felt’ the whole danger of the war. I felt the danger of Dorian and Gwen getting it on.
Ian , is being Ian and using his mind mojo/bond to do some quite over the line things to Gwen. It was a tad uncomfortable reading those bits, as it was a tad over the line.
I did enjoy the slew of new sub characters that came our way. Some of the sub characters from ‘Craved’ just dropped away. I would put that down to being no longer in Flora, but now Moon.
Stephanie throws in a twist or two in this book, which I liked and a few spanners are thrown into the works...* waggles eyebrows *
Fiona is being a tad distant and I am not sure why?
There are secrets that Dorian and Kye are especially keeping close to their heart. No we don’t know what they are, maybe ‘Coveted’ will enlighten me.
Speaking of ‘Coveted’, I am really looking forward to more Dorian, and seeing where Stephanie takes the storyline.
Another easy, fun read with uber smexi, gorgeous lads, betrayal, back stabbing, murder and mayhem, lust and tension.
I still want a wonderful publisher to grab hold of this series with two hands, pass it on to a super editor to wrap their arms around it and give it a cuddle.

At the end of this digital book , there was a short excerpt for Stephanies new series, ‘Anna Avery Series’, titled , ‘Taming The Wolf’. I just want to say how awesome the cover is. If you keep looking you see more things. Stephanie has very, very nice covers to her books. I am looking forward to reading this book.


Teaser Excerpt 1: 
 I quietly grumbled. I knew he was right, I should learn who I really was. A small part of me was afraid to though. Reading the memories of the dead was creepy enough, but at least I was helping people when I did it. Dorian wanting me to connect with the darkness just to learn it scared me. Kye’s insane sister flashed in my mind and gave me enough reason to want to study to be a spirit walker. I didn't know why she had gone insane, but I didn't want to end up like her. “Alright, teach me, old wise one.” My sarcasm tended to show itself when I was scared or pissed, at the moment I was a little bit of both.
“Close your eyes.” Dorian instructed, ignoring my cynicism. My eyes snapped shut, and I waited for him to tell me what to do next. I heard the squeak of vinyl, and his body press along the side of me. Dorian slipped his hand underneath mine and made me to jump.  “Keep your eyes closed.” I did as told, but my heart beat faster at our closeness. It seemed too intimate for a lesson. 
Teaser Excerpt 2: 
Once our skin made contact, the air grew thicker around us. I could feel the weight of it pushing against the entirety of my body. I watched as it took on a gray tint, molding against Dorian and me. My fingers clutched his hand tight as my eyes strained to see past the darkening air. Cold replaced the warmth of the day, causing a shiver to tremble through my bones. My teeth rattled against each other, my muscles constricting from the change in temperature. A slight breeze blew against my face, causing my eyes to water. I hung my head and closed my eyes to stop the singing sensation of the wind.
 “Open your eyes, Gwen,” Dorian said, but to me it sounded distant and distorted like a dream. I worked on controlling my breathing and calming my heartbeat before I worried about anything else. After a handful of deep breaths and I was satisfied I wouldn’t have a heart attack, I peeked at my surrounding through one eye. The daylight had disappeared and been replaced with gloom. Lifting my head, I opened both eyes and realized I wasn’t in Kansas anymore. Dorian and I were still in the graveyard, but not in our reality—in the realm of the dead. Everything was washed in varying shades of gray and black. Shadows clung to everything and the warmth of the sun was replaced with the icy coldness of death. 
Teaser Excerpt 3 :

He regarded me with a look I’d seen a few other times, an expression I tried to ignore, but at the moment, I couldn’t look away from. I was a woman who noticed attractive men, but I would never act on those feelings. I loved Aiden as sure as the night is long. But Dorian stirred something deep inside of me, and we connected on a level I hadn’t with Aiden. It wasn’t easy to ignore something that profound, especially when it was staring at me like I was the sexiest girl in the world.

Dorian took a step forward. His arms hung limp, but I could tell he was nervous about what was happening between us. The tightness in his jaw and triceps betrayed the cool confidence he was trying to portray. An inch of icy air separated us. I lifted my eyes to his, and we stared at each other. No words were needed; our body language spoke for us. Dorian brought his arm up and with the back of his hand caressed the side of my face with more gentleness than I imagined. My eyes closed against the feel of it. A shuffle of feet enticed my eyes open just in time to see Dorian bending forward and toward my eager lips.




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  1. I love all the books that you post on your blog!
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  2. OMG OMG OMG! THe new cover! I LOVE it. I LOVED the cover for Craved, and THIS!
    Oh, seriously, whoever's doing Stephanie's covers is FABULOUS. I've NEVER seen self-pubbed books this good!

  3. Wow these look like really good books.

    Must add them to my never ending to-read list.

    1. My comment posted before I could finish. All the teasers look really great I can't choose

  4. The new cover is fabulous! I loved the excerpts! But my favorite is #2. I really felt like I was there and experienced it with Gwen and Dorian--> Lifting my head, I opened both eyes and realized I wasn’t in Kansas anymore. Dorian and I were still in the graveyard, but not in our reality—in the realm of the dead.

    This sounds like such a fantastic read!
    Thank you for the chance to win!
    DeAnna Schultz

  5. Awesome giveaway!!! Look like I have more books in my "to read pile" now!


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