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Hi Everyone.....
What a jam packed event we have for you all.  We have the pleasure of sharing with you our reviews of Pleasures Untold by Lisa Sanchez ...... an interview with Lisa Sanchez...... and courtesy of Omnific Publishing 2 sets of  ebook giveaways of Eve of Samhain plus Pleasures Untold , the first 2 books in The Hanaford Park Series.
So without further ramblings...... we would like to present to you all our interview with author Lisa Sanchez..........

Hey, girls! Thanks so much for participating in my blog tour! Here are the answers to the questions you sent me. Take care! Mwah!

Michelle's questions:
1. I had such a great time reading 'Pleasures Untold'. You brought a bit of everything to this book.  I loved the fun, witty,  smexi dialogue and the twists and POW's ( They are the scenes where you didn't even see it coming).  I think most readers/writers have a recipe of ingredients they like to read in a book.  Can you tell us what your writing recipe is?

Yay! I'm so glad you enjoyed Martha and Xan! I truly had a blast writing their story. As far as my own personal writing recipe? Hmmm...well, that's a great question. My stories tend to have very obsessive villains. They fixate on the heroine, stalk her or her loved ones and leave a path of death and destruction in their wake. My leading ladies all tend to have insecurities (appearance, self confidence issues) but rise to the occasion and show strength regardless of those faults. And well...my heroes, heh heh...they've all got pasts they're trying to overcome. I can't help it, I love me a wounded man. Drool!

2. The 3 , "Girlpower"  characters, Martha, Taylor and Jess, I really enjoyed their close friendship, I 'felt' , the love. Will you bring the "Girlpower" over into any of the other books in , 'The Hanaford Park ' , series?

The relationship between a girl/woman and her close friends is a special bond. Often times these close friendships will outlast a relationship with a significant other. I wanted to portray a tight friendship between the roomies, and I'm so glad it came across on the page! Yes, I hope to continue to show the bond between the girls throughout the books.  When all is said and done, guy or no guy, those girls have each other's backs!

3. Something I noticed with your writing is you have a lot of fun with it. You use slang, quick wit, sarcasm very well, you had me laughing alot. I enjoy your uber smexi dialogue , but, have you ever thought of writing a YA series as your snappy/punchy wit is very relatable to that age bracket?.

*Blushes* I'm so glad you enjoy my style of writing. My abundant use of slang can take some getting used to, I'm sure! To answer your question, YES! I've had an idea for a YA story swimming about in my head for a while now. It involves cheerleaders (surprise, surprise!) and will most likely be paranormal. Once I wrap up book three, I'll start jotting my ideas down onto paper. I'm a panster by nature, so while I have the gist of what will happen, most of it will come as I write.

4. I love the magic of J K Rowling, Cassandra Clare and of course Karen Marie Moning ( who is a Goddess). Can you name 5 authors you enjoy reading. ( In no particular order)

You bet!  J.R Ward, Karen Marie Moning, Diana Gabaldon, Kerralyn Sparks, Sherrilyn Kenyon. Those ladies are the bomb diggety!

5. I think as busy mums we all have to slide reading time in, somewhere. For me it is often at nighttime until the wee hours.  J K Rowling influenced me , got me reading, then Stephenie Meyer got me back on track years later, once all the kidlets had popped out. What author/book was your greatest influence in getting you reading?

Wow! My greatest influence? Hmmm...I've got three, so I'll share them all! I've always enjoyed reading (it's my escape) however, there was a short period when I was first married and my oldest was just a wee babe, where I didn't have the time to read. Once my baby got a little older and didn't rely on me for everything, I hopped online and did a search on Amazon. I knew I liked time travel romance (Jude Deveraux's Knight in Shining Armor is a fav) so I did a search and found Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series. Holy smokes! I was hooked from the first page. James Fraser became my favorite hero, and I went on to read that series over, and over and over again. What can I say? I've got a thing for Scottish hotties in kilts :)  A few years ago my bestie, called me up on the phone and told me about this hot new YA series she'd just read and couldn't stop thinking about. I had no idea while listening to her talk about Twilight and Edward Cullen, that I'd fall as hard as I did when I read the books myself. I fell in love with Edward right along with Bella and was swept away by their story. Craving all things vampire at that point, I hopped onto Amazon again and did another search for vampire romance novels and found J.R. Ward. While I love the Outlander series and the Twilight Saga, I think the Black Dagger Brotherhood books tip the scales for me as far as which series is my favorite. Lord, I can't help myself! Those brothers are hot, and so well written. The Warden is amazing and I'm in complete awe of her.

6. When preparing to write a book are you the storyboard type of writer who writes out slips of paper and moves it around your board to get it how you want or a ' Red Bull",  type of writer who will write and write and write and let it pour out, then edit and edit and edit afterwards or do you have another preparation skill?

I'm a panster. I know who my main characters are (names, appearance etc.) and the three main events that take place in the story. Everything else comes to me as I write. It's a very organic process. I've found sticky notes are helpful, though, to help me remember important details. It's no fun scrolling back fifty pages to see what eye color you've given your secondary character.

Marissa's questions:

7.  Was there a scene you enjoyed writing or just really liked, that had to be cut?  i.e. any great outtakes?? We obviously don't want you to give the storyline away... so maybe a direction in the story that you didnt up going with?

That's a great question! Originally, there was a prologue including Martha's thoughts about a certain event (I'm not saying anything as it will spoil the book!) and then she addressed the reader. While it showcased her voice, I ended up taking it out as it wasn't essential to the story.

8.  Other than Taylor and Gabriel, were there other characters that you introduced us to that will show up in their own book for The Hanaford Park Series or possibly another series?

Taylor and Gabriel are the only new characters that will have a book of their own. So far, at least! My original goal, which I've been sticking with, is to have a book for each of the four girlfriends. You've seen Ryann, and now Martha. Taylor will have book three, and Jessica book four. Book three is very different from the first two setting wise, so we won't see many recurring characters. Darn it! I've just given you a spoiler! That's it! I'm zipping my lips now!

9.  Carrying on from the previous question......... We interviewed you after the release of your first Hanaford Park book "Eve of Samhain" (which is lurved!!). In the interview you mentioned you were doing four books in The Hanaford Park Series. As you bring a new sub-character into each book which then leads on to their own book - would you consider extending the Hanaford Park Series?

At this point I don't plan to write more than four books. Of course, things could change, but at the moment, my vision hasn't changed. Jessica's book will be the last. I've got some other stories floating around in my head that are dying to get out!

10. We all love to have a "next book" title to hang on to in great anticipation of its release!   For those that will no doubt read and love Pleasures Untold..... what is the title of book three?  

Book three is tentatively title The Witching Hour.

11. I really love your book covers. Particularly, Pleasures Untold.  Can you tell us the process for choosing them and how much input you had?

Thank you! I'm in love with them myself! I can't take any credit for my covers. Their magnificence is all due to the wonderful people at Omnific. They've done a fabulous job of capturing the essence of the books with the right covers, and I couldn't be more pleased.

12.  You've shown us in your book trailer the model you have chosen that is your vision of Martha.......and well done on finding her!  If Pleasures Untold were to be made into a movie...... who would you choose that visually portrays your main characters from your mind to the screen?

Great question! And a toughie! So far, I haven't really found an actress who I think is the perfect Martha. I wrote a blog post about this a while back and featured a gal from 90210 because she had the right hair type. The more I think on it, if I had to choose an actress right now, I'd probably go with Lucy Hale. She portrays the character Aria on Pretty Little Liars (my oldest loves that show.) As far as Xan, I previously chose Taylor Kinney. No, he isn't Latin, but he's hot! After a bit of research, I did come across a Latin hottie who I wouldn't mind imagining as I read: Joe Manganiello. He's the shmexy boy from True Blood. I'd go with the clean shaven version of him. Hubba hubba! 

Thanks so much Lisa for letting us into your world of The Hanaford Park series.  We are both really enjoying the series.  

Thanks so much for interviewing me. I'm so glad you enjoyed the books! Mwah!

Lisa Sanchez


  1. Hey Michelle,
    Terrific interview vith Lisa, I have yet to read her work, but am exited about reading them in the future.
    See ya,
    Readaholics Anonymous

  2. Hi Dana,

    Thanks!! We had fun doing it.
    I really enjoyed Pleasures Untold it was a fun read:D

  3. Thanks for the great interview, ladies! I love the idea of 4 books from different character POV's. That was the first time I'd seen the trailer for Pleasures Untold, and the idea of forbidden love looks enticing.

  4. Hi Jennifer,

    We enjoyed interviewing Lisa, she is lovely.



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