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By : Amanda Hocking
Published By : Self published on Smashwords at time of this review.

Published in 2012 : St Martins Press, Pan Macmillan
Released: Available Now
Details: Ebook , 202 Pages


When Wendy Everly was six-years-old, her mother was convinced she was a monster and tried to kill her. It isn't until eleven years later that Wendy finds out her mother might've been telling the truth.

With the help of Finn Holmes, Wendy finds herself in a world she never knew existed - and it's one she's not sure if she wants to be a part of.




HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY!!!!! My first posting for 2011!! Seeing I absolutely looovvveeed 'Switched' , I thought it should be my first posting:D
Secondly!!!! Why has no publisher picked up this girl??????!!!!
Amanda writes with a wonderful maturity for her age, only 26yrs old. 

I had the best time reading this Ebook. I was pottering around Smashwords and Goodreads and Laura Kreitzer's blog   and saw Amanda Hocking's, ' My Blood Approves' series on her blog and had a little lookie and then delved a bit further and so glad I did. I came across her 'Trylle' series and read the first 3 chapters FREE on Goodreads, got hooked and popped over to Smashwords ( love Smashwords!!!) and promptly bought all Amandas 2 series.  I could not stop sitting at my computer. I just loved the well written , well thought out , original storyline of 'Switched'.
Well done Amanda!! Don't get me started on the lovely guys in this book. Finn...sigh...just love him:) I am currently reading , 'Torn' , book #2 in the Trylle series and waiting quite anxiously for bk # 3 'Ascend', to be released 2011.
Wendy is a difficult child in more ways than one, never fitting in well .  Matt her older brother by 7 years loves her unconditionally and Aunt Maggie is her legal guardian due to a terrible event that happened when she was 6 years old . In a way I can see Wendy's mum's pain. I don't condone what she did, of course, but the pain she is feeling. The anger, feeling of total betrayal that wasn't Wendy's fault. Her anger totally consumed her to the point of her being dangerous and over the edge. To lose what she did was too much for her.
Everything about Wendy screams she is different to her brother Matt, beating to her own drum. Matt is quiet, reserved and patient. Wendy ...well Wendy is Wendy.
Enter Finn Holmes . Finn...what can I say. I just love his character. This may sound a bit!!  But as the reader, you find yourself kinda aching for Finn and his character.
I want to talk about the storyline which includes the characters , Wendy and Finn , Rhys ( love this guy) , Elora, Kim, Aunt Maggie, Rhiannon , Willa and Tove ( great guy) among a few, but I don't want to spoil.
From the first pages I found myself totally caught up stealing moments continuously to read this book. ( Having 3 kids and a hubby on holidays can make for no spare time for me, but I stole it!!) I desperately need an Ebook reader as I am finding so many great reads on Smashwords.
Finn opens Wendy's eyes to a whole new life. A whole different Wendy. Wendy's character really grows in this series. Going from disbelief, to understanding , to taking control as best she can.
Visually I 'saw'  this book so well in my head. Just an awesome read that makes you 'feel' for the characters.  The little twists and POW's I got reading 'Switched' were great . Amanda's writing just flows continuously. Everything she writes she backs up. She really thought about her story and the depth of the characters she was writing about. Couple swear words used , just saying. 
'Torn', bk # 2  is awesome , adding another character Loki,  to the story and wow!!!
I can't wait to read , 'My Blood Approves', series. I hope it's as good as this series.
When Matt saw me, he looked really pissed off and a little awed, so I knew that I must look pretty awesome.
His hair was damp from a recent shower, and he smelled like the grass after a rain, only sweeter.
I thought about moving away, but I didn't really have any reason to. The movie was fun, he was foxy, and I enjoyed being with him.


  1. Great review! I can't wait to read!

  2. Happy New Year!!
    Thankyou!! Very hard not to give story away:D

    Can't wait to hear what you think when you read it:D

  3. I thought what the heck a book for less than a buck I have nothing to loose.Let me tell you it was worth every penny and then some.If you like this book you will like "Torn" just as much if not more.

  4. Hi Espana,

    I have read the whole series back in 2010-2011 and I loved Torn the best. I have read all her books except, Hollowmen which I have bought but not read yet. I thought Santa may have brought me a kindle..but he didn't..bummer. So when I get my kindle I shall read it. I've been a fan from the start and she so deserved to be published. I even got a quote inside Switched, which was a lovely surprise :D

    Have you read Amanda's My Blood Approves , series?



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