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Q. In light of 11.11.11 and Veteran's Day tell us about your favorite soldier and how he or she is saving the world. Fictional or real life.

A.  I live in QLD about 40 minutes from Gympie. Corporal Ashley Birt was killed 12 days ago in Afghanistan.
A memorial plaque was unveiled today in Gympie in south-east Queensland in honour of this local soldier.

Corporal Birt and two of his colleagues, Captain Bryce Duffy and Lance Corporate Luke Gavin, were gunned down by another rogue member of the Afghan National Army.

Corporal Birt is the first Gympie local to be killed in action since two soldiers died in the Vietnam War.

I never met him , but we thank him and all the other soldiers , male and female that we have never met that go to war to keep us safe. 

I will give a fictional answer too.
Tom Imura - 'Rot and Ruin' and 'Dust and Decay' by Jonathan Maberry. Just an awesome guy and a soldier in his own right protecting those he loves . The use of the Samurai sword instead of a gun. Quiet and lethal, no reloading.

Throw in J-Dog and Dr. Skillz who are doing it their way.


A.   Well I'd love to name and honour the soldiers that are my favourites and who are saving the world......but they are currently on active duty and belong to the elite SAS of Australia.  If they read this blog they will know who they are.  Each one of them is special in their own way and our family loves them dearly.  

They leave their husbands and wives behind and a couple are still to meet their children for the first time.

Their day to day life is far beyond something I can even try to fathom at times......walking down a road and knowing that it could be your last step - but moving on down that road with the thought that each step is a step closer to going home.   

I thank them all - even the ones I don't know....whether you believe in the reasons our governments have sent them abroad or not.....they are defending not only our way of life but that of the people whose country is in shambles and can't defend themselves.

A little deep for me I know....but hey!!

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  3. Oh, this week's FF threw me. I wasn't expecting something so serious, especially since ANZAC day was months ago. Was very sad about our digger lost in Afghanistan. Thanks for a thoughtful, local post you guys :)

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  4. Great answer. Def. respect to every soldier out there! :)

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  5. Great answer. I really think people should show more respect to every soldier out there, risking his or her life over and over again!

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  8. Thats a very sweet and honorable way to honor and recognize those men lost. Its so sad hearing these stories. Wishing you a Happy Veteran's Day

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  9. Thank you for sharing your story.

    Happy Veteran's Day!

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  10. Hi, new follower. That's so sad that a local recently lost his life. My thoughts go out to his friends and family.

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  11. It is so nice to know that we have allies around the world in this horrible fight against terrorism.

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  12. Some people have friends and/or family who served or who is serving in the military. Other people aren’t really keen on the long-standing war and really have no answer at all.

    As for me? I don’t know anyone who is serving or who has served so I decided to go with what I want and chose a fictional soldier as an answer. The thing is, I had four prime candidates! I did eventually end up with one with a lengthy explanation. Care to know who it is? Follow me back to and find out!

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  15. Great answer. This weeks question was a good one.
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  17. Great answers! Man, how could I forget about Tom?? I loved Rot and Ruin, but I've gotta say I loved Benny's character development the best. Tom was always cool; Benny had to get there lol!
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  18. My sympathies for the solider from your area who lost his life.

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