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The Hell's Bastard series is complete, but now you can read the spin-off.

All Whisper wants to do is get to her wedding ceremony on time, but a series of unfortunate events delay her, leaving Edge to the groomsmen's humor. Because what he doesn't know would have him racing home to Whisper's side. It's not like he overreacts where his woman and his family are concerned.

Torque and Boxer are in charge of making sure everything runs smoothly, and the bride gets to say her wedding vows on time. But, Torque's being distracted by a golden-haired beauty who makes him think of sunflowers and shampoo adverts.

Torque's about to learn all about destiny, and Edge is about to learn that parenting can throw you curveballs when you least expect it.

Meanwhile, the nearly nine-year-old next door thinks he's in love—with Edge's daughter.

Oh, boy!

Will Whisper get to her wedding on time?

Not. A. Chance.



"The whole way through this book there is a fabulous humorous element; from witty comments and thoughts to the fun banter between characters, as well as some very funny scenes- especially with the children. I laughed out loud so often, it was very cathartic."


"My first 5-star rating this year and its well deserved. This book was everything that was promised and so much more. Drama, love, laughter, mystery, a touch of the supernatural..."


"More stars need to be an option. This book was EVERYTHING! How this author can combine characters from her other books into an interesting, thought provoking and humorous story is fantastic. Emma James is definitely a one click author for me!"


"Huge fan of Emma James's work and this book did not disappoint. In fact I think i have a new favourite couple! Go Team Tora!! The chemistry between Torque and Flora was dynamic, Edge and Whisper are gorgeous as usual and its so nice to see them 'settled' and loving life together and the family they created."





I Bet Nobody Thought To Update The Event Planner

Whisper gives me the keys to the seven-seater black SUV, and I head toward their garage with my heels in one hand because I’m not driving with those ankle-twisters on. 

I drop my phone onto the passenger seat and start to reverse when I hear the ‘ping’ I knew was sure to come. I ignore it until I am outside the gates, and the second ‘ping’ hits my phone demanding attention. 

“I haven’t got time for this, boys,” I mutter to the air filling the cabin. 

My phone starts singing to me, and I know they won’t let up until I answer. I get it; it’s their job to question anything out of the scheduled day’s proceedings. 

I pull over, place the phone in the holder and hit speaker, and start driving again. 

“Phoenix, sweetheart, how are you doing this fine day for an expensive wedding?” Devil’s proper Londoner accent greets my ears. He doesn’t wait for me to answer. “Shouldn’t all you pretty fillies and one bride be on your merry way to Cuvier Park by now? Where would you be taking your pretty self at this time?” 

“Hi, Devil, and thank you for reminding me we all have a wedding to attend,” I say with a dash of sarcasm. “I’m just running a quick errand over to Boxer’s house, and maybe raid Slade’s closet, and then we will be good to leave.” There is all truth in what I just said. “Okay, goodby—” 

“Slow down there, missy. Now you know my first port of call would be Boxer, but he’s conveniently not answering his phone and don’t think for a second that Zayne and I didn’t see the blood on the back of Boxer’s head and his torn suit because top-of-the-range-security-equipment, remember? Zoom technology is our friend. So, what should we be telling Edge? You know he’s going to cut our balls off if there is something we should be reporting into him where Whisper and his family are concerned and I’m very attached to mine.” 

“Let’s just say Boxer took a tumble and smashed his head against the road and Evelyn has him covered,” I reply with another honest answer. 

“Whyyyy?” Zayne joins in on a sing-song. 

“Old age?” 

“Try again, missy.” Devil’s tone means to coerce me into supplying more information. 

“How about you boys let me drive safely without the chitchat? Boxer isn’t ignoring your call; he’ll be busy getting stitched up by Doc Evelyn, and I am sure he will keep you up-to-date with the shenanigans that have taken place when he gets some time. All is well, and Whisper will hopefully be back in the stretch Hummer within a half an hour, and yes, she will be getting word to Edge of her impending late arrival, and no, you don’t need to notify the groom about anything as Boxer will take care of what he deems necessary. Rest assure your balls will be safe from Edge.” 

“You know this is why Edge and Boxer pay us the big bills, don’t you, sweetheart? We are your friendly voyeurs making sure Whisper, and all the beautiful ladies and children don’t need us to call in the two men, Edge has stationed three blocks away ready to be notified if there are any issues,” Zayne enlightens me. 

“This I don’t doubt, Zayne. All is good. We do have Torque here, and he’s quite capable and armed. Don’t think I don’t know he will have a weapon close by at all times. What I can have a guess at is you and Devil, are a bit bored and are looking for gossip, and I’m not about to feed it to you. You both know perfectly well Boxer will call you immediately if we need any protection. Now disconnect so I can get on with my errand, so Boxer has something clean to wear. It’s as exciting as a clean suit the reason I’m in the family SUV and nothing more.” 

“Ahhh… so Doc won the bet,” Devil chimes back in. 

These men are always betting on the silliest things, not that I haven’t joined in a time or two. I’m just miffed I didn’t get an invite into the betting pool. 

“I guess we can both leave you alone now, sweetheart,” Zayne pipes back into the conversation. He’s a sweet guy with boy next door looks. He’s got a swimmer’s body: broad shoulders with that whole tapered waist thing going on, which lends itself to a lean strength. His short blond hair often flops about in his face hanging over the frames of his glasses. He’s not as tall as Devil, who is at least six feet, three inches. He’s quieter than Devil and is very thoughtful. Zayne comes with old school manners. He’ll open the door for you, regardless of gender and he’ll be the first to offer to buy a round of drinks. 

“Damn, I was enjoying our conversation, missy.” Devil sounds more than a little amused. Devil is very good at what he does, and he knows he’s good looking. Think tall dark and devilishly handsome in that Henry Cavill way, although the guy looks like there’s Italian in his blood, but I’ve never taken the time to ask about his life. Devil’s a ladies’ man, and that gets old quick. At a guess, I would say he’s around twenty-seven-years old. He’s cocky and at times overconfident, but I know he would go down with the ship if it means saving every last woman and child. 

I’m a private investigator, and I’ve learned there are a lot of untrustworthy people walking around waiting to hustle and con their way through life. They are the dicks-of-society. Boxer and Edge trust both men, and that’s good enough for me. 

“Okay, guys, time to disconnect and I’ll give you a wave when I get back to the house.” 

Devil takes the hint and then I’m left with Sam Hunt on the radio and Body Like A Back Road to keep me company. 

Ten minutes later I pull into Boxer’s driveway. A thought occurs to me. In all the shenanigans I bet nobody thought to keep Juan in the loop. 

I grab my phone and start typing. 

Me: We’re all going to be about forty minutes late
No need to panic 
Whisper is fine 
Boxer is good 
Torque’s gonna have trouble sitting but he’s good 
I hope Raine can pull out some of his greatest hits 
That was a joke 
Sort of 
Everything is under control 
I repeat no need to panic 
I’ll message when we are on our way

I’ve roomed with Juan’s hubby—Holland—in the past when they were relatively new to dating each other. At the time, I needed to give my twin brother, Retro, space to be with his girl, Birdie. 

Holland, the owner of Freestyle, an art gallery in La Jolla and I hit it off becoming firm friends almost straight away. Birdie and I swapped residences, back then, and life continued on its merry way. 

Juan and Holland’s love turned into the real deal, and the rest is history. 

I couldn’t imagine them not being a couple. 

Juan: Whoa, girlfriend! 
Back it up right there 
Please assure me the bride is not hurt

Me: Can’t do that 
Whisper’s story to tell 
Need you to keep the show rolling along calmly at your end

Juan: Is Whisper okay???!!! 
Not liking the sound of those messages
I trust you and that strapping man Torque and Boxer will have everything under control at your end
Remaining calm

Me: Yup 
There’s been a series of unfortunate events 
The bride doesn’t want the groom freaking out

Juan: Oh, boy! 
Okay, honey, I’m your man 
Keep me posted and good luck

Me: I’ll be leaving Boxer’s home in a few minutes

Juan: Do I want to know?

Me: Nope!

Juan: Remaining calm 
Over and Out

I’m unlocking Boxer’s front door when my phone ‘pings.’ I could ignore it, but I know who it is.

Slade: Firebird, what are you doing at Boxer’s place at a time like this?

The damn behemoth is tracking my phone. Something must have alerted Slade to checking where I am.

Me: Last-minute suit change

Slade: Really? You gonna play it that way are you?

Me: No playing, just picking up a suit

Slade: Everybody safe?

Me: I’ve got it covered

Slade: You wanna tell me what is going on?

Me: You trust me? 

Slade: Playing hardball now? 

Me: Yup
Trust in me and we will all get the bride to Edge in one piece
Just not on time.
Girl-code trumps everything else on this special day of hers 
I have my maid of honor um honor to up hold 
I do what the bride asks of me 

Slade: You know I will spank your ass HARD if you are lying to me 

Me: That’s not a threat 

Slade: Damn woman 

Me: Damn behemoth 


I do love that man.

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