Sunday, November 7, 2010


Please note the below paragraphs were taken from  , Aprilynne placing this information on Goodreads..

Yay!!! Man this cover makes me so happy!!!!!
But wait a second, you may be saying. This cover doesn't look quite like it belongs with my other books.

Well, you're right. As the Harper design team was putting this cover together they kept saying that it just worked out so much better to have the title off-set and the image zoomed in more. But . . . well, it doesn't quite match the others that way. Then someone (someone brilliant and amazing) suggested that maybe the whole series could benefit from a bit of a make-over. A more grown-up look, perhaps. And so my special surprise is that the whole series is getting a very slightly tweaked look that I think is totally gorgeous. Not so altered that those who already have the series will feel like their first two look funny, but a little spiffing up!:D

(Note that these aren't quite the final designs--the Illusions cover in this group has extra text and repeats the blurb from Spells, the covers for Wings and Spells will also change a bit before printing)

But anyway, the new covers will come out on the Spells paperback on May 3, 2011 (same day Illusions comes out!) and whenever the paperback of Wings goes back to print you will see the new covers on there too.

Looking forward to reading these books. I have Wings and Spells but deliberately waiting until I have the 3rd book , Illusions . I have heard this is a great series so wanted to be able to back to back read them:D


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