Currently I am the only one running Novels On The Run, for quite some time now. I will be putting a halt to review requests until further notice as I am having difficulty keeping up. Please , no emails to accounts until further notice. I am choosing some reviews through blog tours, but scaling those down too.

Thank you for understanding, much appreciated.

The blog is a hobby which can get very busy behind the scenes. We talk to publishers, authors, blog tour hosts, readers.... answer as many emails as possible.

This brings me to my - Michelle's, next comment. I get swamped quite a lot as I do like to help Indie authors and read for publishers and do beta reading, among the day job of being a mum to three kids. 

Family comes first as this is a hobby I do for love. No monetary payment. I help authors for free. My time is free. I do my best to answer emails , requests. I see them all. Sometimes it just isn't possible. I get A LOT of requests daily. Sometimes an overwhelming amount.

I have learnt to balance my time with how many times I say 'yes' to requests. Reading is what takes up a lot of time. Hours as we all know.

I note when I review and I aim to bring the best review I can to our followers.

I want to apologize in advance for the emails I do not reply to as something has to give. I cover all the social media and the blog and try to get through emails. All get sighted. I would be spending a great deal of my time a day answering emails if I were to answer them all. This would greatly hold up all the other duties on the blog.

You are not being ignored. If you do not get a reply it doesn't mean anything.

The blog currently is getting up to 53,000 views a month and I work continuously on reviews, interviews etc keeping the blog active.

Michelle Auricht

Novels On The Run
Upon request QLD 
I do not receive monetary compensation for reviewing books.